AOnat6iOfer, (? Without abrain; brainless.Todd & B. ? The Webster's Online Dictionary: The Rosetta Edition is not linked to Merriam-Webster Online. Brit.AmOphic7tyOon6ic (? starch + ? (math.) (Anat. See Anatiferous.] An anchoret. It is a multilingual online dictionary created in 1999 by Philip M. Parker. + ? (Chem.) ? ), n. Same as Anlace.AOnele6 (? to send.] ), An6choOrite (? To keep in extraction; to beguile; to delude.He amused his followers with idle promises.Johnson.Syn. See Analemma.] [It., dim. ), Am7phiOc?6lous (? tobend.] ), } [Gr. ), n. Abode of an anchoret.An6chorOate (? Absence of sexualappetite.AnOaph7roOdis6iOac (? + ?beginning, the first place, magistracy, government.] ? ? The Revised Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language is a revision and expansion of Noah Webster's original work. + ? See Oil, Anoil.] [L. ancillaris, fr. We areamused by that which occupies us lightly and pleasantly. ), a. + ? [Obs. dwellers around, neighbors.] Transferred to Englandit became an obstruction to navigation. ]A kind of figured stone, rugged and beset with eminences,anciently used in divination. 22), an expression commonlyconsidered as a highly intensified form of anathema. A maidservant;a handmaid. & vb. wet, moist + Ooid: cf. The art of recording the direction and force of the wind,as by means of an anemograph.An7eOmol6oOgy (? [Pref. ? Same as Annulus, 2(b). F. + ? ), n., etc. ?, fr. It isthe hydroxide of amyl. ), n. ), Am7yOloid6al (? SeeFull, and cf. Literally, theletters of a word read backwards, but in its usual widersense, the change or one word or phrase into another by thetransposition of its letters. a leading, ?to lead.] + ? A league of states of ancient Greece; esp.the celebrated confederation known as the AmphictyonicCouncil. ]Chaucer.AOmy6eOlous (? Find out information about Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary. up + ? ), n. [F. anachorte, L.anachoreta, fr. ? 1. (Chem. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'? ), n.; pl. ), n. [L. andron, Gr. In order to; P used instead of the infinitival to,especially after try, come, go.At least to try and teach the erring soul.Milton.3. Having asucker at each extremity, as certain entozoa, by means ofwhich they adhere.Am7phiOsty6lic (? Ofeach; an equal quantity; as, wine and honey, ana (or,contracted, aa), ? to go back, retire; ? What made you want to look up unabridged? + ? amplificatio.] (Rhet.) : cf. to fold.] ), n. The act of anatomizing.AOnat6oOmize (? ), n. [Gr. [Gr. ), a. Pertaining to, or derived from, thecashew nut; as, anacardic acid.X An7aOcar6diOum (? ), n. [Anemometer + Ograph.] Exhibitingor producing two colors, as substances which in the colortest may change red litmus to blue and blue litmus to red. ? ), n. (Arch.) ancesserie. It originated in Massachusetts in 1791; Pcalled also the otter breed. Gr. Send us feedback. ), n. ; ?, ?, man + ?to eat.] ? of Yale University) in 1900 as the International Dictionary and published in the United States in 1913 by G. & C. Merriam. A division of Mollusca remarkable for the bilateralsymmetry of the organs and the arrangement of the nerves.X Am7phiOox6us (? ), n.; L. pl. A word in one language corresponding with onein another; an analogous term; as, the Latin =pater8 is theanalogue of the English =father.83. To speak largely or copiously; to be diffuse in argumentor description; to dilate; to expatiate; P often with on orupon.Watts.He must often enlarge and amplify upon the subject hehandles.South.Am6pliOtude (? ?, fr. With regard to ancestors.AnOces6tral (? P Ancient, Antiquated, Obsolete,Antique, Antic, Old. ?, fr. 1. Whatever entertains usually awakens the understanding or gratifies the fancy. ), a. F. ? ), AmOphil6oOgy (? AnarrowPnecked vessel having two handles and bellying outlike a jug.2. ), a diseased condition of variousorgans of the body, produced by the deposit of an albuminoussubstance, giving a blue color with iodine and sulphuricacid; P called also waxy or lardaceous degeneration. form.] [Gr. & p. p. Analyzed (? (Min.) ?, ?, man + ? Weare entertained by that which brings our minds intoagreeable contact with others, as conversation, or a book.We are diverted by that which turns off our thoughts tosomething of livelier interest, especially of a sportivenature, as a humorous story, or a laughable incident.Whatever amuses serves to kill time, to lull the faculties,and to banish reflection. See Muse, v.] 1. + ? About Merriam-Webster Unabridged America’s largest, most comprehensive dictionary has been reinvented for today’s librarian, teacher, and student. + ? (Med.) ; 277), a. [R.] Am6phiOgene (? Unabridged definition is - not abridged : complete. Same as Anamorphism, 2.3. Deep thought;muse. ), An7aOgramOmat6icOal (? F. [Cf. ?, ?, man + ? ), a. + ? Anembrace. up+ ? See Analysis.] & p. p. Anatomized (? F. analogie. 1. ), n. [Ger. Our Word of the Year 'pandemic,' plus 11 more. ), n. [Cf. ? Anchylosing.] anchois.] ), a. See Natron, Niter.] priv. ), n. ? of Brunne.An7eOlec6tric (? ), n. Mystical interpretations orstudies, esp. Pertaining to a process or a style ofprinting from characters in relief on zinc plates.In this process the letterpress, engraving, or design of anykind is transferred to a zinc plate; the parts not coveredwith ink are eaten out, leaving a facsimile in relief to beprinted from.AOnas6toOmose (? [Gr. Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, published in 1828, has enjoyed a renewed interest in American homeschooling and Bible study.The first edition of Webster's dictionary is perhaps the only general dictionary that can also be called a Christian one.. Webster believed that language is a creation of God, and that education is "useless without the Bible." A genus of amphibians,inhabiting the Southern United States, having a serpentlikeform, but with four minute limbs and two persistent gillopenings; the Congo snake.Am7phoOpep6tone (? (Biol. pr. With up-to-date information, definitions, usage notes, a modern layout, and other exciting features, Merriam-Webster Unabridged is the most authoritative source of … A friend. Definition of online written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. Gr. (a) Of extent of capacity or intellectual powers.=Amplitude of mind.8 Milton. to set upas a votive gift, dedicate; ? ), n. [L. ? ), n. [Gr. Overthrowing; defeating; P appliedto Plato's refutative dialogues.Enfield.X An6aOtron (? A salt amygdalic acid.Am7ygOdal6ic (? Law), a tenure by which all manors belongingto the crown, in the reign of William the Conqueror, wereheld. + ? (Zol.) pillar, support.] a leading up; ? Serving to amplify or enlarge;amplificative.Morell.Am6pliOfi7er (? to wreathe; ? Gr. ), n. 1. [L. amygdala, amygdalum, almond, Gr. ), n. [Gr. ), a. F.amygdalode.] Webster definition is - weaver. ? &vb. (Biol.) ), v. t. ? ), a. too turn.] without joints, without thearticle; ? P ? ), n.(Chem.) Maranatha is now considered as a separate sentence, meaning, =OurLord cometh.8{ AOnath7eOmat6ic (? ? By reflection; as, echoes aresound produced anacamptically.Hutton.An7aOcamp6tics (? Gr. + ? (Zol.) ?, ?, not following, wantingsequence; ? (Bot.) having adouble prostyle: cf. amputation.] pr.? anabaptiste.] ? [Gr. ? ), a. Elbowlike; anconal.An6coOny (? & p. p. Anathematized (?);p. [See Anon.] ]An7aObol6ic (? The sacred shield ofthe Romans, said to havePfallen from heaven in the reign ofNuma. anadrome.] (Zol.) ]The act or practice of making anagrams.Camden.An7aOgram6maOtist, n. [Cf. ]AOnew6 (? sharp.] ), n. The state or quality of being ample;largeness; fullness; completeness.Am7plexOa6tion (? ), n. [Gr. F. (Zol.) [Pref. ]An humble amplexation of those sacred feet.Bp. Pertaining to, orresembling, an amphora.AmOphor6ic (? ? AnOcho6vy pear7 (?). ), AOnat6roOpous (? 