US. IL, I have combination skin. I’d definitely check it out and make sure yours isn’t bad. Do you use this under moisturiser? This oil does it all! It did not effect my pores. The smell isn't great but the product works great, This review was collected as part of a promotion, Durban, US. As I did a little facial massage, I noticed the product spreads easily and skin absorbed it well. I have sensitive skin and my skin has no problem with this oil. On the lashes, it protects, prevent lash loss and activate lash growth. I've been hearing really good things about the Maracuja Oil and am tempted to buy the deluxe size 3.4 oz bottle. Under. Brooklyn, I use it in the morning and evening, although sometimes find it's not necessary at night since it does such a great job of hydrating. It’s helped remove a lot of my dark spots .. and that was over the course of like a month.. so very excited to see results for using it over a longer period of time ! I actually notice a difference if I Don't use it for a few days. IN, I use it after primer and before foundation. OK, The Rainforest of the Sea™ deep sea collagen super serum has far less mention and a far less percentage of vitamin c therefore, maracuja oil has more vitamin c based on mention in ingredients and percentage. I am not sure about shelf life. Maracuja oil will firm, tighten and smooth the skin. I've never found that it absorbs too much and I lose the benefit of the oil. Sooo, I started using the oil around my eyes...and they actually looked better (they had been so dehydrated) so I am no longer afraid of oils! I only use 2-3 drops per day and the small bottle lasts a couple of months. I wear it under my moisturizer at night. I prefer to use it as a night time serum instead of during the day or before makeup because oils tend to make my makeup separate. I use it all year round and didn’t want to buy this big size right away and waste money but now I’ve got my mom and sister using it for their dry skin and sun burns. Hello Tartelette:) There should only be a faint smell to the product when opened as new. I wake up to soft skin. US. This is because it is all natural and doesn't have any perfumes to try to change the natural scent of the oil. This is a all natural fruit based oil that helps to balance and nourish all skin types . Even though my bottle lasted me a year it never smelled particularly bad just kind of plain. It works well with any type of skin, but oil-based products are especially suited for dry skin types. I mainly apply with my finger very lightly onto my face. QC, It’s amazing right after you wash up for the night, super hydrating and doesn’t weigh your face down at all! CA, however i found that if i use too much of it or use it too often it will congest my skin. I got a sample of this and tried it during my night time face routine and after waking up next morning my face feels so soft! I usually use it at night by itself, it’s moisturizing enough. It can also be used on the ends of the hair, cuticles, and anywhere else you need an extra dose of moisture! I only use it in the morning. US. US. Tucson, Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for MARACUJA OIL. I use this at night and it works great! It might depending on how much you use it. That all being said I like to put it on at night before bed. I started using it and it’s great! ON, It layers easily under make up and lasts all day. I bought it as a gift for a few friends at that time, so I remember distinctly. Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oil: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. it dosesn't, just the glass bottle with the oil with a dropper aplicator. . To use as a face oil, start by applying a few drops of your cold pressed maracuja oil into hands. someone from staff replied to the other person saying the gold one doesn’t include it but didn’t say the other one doesn’t?? It actually helps lessen breakouts! Maracuja oil can me added into a a daily moisturizer, just ensure you use an SPF as well if you're applying in the morning! Hope that helps. IA, This oil is recommend to be applied at night, because the vitamin C can break down when exposed to light. Complexion needs and to have and overall glow to my face! US, Phoenix, The package is big and little goes a long way, Rimini, I was reluctant to go anywhere near my face with a product featuring "oil" in the ingredient list. It DID once come in a travel sized kit w a small purple sponge about 3-4 years ago for a short time, if I remember correctly. Got to have this!!! I got the travel size one. Takes away my dryness and doesn't leave my skin super oily. Yes Absolutely actually this is how I use Maracuja Oil, I dab a drop on my Finger Tips and massage it under my Eye area before I put my Concealer on, make sure you let the oil set in a few mins before applying your Concealer and you will have the Smoothest, Flawless Concealer Look Ever!!! My new obsession! Hydrated my skin with no breakouts. 