Chef Nakazawa, who always speaks with a smile, leads the world's best sushi staff (comprised of cosmopolitan talent) that extends a level of skill and commitment that can only be described as 'suna-kaburi' (up-close experience) – one of the great charms of the restaurant. Usually the large, fleshy and striped kuruma ebi, or the botan-ebi. One favourite of sushi chefs – underrated, slightly salty, lightly sweet, oily and usually marinated to balance its flavours. Almost everyday, all anglers catch this many. They are usually steamed or boiled in sauce and then chilled before serving. Unfortunately, the place was fully booked and we had to go to another place, Uo-Roman, which turned out to be equally nice. In winter, the Striped Beakfish gets fat and the oil has a beautiful aroma. Fresh fish and shellfish, essential for sushi, are delivered by air – five days a week - from the markets in Tsukiji in Tokyo and Fukuoka in Kyushu. Akagai is also known as Ark Shell or Red Clam. Sushi Inaba 1300 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 310.545.3345 Sat 05/04/2019, 08:30p-11:50p I'm always curious about new sushi spots in the Los Angeles region, and one that I'd been hearing a lot of chatter about over the past several months is Sushi I-Naba, which is actually part of the Inaba family of restaurants. Hotate is one of the most popular seafood ingredients because of its soft and sweet taste. It has a distinct flavour and aroma, with its definitive reddish flesh and silver and white skin. Exquisite Omakase of the Finest Quality at Sincerest Prices. Hoshi Garei is a very exclusive and prized fish. ... Floyd calls him "Striped Beakfish" note . According to her, this is a good place to enjoy the fresh seafood of Tokushima. During this season, most of the lineup is of Japanese origin, starting with Hokkaido sakuramasu (cherry salmon), madai (red sea bream), ishidai (striped beakfish), buri (amberjack), shirauo (icefish), hirame (fluke), and hotaru ika (firefly squid). It is an excellent target that combines the fun of fishing with the taste. Kampachi has a mild, slightly sweet taste that and is usually served freshly cut and unmarinated. Kisu is a  delicate fish with translucent flesh that is low in fat, with a slightly sweet, yet clean flavour. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant that champions the finest sushi uses the best available Japanese ingredients. It has a clean, sweet flavor typical of shiromi and good fat content considering its rather small size. 1 post published by dragonlife during November 2014. Since bluefin tuna seedlings only eat bait fish, parent fish for striped beakfish and other fish to be used as feed were produced and fish larvae from that was used as feed for bluefin tuna seedlings. "Our goal is to provide customers with sushi, sake, and good service throughout a special session that lasts two hours." After 28 days, they reach a total length of five to six centimeters and are moved offshore to ocean net pens. We still can find sea shell and sea urchin but abalone is disappearing. The himo (or mantle) can also be consumed and is delicious as well. Striped beakfish en papillote, doubted but wonderful. TTPP International Business Matching site, Japanese agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food, Certification program of Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Stores Overseas. The sake is also imported from Japan. With the coming of winter, the Fish Market at Parche inside the Shizuoka JR Station is always a great place to make new discoveries and and also find more about the fish regularly caught in Shizuoka Prefecture! The sake menu is almost 5cm thick, but the American sake sommelier provides careful guidance. Usually, Kasugo is served with its skin. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Anago is a salt water eel that has a softness and fluffiness to its taste. It has a clean, sweet flavor typical of shiromi and good fat content considering its rather small size. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They both are 40cm, 16in over. As such is it often premium sashimi and sushi that is costly, but it is definitely worth a try. sushi connoisseurs but may be an acquired taste for others. It is a seasonal fish often only available from July through September. This month, we will donate $1 from every Momomaki sold to Before the fish entering ... they were quite good, not only in taste and but also in texture. It has been seen in Hawaii, but only once. Farmed Year-Round ... Aji is one of the tastiest, and healthiest fish. A rare fish, ishidai does not show up very frequently on sushi menus. "Omakase" only. Mirugai is a rare giant clam, with a firm and crunchy texture, and has a sweet and delicate flavour that is a delight to the senses. Among the nearly 140 selections, there is also rare luxury sake that costs more than $3,000 per bottle. It has a firmer texture and Chefs often prefer serving the Japanese Pan Shell over hotate. Shiko, is the baby of the Silverfish and is season for a very short time between late spring and early summer. It has a bold, rich taste and is often served grilled. It is meaty but has there is a lightness to its flavor. The second most prized part of the maguro tuna behind the o-toro. This is the frilly edge of the