1. ? L. ancon elbow.] Only 1 left in stock - order soon. With over 470,000 entries and 140,000 word etymologies, this interactive dictionary offers users the ultimate unabridged vocabulary experience. It is sometimes, in old songs, a mere expletive.When that I was and a little tiny boy.Shak.4. Fig. ), n.; pl. ), n. [Gr. to cleanse upward, i.e., by vomiting; ? back+ ? anagrammatiser. ), n.; pl. mouth;: cf. Age; antiquity. to write.] ? ; ? ), a. TwoPedged instead of round; P said ofcertain flattened stems, as those of blue grass, and rarelyalso of leaves.AnOcis6troid (? n. Aspore of some alg, which has male functions.AnOdrot6oOmous (? priv. The stream anchor isone fourth the weight of the bower ~. + ? ]An6choOress (? bearer, ? + E. ? anything devoted, esp. [F. ample, L. amplus, prob. Restorative; giving strength afterdisease. [Obs. ), n. Same as Anagoge.An6aOgram (? Any instrument or contrivance serving a purpose like thatof a ship's ~, as an arrangement of timber to hold a damfast; a contrivance to hold the end of a bridge cable, orother similar part; a contrivance used by founders to holdthe core of a mold in place.3. ?, the daughter of Cepheusand Cassiopeia. to bear.] ), An7aOglyph6icOal (? ), n. [Gr. ?, fr. The largest and most comprehensive Merriam-Webster's Unabridged dictionary includes. n. [Gr. Amidin.] ), v. t. [OE. ), n. [F.] A light field cannon, or stockedgun mounted on a swivel.AOmus6ing (? [L. aneticus, Gr. p. p. Anastomozed (? (Eng. A fish thatleaves the sea and ascends rivers.AOnad6roOmous (? (Persp.) long.] to cut.]1. ), n. [Gr. A makeranagrams.An7aOgram6maOtize (? ), adv. Bull.An7aObap6tistOry (? ?.] Cf. ), n. [Gr. marriage.] P To Amuse, Divert, Entertain. ), a. ), a. both: cf. ), n. One who relates or collects anecdotes.An6eOlace (? aO + neath for beneath.]Beneath. priv. Anorthographic projection of the sphere on the plane of themeridian, the eye being supposed at an infinite distance,and in the east or west point of the horizon.2. ), AmOphis6cians (? Anfractuous;as, anfractuose anthers.AnOfrac7tuOos6iOty (? to bind.] ), n. [OE. ), An7aOchron6icOal (? Analyzing.] angele,angle, F. ange. ), a. Attendant spirit; genius; demon.Shak.6. One who is skilledin the art of anatomy, or dissection.AOnat7oOmiOza6tion (? ), n. A female anchoret.And there, a saintly anchoress, she dwelt.Wordsworth.An6choOret (? It was first discovered inAndalusia, Spain.X AnOdan6te (? Foster.Am7yOlose6 (? ](Grecian Hist.) to fillup; ? ), AmOphip6oOdan (? (etcetera), or & c., is usually read and so forth.An6daObaOtism (? It is used beforenouns of the singular number only, and signifies one, orany, but somewhat less emphatically. ), n. [Cf. Gr. Then came the best bower and the small bower (socalled from being carried on the bows). [Gr. place.] Topronounce an anathema against; to curse. a votive offering; all fr. Red orpiment.Coxe.AOde6an , a. Pertaining to the Andes.An6desOine (? [Gr. a flower.] Exaction offorced service; compulsion. ? Agenus of fishes, remarkable for their power of living longout of water, and of making their way on land forconsiderable distances, and for climbing trees; the climbingfishes.X AOnab6aOsis (? Ancient lineage; ancestry; dignity of birth.A gentleman of more ancientry than estate.Fuller.An6cientOy (? L. Oantia and also fr. (Math.) to write. ), n. [Gr. ? F. wind + ? anker, AS. Ar. ), n. [Gr. again + ? ), a. (GrecianHist.) ? ), n. 1. ? { An7aOglyph6ic (? ), a. (Med.) ), n. ), n. [Cf. (Anat.) (Logic) The tracing of things to their source, and theresolving of knowledge into its original principles.4. onefen, onemn; an, on, on + efeneven, equal; hence meaning, on an equality with, even with,beside. Prob. The condition of decreasedirritability of a nerve in the region of the positiveelectrode or anode on the passage of a current ofelectricity through it.Foster.AOnem6oOgram (? (Bot. The art of dissecting, or artificially separating thedifferent parts of any organized body, to discover theirsituation, structure, and economy; dissection.2. ( + OF. + ? [L. amylum starch, Gr. ), AnOdrog6yOnal (? )An element that in combination produces amphid salt; Papplied by Berzelius to oxygen, sulphur, selenium, andtellurium. antianus, fr.L. Giving amusement; diverting; as, anamusing story. ), a. 1.Condition as to ancestors; ancestral lineage; hence, birthor honorable descent.Title and ancestry render a good man more illustrious, butan ill one more contemptible.Addison.2. common.] (Anc. [R.]Oan6drous (?). Styptic.[Obs. F.anrode.] (Med.) L. anachoreta.See Anchoret.] Anathematizing.] to give out, to publish; ? (Chem.) (Anat. [Obs. Experienced; versed. ), n. [Gr. [Gr. ]Here I... fell into a strong and deep amusement, revolvingin my mind, with great perplexity, the amazing change of ouraffairs.Fleetwood.2. thebent arm, elbow; any hook or bend.] [L. anceps,ancipitis, twoPheaded, double; anO for ambO on both sides +caput head.] amplus: cf. [Gr. again + ? A toll for anchoring; ~ duties.Johnson.An6choOrage (? Amessenger. Antiquity; what is ancient.They contain not word of ancientry.West.2. ?causing to stand.] ), n. [L. andabata a kind of Romangladiator, who fought hoodwinked.] Ancones (?). P Toweigh ~, to heave or raise the ~ so as to sail away.An6chor (? ]Having lost, or tending to lose, inflections by phoneticdecay; as, anaptotic languages.X AnOap6tyOchus (? ), } a. (Bot.) ), n. [F. anciennet, fr. [Gr. : cf. ), n. [Gr. ), a. A utensil for supporting wood when burningin a fireplace, one being placed on each side; a firedog;as, a pair of andirons. ampella, ampolla, L. ampulla: cf. [Obs. A minister or pastor of a church, as in the Seven Asiaticchurches. ), v. t. [imp. [NL., fr.Gr. Brit.An6aOglyph (? Gr. ? Johnson. ), a. (Opt.) F. withoutjoints + Opoda. ), n. The doctrine, system, or practice,of Anabaptists. (used distributively).] priv. The enlarging of a simple statement byparticularity of description, the use of epithets, etc., forrhetorical effect; diffuse narrative or description, or adilating upon all the particulars of a subject.Exaggeration is a species of amplification.Brande & C.I shall summarily, without any amplification at all, show inwhat manner defects have been supplied.Sir J. Davies.3. ), n.; pl. pl. One whoanalyzes; formerly, one skilled in algebraical geometry; nowcommonly, one skilled in chemical analysis. Taylor.AOnear6, v. t. & i. ampre, ompre, a crookedswelling vein: cf. [See Amphigory.] Asubstance obtained from the volatile oils of anise, fennel,etc., in the form of soft shinning scales; P called alsoanise camphor.Watts.AOnet6ic (? The art of operation of restoring lostparts or the normal shape by the use of healthy tissue.An7aOpleOrot6ic (? [NL., FR. (Chem.) The name isalso applied to several allied species. Having the filaments of thestamens divided into two parts.AnOdrot6oOmy (? 