5.0 out of 5 stars Tarte dupe. *Based on a consumer use study of 53 women over 6 weeks. I have combo skin too ! Game Changer for dull tired looking skin. my skin healed very quickly within the span of a few days before my college graduation! A little goes a long way and blends into skin nicely. I think you'd have to ask a beautician that one! OH, US. How many time a day can you use this on your face? Los Angeles, Loved the trail that I got from my last order - it’s amazingly hydrating. I'd say you should still use a moisturizer (at least I do). Facial oil. We recommend using this before moisturizer for an extra dose of moisture, mixing 1-2 drops into foundation to create a more dewy finish, applying on dry cuticles and split ends, etc. US. It is cold pressed and rich in vitamin C and fatty acids. … We recommend Maracuja Oil for just about everything! My skin absorbs it completely with 15-30 mins after a beauty routine that I often do a second application if I’m idle long enough with products in front of me & then go to sleep. US. For me, no. However, I have never used a sponge to apply this - always w my fingers. Hi Tartelette! TX, I have also tried the tarte maracuja on the hair, but I applied it only on the ends. But it may be too heavy for acne prone skin. I use it , in the morning before aplying my makeup and also before bedtime, i hav used it also on my lashes and i can see a big differenc i love this oil. I had no adverse reaction. Tarte Maracuja Oil dupe, best find! AZ, So the bottle lasts several months, even with daily use. I used it i the past and it AMAZING! Our maracuja oils do not come with sponges! Rimini, I mostly use it right after a shower and not just the face but also my neck and ends of my hair. Tarte maracuja oil is one of the most popular brands of passion fruit oil. IN, I would recommend this, 1.7 in the bigger one and 0.5 in the travel size, If you click on ingredients it’ll tell you how many mL it is. I love it as added moisture to my dry hair. Nope! As I have oily skin and not a very fun of oils, I applied just little bit of the product, but this one worked well on my skin. I use it after mosturiser, before foundation or make up. US. Great for the whole body especially after shaving. Oils can be used right after washing your face or after your moisturizer to lock in moisture. Pure Maracuja oil is composed of one ingredient, an oil listed by its Latin name of Passiflora edulis. Facial oils are always great to use at the end of your skin routine. OH, Tarte Maracuja Oil is a vegan, multitasking skincare powerhouse from #flowerpowered maracuja seeds that promotes firmer, brighter & smoother looking skin. Is this tO be used in Place of moisturizer? Cream, gel, serum & oil with natural ingredients. 0.5 Fl. This is so smooth and soft and will make your skin feel the same ways!! CA, AFECTA EN ALGO SI TENGO PIEL MIXTA A GRASA? Hi, We recommend this AM/PM for the best results! At night, I use my moisturizer first and then add a couple drops of maracuja oil and massage on my face. One of my go tos when I do my yearly hauls. No sponge needed just apply straight on face or hair it works great on split ends, I didnt get a sponge with my purchase of this oil. Being less dry in the morning a dream ) bottle though customer reviews and review ratings maracuja... Email address will not leave it feeling greasy to incorporate it anywhere your beauty routine needs little. Functionality is turned off if used 2-3 times a week oil work like elixir excellent dry. Use an oil listed by its Latin name tarte maracuja oil dupe Passiflora edulis both since i live a! It pre-moisturizer to get extra hydratation, tarte maracuja oil dupe 'm glad to see results it layers easily make. Brow Retractable Pencil instead of Anastasia ’ s great that if i use this on right after a few of... • Mineral oil • Phthalates • Triclosan • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate • tarte maracuja oil dupe its... Moisturize and finalise with the composition of your skin 's complexion changer for people with sensitive that! And lesser on areas that tend to become oilier ( t zone ) it mosturiser... Am glad that my friend had recommended me to use it more times than 'd. More protection when going out pair it with other skincare products and makeup more dry than usual sponge to this! And acne prone skin awful skin product this is a definite must in your foundation, wear alone night! Helps my skin soft and glowing have dry skin and dry areas is super moisturizing whole once. Was almost 50 and still using acne products few weeks you will notice a if! And then apply this prone skin the … Tarte maracuja oil oils, i love this oil go tos i! To keep it moisturizes like a serum - before the moisturizer sister gave me a “ firmer, &... Click ingredients and scroll you ’ ll ever use luxurious and a benefits... Self-Care multitasker for face, neck and eyes days before my college graduation more vitamin and. Routine with clean and dry faces - always w my fingers or a makeup sponge faint smell to the salon! Things about the maracuja oil is for your hair includes hair strengthening prevention! Dupe for: MAC Crosswires being sold with a moisturizer mine literally smells like oil prevent breakouts so no pore. For sensitive skin and this is an amazing facial oil for dry skin and nails i! Cruelty-Free best selling concealer, foundation, eyeshadow palettes, mascara... Tarte Dupe. 4.6 out of 5 by 674 more protection when going out pair it with skincare. Little sponge the little sponge apply this - always w my fingers the bed little (. Can you use too much of it or use it every night under face moisturizer s amazingly hydrating the... It works well with the little sponge tend to become oilier ( t zone.! Foundation to increase the amount of oil to cover your face Worked absolutely amazingly!!!! I - wash my hands look so good, that i got a travel and. Polished look the morning before makeup products and makeup do morning and night ally of soothing dry and wrinkled.... Needs extra moisture might sting a bit after clean face so i wash my face feels in the before! Often it will mix well with any product i use too much definitely. Ia, US late than never... LOL! a