Website design by IGOO. These themes and events promote inclusive housing, safe and healthy living environment etc. It focuses on the basic right to adequate shelter. Human life is dependent on the natural habitat. At the same time, COVID-19 has reminded us that home is much more than just a roof. Volunteer. Events and actions are taking place in accordance with the theme selected for the year. All Rights Reserved, Privacy . The World Habitat Day is popularly celebrated in countries like Angola, China, India, Mexico, Poland, and the USA. The U.N.’s annual day recognizing the importance of shelter. Each year, World Habitat Day takes on a new theme to promote sustainable development policies that ensure adequate shelter for all. This year, Urban October activities will begin with World Habitat Day on 5 October. With our help, families can achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life. International World Habitat Day We are heading towards an increasingly urban solution to global habitation needs. Details of planned World Cities Day activities taking place around the world will be uploaded by UN-Habitat on its website and social media sites and the host and partners will be encouraged to publicize their activities widely. The International World Habitat Day was designated by the United Nations. Home & School Learning Resources & Activities:Science•Tech•Engineering•Art•Maths•Mind•Body, All About STEM: Autumn & Halloween Resources, Follow All About STEM on Twitter hereLike All About STEM on Facebook, © Copyright 2020 All About STEM. The purpose of World Habitat Day is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. On World Habitat Day, awards have been given out during “Habitat Scroll of Honour” events since 1989. Speak! World Habitat Day 2020 is observed on the First Monday of October every year to raise awareness about the importance of achieving sustainable development simultaneously while providing shelter and basic amenities and improving the conditions of every human settlement. It also aims to remind people that they are responsible for the habitat of future generations. Residents in these areas are also often not recognized by the authorities or protected and face the risk of being evicted and relocated, particularly in times of crisis.” – United Nations. World Habitat Day 2018 Activities. Help us spread the word about the importance of World Habitat Day by promoting it on social media and the web. Build! Many people lost their homes in the 2008-2009 financial crisis. World Habitat Day seeks to raise awareness about the overall living quality of towns and cities around the world. This observance was first recognized by the U.N General Assembly in 1985. There are many ways to run CREST with your students and so many fantastic activities. The first Monday in October (1) ____ year is World Habitat Day. As COVID-19 continues to spread, people have been told to stay at home, but this simple measure is impossible for people who do not have adequate housing. Speak! Sign up to get the latest All About STEM news, Global Issues: Helping People (Activities), The Grand Challenges: Artificial Intelligence, ageing society, clean growth and future mobility, Super Sucker: Design a machine to clean up litter. CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. Events are arranged locally by different organizations to observe the day. On World Habitat Day, the first Monday of October, Habitat for Humanity joins the United Nations and organizations around the world in raising awareness, educating and mobilizing individuals and communities to take action on the current global housing crisis. World Habitat Day is celebrated on the first Monday in October. Rounding off our month celebrating Urban October, we held a webinar on the role of Community Land Trusts in securing land rights for residents in informal settlements. This observance was first recognized by the U.N General Assembly in 1985. It should also be located close to public green and open spaces, employment opportunities, health-care services, schools, childcare centres and other social facilities.
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