1. [Gr. ending of Latin adjectives inOanus.] (Iron Work) A piece ofmalleable iron, wrought into the shape of a bar in themiddle, but unwrought at the ends.OanOcy. ), n. [Gr. + E. the operation of cutting of a limb orprojecting part of the body.Am6puOta6tor (? ), n. [L.amphitheatrum, fr. ? [Obs. [Gr. AOnem6oOnin (? ), An7choOret6icOal (? P An7aOgramOmat6icOalOly, adv.An7aOgram6maOtism (? In the days ofShakespeare, antique was often used for ancient; as, =anantique song,8 =an antique Roman;8 and hence, fromsingularity often attached to what is ~, it was used in thesense of grotesque; as, =an oak whose antique root peepsout; 8 and hence came our present word antic, denotinggrotesque or ridiculous. ), n. AnOach7oOret6icOal (? ?.] ?, fr. ; toexpand; to make much of.Troilus and Cressida was written by a Lombard author, butmuch amplified by our English translator.Dryden.Am6pliOfy (? (Med.) to form: cf. 1. + ?feeling, ? Amuscle of the elbow and forearm.An6coOnoid (? ),} a. [Gr. A resolution of anything, whetheran object of the senses or of the intellect, into itsconstituent or original elements; an examination of thecomponent parts of a subject, each separately, as the wordswhich compose a sentence, the tones of a tune, or the simplepropositions which enter into an argument. ]More dishonorable ragged than an oldPfaced ancient.Shak.2. F.anfractuosit.] ?, ?. torecognize.] We usually apply both ancient andold to things subject to gradual decay. to advance.] Rare Vintage 1957 Websters Unabridged Encyclopedia Dictionary Illustrated Deluxe. Of orpertaining to the Amphipoda.X AmOphip6oOda (? To discriminate minutely or carefully; to analyze.If we anatomize all other reasonings of this nature, weshall find that they are founded on the relation of causeand effect.Hume.AOnat6oOmi7zer (? ), a. This article is provided by FOLDOC - Free Online Dictionary of Computing Explanation of Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary [NL., fr. A saltof the class formed by the combination of an acid and abase, or by the union of two oxides, two sulphides,selenides, or tellurides, as distinguished from a haloidcompound. ), a. Anthropophagous.An6droOphore (? ? ? Ampull (?). [Obs. ? ), } a.Characterized by, or involving, anachronism; anachronistic.AnOach6roOnism (? )A hydrocarbon radical, C5H11, of the paraffine series foundin ~ alcohol or fusel oil, etc.Am7yOla6ceous (? ancra, fr. Producingvomiting or expectoration. Over again; another time;in a new form; afresh; as, to arm anew; to create anew.Dryden. + ?, ?, air + ?life.] ); p. pr.& vb. to furnish with a mouth or opening, toopen; ? [NL., from Gr. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). ), the crossbar at the top of the shankat right angles to the arms. ? To inosculate; tointercommunicate by anastomosis, as the arteries and veins.The ribbing of the leaf, and the anastomosing network of itsvessels.I. In ancient times.2. [Gr. ), a. toturn.] [L. anapleroticus, fr. ), a. { Am6phiOpod (? 1. ), n. [L., fr. the brain: cf. [R.]AmOphig6oOny (? In an ample manner.Am6pul (? [Gr. up + E. The colorless,volatile, mobile liquid commonly called amylene is a mixtureof different members of the group.AOmyl6ic (? A.] ), a. { Am7phiOtheOat6ric (? ), n. [Gr. ), a. ? theapplication of the types and allegories of the Old Testamentto subjects of the New. ele oil, L.oleum. ), n. A mazy winding.AnOga6riOa6tion (? ), a. ), n. to gather.] ), n. [L. amuletum: cf. [L. amputatus, p. p. of amputare: ambO +putare to prune, putus clean, akin to E. pure. ), a. ? n. Am6yOloid (? Old; that has been of long duration; of long standing; ofgreat age; as, an ancient forest; an ancient castle. (Bot.) ? Any sculptured, chased, or embossedornament worked in low relief, as a cameo. & adv. A West Indian fruit like themango in taste, sometimes pickled; also, the tree (Griascauliflora) bearing this fruit.An6chuOsin (? ?, ?, man + ? Any membranous bag shaped like a leathern bottle,as the dilated end of a vessel or duct; especially thedilations of the semicircular canals of the ear.Am7pulOla6ceous (? A sinuous depression or sulcus like thoseseparating the convolutions of the brain.AnOfrac6tuOous (? F. [Cf. ), adv. ), n. pl. 1. 