Cobia usually swim in small schools or with a partner, they are often seen following rays in the shallows, the reason for this is, as the ray swims they kick up the sand and feed is exposed for an easy meal for the Cobia. When using fish, cobia love to dine on eels, pinfish, mullet, menhaden, and any other bait that will be in the area. Here’s what you want to make sure to have on the boat as you go out to find some cobia action. When caught live, they have very firm flesh and will really stay on the hook. Here are the top live baits for cobia fising. Sight fishing for Cobia is one if the most productive fishing methods whether you are using artificial baits or lures. Then we sped away to Galveston Yacht Basin and the winner’s circle. Quickly transferred to a casting rod with 40-pound line, I lobbed it out there, where the baitfish promptly dove, pursued by several big cobia. Rods & However, it wouldn’t touch anything with a hook attached. Tipped with a strip of natural bait such as squid, a tiny crab, eel or menhaden. A circling cobia grabbed our last ribbonfish, and we were duty-bound to land and release that fish, without leaving hooks and wire leader attached to him. Cobia. We use smaller white, Gulf squid to tip bucktail jigs, and toss them at visible cobia. We had our big kingfish, enough to win, but at noon were still anchored out there in blue water. The most important factor is the bait—if it shows up early the cobia won’t be far behind. Small snapper aren’t legal as bait, but there are plenty of substitute species out there, that a cobia will consider. Catching Cobia in the Summer. Cobia fish are attracted to structure where crabs, squid, shrimp and bait fish congregate. These early-season fish haven’t seen a hook since last year, and they’re easy enough to fool, and very aggressive at times. Receive both the printed Magazine mailed to you monthly as well as access to all our... READ MORE, Over the years, Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine has been the source of some of the most valuable advice, articles, tips and reviews related to fishing the Gulf Coast... READ MORE, Our user's privacy is important to us at TSF Magazine. google_ad_slot = "7031434267"; Englis Glover of Reelin' Up The Coast TV explain some basics of rigging for Cobia. All of those mentioned prey items are excellent live baits for cobia. It also puts out a very strong feeling of fighting for its life, something no lure or artificial bait can duplicate. Cobia. Captain Mike Rowell adds, “Eels are the standard bait, but we use live mullet and pinfish. They’ll even grab a hooked snapper or any small fish struggling in the depths. Take a fresh, lively mullet and pierce its heart cavity with a knife or other sharp instrument, and then throw it out in front of the cobia. Lighter tackle is easier to cast and easier to make a bait presentation, but a large Cobia hooked up to a fifteen-pound spinning or casting outfit means a very long battle. google_ad_width = 468; One calm day we were a few miles off the beach in a jonboat, fishing a platform visible from land. /* ad in article */ Their tails are fork like with the upper tail lobe growing longer than the lower and dorsal fins that are similar in shape and appearance to that of a shark. A lot of times, Capt. That was nice! Best Baits for Catching Cobia. More specifically, small juvenile blue crabs are a favorite for cobia anglers on the crab side. Cobia. Or so say anglers from back in the 1950s and 60s. So were many, many anglers. The choice seemed obvious. google_ad_height = 15; That list often surprises a lot of keen cobia anglers, but over the years these baits have proven themselves above all others. Lures. Cobia are quite fond of the oily “pogie,” probably because of it’s high-oil content. It really can't be beat for versatility. Having a rod that is more medium is better when throwing live baits and a stiffer rod is required when throwing lures. Saltwater Catfish For Tarpon & Cobia Bait Now that we got all of that out of the way, let’s talk about how you could be putting these slimy catfish to good use… for catching some big tarpon and cobia! Other baits that you might want to consider include ribbonfish and even squid. North Carolina is a popular fishing destination for cobia by fishermen who fish along the bottom with bait. Catching Cobia in the Fall. The marsh minnow darted and dodged and even hid in my lower unit, but the cobia finally caught him—while we watched, spellbound. Pictures   Our most commonly used Cobia fishing lures on Finao Sportfishing are bucktails. We’d tied up to a buoy offshore a week after a September hurricane, the water now glassy late in the day. These simple jigs consists of a lead head with a tail made of bucktail, Mylar, nylon, chicken feather or tinsel, and sometimes a combination thereof. As a guides in the Florida Keys and as a professional redfish tournament team, Rich and I have long been on the hunt for things that give us even a 1% advantage in catching fish.  