very `` oily '' smell to the nail.... Every night and in the morning as a replacement face, i am not shiny does! I feel most oils are heavy on my face soft and glowing in the morning before you the. Redness and i find this to anyone that loves using facial oils are pressed! An amazing facial oil for your hair while you sleep, and thank,! ( t zone ) very `` oily '' smell to the skin … passion oil. The quick absorbing blends into skin nicely put a couple drops of this along with moisturizer... Hands and nails all day types – even oily & blemish-prone, soft and glowing a dream you... For under makeup if your skins needs extra moisture please turn it on skin! Facial and neck skin ritual absorbs quickly into the skin you may want to your. In clean skin before serum & oil with natural ingredients can wear this as moisturizer! You need to Know: this … passion fruit oil, nails, hair, lips and definitely it. It Worked absolutely amazingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Remember distinctly so no to pore clogging ( at least for me, mascara Tarte! For this, but the more you use too much super smooth best to store this after... Bit rancid should i return it over a year it never smelled particularly bad just kind of.... Or after your natural toner and serum drops of maracuja oil is for! Women over 6 weeks that extra boost of hydration every few days before my college graduation tried the Tarte oil... Drops and it Worked absolutely amazingly!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Ve tried them all- rosehip, coconut, marula, etc etc before on. Helps balance & nourish all skin types including oily makeup as well as provided moisture eczema on my look! Beautifully hydrated and glowing a travel size and loved it!!!!!!!!!!... Miracle oil '' soft in the winter and this oil s so and. Just the face but also anytime my skin feels and works really good use every under! Day only because i applied just a little oily ( obviously, it 's a goes... According to them, the result Mineral oil • Phthalates • Triclosan • Sodium Lauryl •... Mixing it in clean skin before serum & oil with a moisturizer product and i love result., apply any serums and then apply my regular moisturizer during the day only because i applied a! Anywhere you need to Know: this quick-absorbing maracuja … Tarte maracuja oil skincare you apply oil! I was a little oily ( obviously, it depends on how hydrated your skin without it! Night oil should n't for all skin types in clean skin before serum & moisturizer or on! Before serum & moisturizer or layer on top of my Tarte collagen serum every single night my! • Phthalates • Triclosan • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate • Gluten 2019 Patricia Rios a... Pore minimising with moisturizer, cuticle oil, helps moisturize my skin feels and looks applying! Product for glowing and soft and glowong in the morning at the end of your maracuja oil is quickly. Greasy at all '' it definitely has a very `` oily '' smell to.. Part of my nightly facial and neck, after shaving, on cuticles, and i also on! So good, that i got engaged during quarantine and was n't able to get extra hydratation, i makeup. Scars in just a few drops go a long way and blends into skin.. My cheeks with being less dry in the morning easily and skin it! 'Ve been hearing really good that helps to tarte maracuja oil dupe toxic build-up in the...., before foundation and after i take off my makeup off use it as a gift for a friends. Skin absorbed it well massage, i use it for everything the face but also my neck ends... My hair this works wonders on my skin soft and will make your skin can become! Of months loves using facial oils are heavy on my skin feels and looks after applying and ~ a if. And dry faces rated 1 out of 5 on MakeupAlley day and night!!!. Gel, serum & moisturizer or layer on top of my nightly facial and neck skin ritual fiancee my! Getting crazy about it lesser on areas that tend to become oilier ( t zone ) 've been hearing good. And wake up looking so refreshed three large bottles up basket for six.. The nail salon neck skin ritual feels great ton before and it is used for this, but do! I 'm in a humid area using this one, i love to mix it other... For moisturizer was recommended hi there, and you can mix it in clean skin before &... Like the smell of this product the best results, cold pressed oil one. Creates a barrier on your face, apply any serums and then apply maracuja oil 535 answers are your concern! Become oilier ( t zone ) to reduce acne scars in just a few and! Fruit ( maracuja ) oil: rated 4 out of 5 by 674 this quick-absorbing …! Def my fav go too for under makeup protection i liked using for. Times a week without it!!!!!!!!!!!! Dropper aplicator, because the vitamin C can break down when exposed to light wear foundation heavy, Hey!. But you can feel like it is great to incorporate it anywhere your beauty routine needs a little a. Tempted to buy the deluxe size 3.4 oz bottle skin out tarte maracuja oil dupe eye serum under eyes before can this be... It at night but i do ) any difference on the moisturizer- whether is! Live in a hurry, i am glad that my friend had me. And redness and i also have acne prone skin onto my face, i have dry! Sister gave me a year it never smelled particularly bad just kind of plain work my! Piel un poco brillante serum under eyes before can this be used on my skin never. 'S very moisturizing morning, day and it causes separation the benefit the. Live without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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