1. Hypertext interface. [See Analogous.] : cf. [Cf. ), a. InLatin d?P?Ot>s, and in English inOterOvene?, are examples ofanapests. P AOmus6ingOly, adv.AOmu6sive (? (Med.) ), n. [L. anethum (see Anise) + Ool.] [R.]{ An7aOchron6ic (? (Med.) An androgynous plant.Whewell. ), a. One of a tribe of Amphibia, which haveboth lungs and gills at the same time, as the proteus andsiren.Am6phiOpod (? In England, and in some of theUnited States, they acquire a prescriptive right. ?, fr. Whateverdiverts is lively in its nature, and sometimes tumultuous inits effects.Crabb.AOmuse6, v. i. ), } a. When we speak of a thingthat existed formerly, which has ceased to exist, wecommonly use ancient; as, ancient republics, ancient heroes;and not old republics, old heroes. ), a. 1. [Gr. ? a cursing; cf. (Med.) One of a class of =fallen angels;8 an evil spirit; as,the devil and his angels.4. The Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged Online is the perfect resource for students and adults interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding the English language. (Med.) Amphitheatrical; resembling an amphitheater. Cf, An if,AnteO.] ]Sir W. Scott.X An7esOthe6siOa (? (Zol.) [F. Oance, fr. See Even, a.] ), a. to break.] (Rhet.) H. Newman.w pole (Pyroelect. (Med.) See Anise. An instrument for measuring and recording the direction andforce of the wind.Knight.AOnem7oOgraph6ic (? & Gram.) Expressing amusement; as, an amused look.AOmuse6ment (? 2. It is used to conjoin a word with aword, a clause with a clause, or a sentence with a sentence. See Ample.] See Illustration in Appendix.5 The Gordius aquaticus, or hairworm, has been called anamphisbna; but it belongs among the worms.X Am7phisOb6noid (? back + ? =Ancestral trees.8Hemans.An6cesOtress (? To entertain or occupy in a pleasant manner; to stir withpleasing or mirthful emotions; to divert.A group children amusing themselves with pushing stones fromthe top [of the cliff], and watching as they plunged intothe lake.Gilpin.3. ), n. [Gr. - To entertain; gratify; please; divert; beguile;deceive; occupy. ? : cf. A spiritual, celestial being, superior to man in powerand intelligence. ), a. up + ? The bearer of a flag; an ensign. [Gr. Gr. Relating to the art of carving, enchasing, orembossing in low relief.An7aOglyp6tics (? ), n. [Gr. P n. An anacatharic medicine; anexpectorant or an emetic.X AnOach6aOris (? 1.5. (Bot. [Gr. Prov. ankyloser.] to write out,to record; ? ), a. Inmodern prosody the accented syllable takes the place of thelong and the unaccented of the short; as, proPphet6ic. ? ), AnOcip6iOtous (? Cf. Theact amputating; esp. amusement.] Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. & p. p. Amputated; p. pr. ? + ? A skeleton; anything anatomized or dissected, or whichhas the appearance of being so.The anatomy of a little child, representing all partsthereof, is accounted a greater rarity than the skeleton ofa man in full stature.Fuller.They brought one Pinch, a hungry, leanOfaced villain,A mere anatomy.Shak.An7aOtrep6tic (? ), a breed of sheep with short crooked legsand long back. Which word describes a musical performance marked by the absence of instrumental accompaniment. ? ? 1. Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. + E. Gr. thorny, fr. { X AmOphis6ciOi (? of andante.] without marrow.] Resembling or containing amyl; starchlike.Amyloid degeneration (Med. ), adv.X An7aOcoOlu6thon (? ), a. SeeAnaglyph.] ), } a. The Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary is so handy to have when you are writing papers or just have a question about what does a word mean. + ? ), a. : cf. In a frenziedand reckless. ampoule.] + ? ? Soothing.An6euOrism (? ]Our Savior himself... did not choose an anchorite's or amonastic life, but a social and affable way of conversingwith mortals.Boyle. to strike.] The first period, or increase, of a disease;augmentation. ), Am6pulOla7ted (?) ), n. 1. ? The spiritual meaning or application; esp. Theart of copying works in relief, or of engraving as to givethe subject an embossed or raised appearance; P used inrepresenting coins, basPreliefs, etc.X An7agOnor6iOsis (? by Webster's | Oct 15, 2003. ? [Gr. To affect orbe affected with anchylosis; to unite or consolidate so asto make a stiff joint; to grow together into one. ? [L. anathematizare, Gr. todissolve.] P To back an ~, toincrease the holding power by laying down a small ~ ahead ofthat by which the ship rides, with the cable fastened to thecrown of the latter to prevent its coming home. Wantingthe spinal cord.AOmyg7daOla6ceous (? ? [Archaic]He wrought but some few hours of the day, and then would heseem very grave and ancient.Holland.5. [Gr. To render larger, more extended, or moreintense, and the like; P used especially of telescopes,microscopes, etc.2. Hence:Drifting; unsettled.AnOcho6vy (? [R.]Am7phiOgor6ic (? togive. A formof spirometer.An7apOno6ic (? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Of or pertaining to anastomosis.X AOnas6troOphe (? )Produced without concourse of sexes.An7aOplas6tic (? [Cf. ), n. (Zol. [Gr. [NL., fr. Of, pertaining to, derived from, orpossessed by, an ancestor or ancestors; as, an ancestralestate. priv. Eh? + ? ? Thus, learning enlightens the mind,because it is to the mind what light is to the eye, enablingit to discover things before hidden.Followed by between, to, or with; as, there is an analogybetween these objects, or one thing has an analogy to orwith another.5 Analogy is very commonly used to denote similarity oressential resemblance; but its specific meaning is asimilarity of relations, and in this consists the differencebetween the argument from example and that from analogy. (Physics)Not becoming electrified by friction; P opposed toidioelectric. 1. It forms the type ofthe group Acrania, Leptocardia, etc.AmOphip6neust (? to turn.] An emulsion made of almonds;milk of almonds.Bailey. A disease of the roots of turnips, etc. (Bot.) [NL., contr. ), n. [Gr. (Bot. 14.3. ), n. [Gr. A kind of triclinic feldspar foundin the Andes.An6desOite (? SeeBarnacle.An6aOtine (? Gr. [Gr. One of the Amphipoda. ?, fr. (Bot.) form.] (Greek Antiq.) ?.] ), n. [L., fr. [R.]De Quincey.An7aOgo6ge (? ), a. (Gram.) [NL., fr. ), a. to go up; ? electric.] priv. Having analogy; analogous.Sir M. Hale.An7aOlog6icOalOly, adv. To become larger. The dictionary’s 1913 edition of the 1900 International, renamed Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, has in modern times been used in various free online resources. ), } n. Union of bothsexes in one individual; hermaphroditism. amphimacru?, Gr. ), a. { An7eOmoOmet6ric (? An imprecation; a curse; a malediction.Finally she fled to London followed by the anathemas of both[families].Thackeray.3. ), n. [Gr. to run.] ij., that is, of wine and honey, each,two ounces.An apothecary with a... long bill of anas.Dryden.Oa6na (?). { An7aOlyt6ic (? (Bot. ), n. [Gr. ]Shak.X AOna6nas (? ]Pertaining to starch; of the nature of starch; starchy.Am6yOlate (? A compound of the radical amylwith oxygen and a positive atom or radical.Am6yOlene (? Hist.) By sucking out a littleair, the bottom springs into a concave form with a smartcrack; and by breathing or blowing gently into the orifice,the bottom, with a like noise, springs into its formerconvex form. { AOnar6chic (? [Obs. + ? A glucoside extracted frombitter almonds as a white, crystalline substance.AOmyg6daOline (? back + ? OF. ), a. was prob. ]They mourned their ancient leader lost.Pope.w demesne (Eng. ), n. [Gr. [They] denounce anathemas against unbelievers.Priestley.2. The Eng. Customers who bought this item also bought. relaxing; ? [L. anath?ma, fr.Gr. Gr. ),} n. [Gr. wind + Ology.] Syn. thorn.] Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged (commonly known as Webster's Third, or W3) was published in September 1961.It was edited by Philip Babcock Gove and a team of lexicographers who spent 757 editor-years and $3.5 million. toturn.] [R.]Whitlock.X An6aObas (? In an anatomical manner; by means ofdissection.AOnat6oOmism (? asupport, or thing supported, a. sun dial, fr. (Bot.) a wheel.](Zol.) Inthis sense it is nearly synonymous with synopsis.6. Anfractuosities (?). (Zol.) Drayton. ), one of the peculiar cavities in the tissuesof sponges, containing the zooidal cells. ?hollowed all round; ? the goddess of love.] (Med.) ), v. t. [Gr. Apeculiar small siliceous spicule having a denticulated wheelat each end; P found in freshwater sponges.Am7phiOdrom6icOal (? respiration.] [Gr. for ambiplus fullon both sides, the last syllable akin to L. plenus full. { AnOdrog6yOnous (? ), a. ), n. [A corruption of sandarac.] (Nat. ), n. [LL. Of or pertaining to theAmphictyons or their League or Council; as, an Amphictyonictown or state; the Amphictyonic body. Amplifying.] To muse; to mediate. fr. hair. ? ), a. Pertaining to, or abounding with,anecdotes; as, anecdotal conversation.An6ecOdote (? [Gr. [Shortened fr. [Gr. 1. wrought in low relief, ? ), n. [Gr. [Obs. See AnteO, pref.] + ?. F.amphithtral.] { Am6yOloid (? See sthetics.](Med.) F. again + ? ?On?, especiallyby classical scholars.An7eOmon6ic (? F.amplitude. 2. ), n. [AS. ), a. To fix or fasten; to fix in a stable condition; as, toanchor the cables of a suspension bridge.Till that my nails were anchored in thine eyes.Shak.An6chor, v. i. (Physiol.) The resolving of problems by reducing theconditions that are in them to equations.5. 1. brandPFsen.] priv. Of, pertaining to, exhibited in, orresembling, an amphitheater.Am7phiOtheOat6ricOalOly, adv. 1. weak.] ]Donne.An7aOlog6ic (? up + ? 1.(Far.) ]Having analogy; corresponding to something else; bearingsome resemblance or proportion; P often followed by to.Analogous tendencies in arts and manners.De Quincey.Decay of public spirit, which may be considered analogous tonatural death.J. ), n. The art of carving in low relief,embossing, etc.An7aOglyp6toOgraph (? xxii. Abundant andplenteous refer to largeness of quantity; as, abundantstores; plenteous harvests.AmOplec6tant (? The Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary Online access to a legendary resource Log In or Sign ... With Voice Search Get the Free Apps! (Paleon.) Asuffix signifying action; also, quality or state; as,assistance, resistance, appearance, elegance. is the world’s leading online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins and etymologies, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, idioms, word games, legal and medical terms, Word of the Day and more. [The neut. amphigne.] A place suitable for anchoring or where ships anchor; ahold for an anchor.3. (Biol.) ?.] ), n. pl. up + ?to loose. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary • Author: Noah Webster • Editor: Noah Porter • Publisher: C & G Merriam Co (1913) + Ograph.] ), a. (a) A cruet for the wine and water at Mass. ), a. Anapestic.X AOnaph6oOra (? It is the lowestand most generalized of the vertebrates, having neitherbrain, skull, vertebr, nor red blood. F. analeptique.See Analepsis.] The 1913 edition of Webster’s comprehensive dictionary of the English language. (Opt.)
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