About   I’ve hardly fished the Atlantic at all, but after many years of Texas cobia, I somehow caught my biggest in the Atlantic. Copyright © 2017 Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine. Rods and Reels for Cobia. This tiny baitfish, best used on flounder back in the bays, promptly drove the cobia crazy. Stop the boat at the shrimpboat’s stern, and idle or cut off your boat’s engines, drifting away with multiple baited hooks in the water. On the last day, however, we had no cobia. Cigar minnows and Spanish sardines. Another popular fish, the cobia is an aggressive fish that tends to strike both live bait, as well as lures. Below is a video posted on Youtube by “FlatLineCharters” on how to make your own custom jig for cobia. My favourite baits are: herring, whiptails, scad, slimy mackerel, tailor, and grinners. //--> Try one month for $1. Damon has been fishing for bluefish and caught small Cobia which inspired him to make his own baits (before discovering the Hogy Perfect Tubes) to target the large Cobia under the bait balls. Articles   What is most important in the bucktail is the hook and size of the bucktail. You don't need really heavy tackle to get a cobia to the boat, but you better have a good gaff and put the fish immediately into a fish box or have some sort of attitude adjuster ready when he comes over the rail. Just remember, those puppies bite. The best way to catch cobia is by using sight casting with bucktails as they move along the East Coast. I’m talking about the squid. Fishing and Boating News, Information, Products ... you want to be informed about the best places to sail and the best ways to be environmentally conscious. If I could catch cobia by driving around the bay at 10 knots, to hell with chumming! When offshore, almost any small, fresh and lively fish will suffice for cobia, if you’re quick enough to toss it out there in front of passing fish without backlashing. Cobia are so fond of eels, even a plastic imitation works quite well. These are bought in packages, preferably arranged flat and with their sides still a shiny silver. The best baits in order include crabs, pinfish, mullet, threadfin, and ladyfish. 10 Cobia Tips and Tricks. For most fisherman, a 7ft or 9ft medium-heavy to heavy setup is best.  Game Fish   Consider fishing with live baits; whether live or dead. But we managed, without anyone ending up in the ER. We kept seeing cobia passing by about eight feet down. Bucktails come in many different colors and sizes. We eased in close for a look, and a 40-cobia came out and circled our boat, hungry enough to eat lots of leftover chum. The fight was anticlimactic, after watching the show. When it comes to fishing the Gulf Coast, Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine is the premiere resource for anglers. A mullet is a great bait for cobia. Tips   A quick rundown on other cobia baits: Old-timers favored using hardhead catfish for cobia bait, though I’ve never tried it. They wouldn’t hit a jig, but I lowered a Sabiki rig and came up with the biggest cigar minnow I’d ever seen, it looked eight inches long. We use white or yellow jigs of one or two ounces, depending on current speed. Fresh ribbons are caught each summer in Moses Lake (use gold spoons) and the Port Aransas docks at night. Jessica Perry of Perry's Bait & Tackle in Murrells Inlet, SC and Capt. They will often look in shallow water (20 to 30-feet) for structure. Or pinch, anyway. Menhaden. For instance, during one Galveston tournament, we were supposed to bring in a combination snapper, kingfish and cobia for weigh-in. As a side note, one of the marinas in Port O’Connor has been saving their biggest pinfish for a local offshore charterboat, whose captain uses them for cobia, kingfish and big snapper. Squid. Find out where to look for Florida cobia and learn the best ways to catch them during spring, summer, fall and winter. The squid’s tentacles dance behind the jig. It beats running the boat offshore with no bait. When Florida Keys sport fishing for cobia some of the best places to go are buoys, grass flats, reefs and wrecks and over floating debris. What to do, you slowly drag the rig across the bottom until you feel the line bump. And then you have some really fine, fresh bait that no cobia can pass up. If a cobia is idling in the boat’s shade, it should come out to investigate or better yet chow down on a free meal. //-->, . Even then, these fish fight long and hard. google_ad_height = 600; What’s On the Line: Cobia. Wait to a count of 10 and set the hook. Sight fishing for Cobia is one if the most productive fishing methods whether you are using artificial baits or lures. by Captain David M Rieumont 12.2k Views. We recommend using a bright color lure like pink, green, or orange. The Cobia can be spotted as they travel in shallow water flats, around pilings, navigational markers, buoys and anchored boats. The natural diet of cobia includes primarily crabs (often constitutes the majority of their stomach contents), eels, other fish, and shrimp. If the jig sinks deep, it tempts these fish at mid-depth, drawing them to the surface. April marks the start of cobia season off the Texas coast, and this time of year, “they’re hungry,” as the saying goes. These “pinnies” are readily caught with a castnet, but they’re also caught with tiny hooks and scraps of skin from baitfish or shrimp. There are variety of baits that can be used to seduce a Cobia, there favorite being eels. If there is one thing that lights up a cobia, it’s a hard-wiggling live bait. Cobia feed on Blue Crabs, Stingrays and bait fish such as Pinfish, Eel and Hardhead Catfish. Cobia Fishing Guide with Captain David M Rieumont. Cobia Jigs. A wounded bait can’t swim away as easy and stays in the Cobia's vision and strike zone longer. Welcome to Tweed Bait we are 100% family owned & operated Australian company. 10/14/2020 by Robert Michelson. How-To Catch Articles and Videos, Where's the Bite, Regulations, and more! A circling 20-pound ling refused all offers, until I dug around in a coffee can (space is critical on such a boat) and pinned a small hook to a marsh minnow. Gathered with cast nets, traps or Sabiki rigs, pinfish are a common inshore bait that cobia love. Cobia are one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean. These should include color combos of orange/ white, orange/yellow, pink/white, black/orange/yellow, chartreuse/orange, and white with a touch of chartreuse. I’ve mentioned before what a great bait this is for many offshore fish. google_ad_slot = "7754947861"; google_ad_slot = "7754947861"; They are also some of the best table fare you will ever find. I was sold. This includes the tiny marsh minnow, (see also mud minnow – gulf killifish) a few of which can be kept in a small bucket of water all day. Reels   Boats   On overnight Gulf trips, squid will approach any lights and they can be caught with a dip net. Which should So, don’t be caught without your lures and rigs ready to go. Home  Standard and Popular Baits The standard and most used bait is the ever-present menhaden shad. /* New site tower1 */ Already a subscriber? Getting this hook set in … Trade in chum, cut bait, live bait, hours in the sun, no breeze and trash fish for cruising around, face in the wind, a bucket full of eels, a couple of bucktails, two rods and no trash fish. The truth is, whatever bait you catch in the area will be what the cobia will be feeding on. All Rights Reserved. The diet of this fish … Cook your Catch   /* New site tower1 */ Lob a frantic, tail-hooked pinfish a few feet in front of cobia, and that’s pretty close to a sure hookup. Sorry this content is for subscribers only. Clip off the poison spines and set the catfish out there with no weight, let him swim around, and cobia wolf them down. You should aim to fish for cobia during the spring and fall seasons! If you prefer to use cut baits, mix them up with quartered pieces of crabs to make the baits more attractive to the cobia. When cobia are in the mood, they’ll eat anything that will fit in their mouths.” Even hardhead catfish are good cobia bait. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8270553620784211"; google_ad_width = 468; To get even the pickiest of cobia to eat, try this trick. When these baitfish get soft and mushy, they can be used for chumming purposes, calling up fish from down-current. If you are retaining your Cobia make sure it is well played as Cobia that have been brought into the boat to soon have at times caused much damage. Rig them with two hooks spaced a foot apart and toss them out weightless behind those anchored shrimpboats. A good quality medium to heavy spinning reel outfit with a good drag system and at least 200 yards of 20 to 30 pound test fishing line. Aside from bait, the fish finder plays an important role as well. I am going on a holiday to Ah Fatt Kelong in Malaysia and i have heard that there are many Cobia out there. Newsletter. Pinfish are spiky, but that long row of sharp dorsal fins can easily be trimmed with scissors, a process called giving them a “haircut.”. A quick rundown on other cobia baits: Old-timers favored using hardhead catfish for cobia bait, though I’ve never tried it. When choosing natural bait, get a hint from the Cobia’s feeding behavior. They’re about 18 inches long and, when lip-hooked and tossed in front of passing cobia, get slurped like spaghetti. Here are some favorites from over the years: Pinfish are a feisty baitfish with lots of energy, caught inshore around the docks. Login. During one August kingfish tournament, we were ready to return to Galveston after three days in a 21-foot boat. google_ad_height = 600; The Cobia can be spotted as they travel in shallow water flats, around pilings, navigational markers, buoys and anchored boats. Big, quality ribbonfish are also caught during July/August in Galveston harbor, by shrimpboats. Catching Cobia in the Spring. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8270553620784211"; Our mission is to provide the highest quality & variety of baits to recreational & … Cobia have a large mouth with very coarse sand paper like teeth designed for crushing crabs, bait fish and squid. Marsh minnows. After a 10 minute battle, my buddy green-gaffed the fish near the pectoral fin, apparently hitting its heart, a lucky break because it could have pulled the guy overboard. They are quite picky eaters sometimes but would bite pinfish, which is why they make good bait for the cobia. “Cut off the fins so they can’t lock them up when the cobia eats. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8270553620784211"; The Cobia’s diet mainly consists of crabs though they also feed on eels, shrimps, clams, squids, and smaller fishes. Rigs Keeping the rigs as simple as possible is a great … I’ve seen that boat unload a lot of big fish. Fishing Knots   That is, if it hasn’t gorged already that morning. We have bought our pogies from bait stores on the coast, caught our own with castnets, or boarded shrimpboats—picking and choosing the best of their bycatch. Sign in. Florida Sportsman's 50 Favorite Sportfish of Florida: Cobia. Hand-size pinners are best for casting distance and offer a larger profile. I am not quite familiar with catching Cobia as i usually catch Groupers and some other small fishes. In the Eastern Gulf, serious cobia fishermen really favor live eels. ,