flounder’s fin. If the restaurant’s saba nigiri is very good, you can generally be assured that all their other sushi will be excellent as well. The 'shari' (sushi rice), is just as important as the 'neta' (the main ingredient) to forming the backbone of sushi. Madai of different varieties live all around the world. For example Striped beakfish 물톳 (mulddot – beakfish) is also hard to find in Jeju because of the environment change. Thus, I don't design a menu of 'subtraction' as I did in Japan, rather, I am reaching for an idea of 'addition' that adds something to the ingredients that I get and is delicious," said, Nakazawa. Here are some of recent catches. As part of the omakase, the chef will also served you a its head, freshly fried to perfection. They fish year-round in Tateyama. Its meat is fatty and oily with a sweet flavoured. with umami and vinegar that the traditional Japanese master chefs of yesteryears As it has a strong taste, it is often prepared by top chefs with marinade of vinegar and salt to create a delightful tasting experience. When it is aged properly, has a particular balance of flavors. To accentuate the Bincho’s flavor, it may sometimes be aburi-ed (torched), or tatak-ied and then dipped in ice water. The salt is "Salt of Suzu" from Ishikawa Prefecture, the soy sauce is Kikkoman's highest class "Honzen" brand, and the sugar, mirin, kombu and bonito flakes are all from Japan. According to him, they taste delicious and each one is different from the last. Ishidai, or Barred Knifejaw or Striped Beakfish, is the striped relative – whose stripes lessen with age – and available in the summer and autumn. Kibinago is from Kagoshimam and its flesh is very sweet and tasty. Also great was the grilled, smoky, super oceany head of the shrimp. At the omakase, Nagasaki-born sushi chef Kazuo Yoshida explores lesser-known Japanese delicacies (like ishidai, or striped beakfish), with uni sourced from Hokkaido to Chile. even more delicious, the best omakase chefs are able to create a sushi course Compared to farm-raised Buri, this fish has a less oily taste… They are all about 40cm, 16in big. You’ll often see the itamae slam the ark shell on the cutting board to further tighten the flesh. Akagai used to be in plentiful supply right in Edo bay, but sadly these days it has become scarce and very pricey. Kasugo dai is in season from late winter to spring. The Saba is often regarded a test of the restaurant’s chef’s culinary skills because of its strong taste that requires very skilled preparation. Daisuke Nakazawa, who appeared in the world-famous documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011), opened his own masterful sushi restaurant in August, 2013. I had never heard of irizake until now, but apparently in the old days when soy sauce was expensive and unaffordable to many, irizake was the seasoning for the masses. Sushi chefs are judged first and foremost on the quality, attributes, and taste of their rice. However, tuna is typically American, because Japanese harvesting regulations are so strict. A shiny, silver fish that is almost always served with its beautiful shiny skin on display. Bluefin otoro is the crème-de-la-crème, and it melts in your mouth. It is usually served with some of its skin still on and aburied. A small fish that is indigenous to Japanese waters, it is found in shallow water and features distinctive black and white stripes. ISHIDAI – Striped Beakfish: Kyushu Thinly sliced striped beakfish is translucent with a firm texture, an ever-delicate sweetness, and an “Umami” flavor. They have a chewy texture and a delicate texture and is almost always served raw. The Chef will usually slam it on his cutting board to tighten its flesh, before butterflying it and serving it on his bed of sushi right. They are delightful. Unfortunately, the place was fully booked and we had to go to another place, Uo-Roman, which turned out to be equally nice. Akamutsu is a deep sea white fish. First trial full course dinner by a friend. This striped beakfish is a particularly delicious fish among Japanese fish. The larvae are given a diet of striped beakfish from seven days after hatching until around 25 days. Its flesh is exteremly soft and sweet to the taste, just like anago. the decade, top Japanese restaurants with top-of-the-line chillers can now provide from the lightest, least oily fish, to the marinated ones, before fishing your meal a nigir ingredient. The 'dream' of Sushi Nakazawa's American domination is close to being realized. Party food, Wine beer coffee tea. The shellfish is washed in vinegared water, then carefully butterflied and sliced as pictured above. Striped Beakfish Poêlé pieces Striped beakfish (fillet) • Potatoes • Heavy cream • White wine • Butter • Salt and pepper • Tomato • Green leaves for decoration (I used daikon sprouts and parsley) All the seasonings that complement the flavors of sushi are also made in Japan. Ishigakidai - Rock porgy … Local ingredients are sourced to add a real Japanese touch to your meal. It is only in season from late fall to early spring. Nigiri sushi means “hand-pressed sushi”, and is a slice of fish rested upon a small ball of marinated premium Japanese rice. striped beakfish), which I think I'd only encountered once … They are usually small and so the Chef will use a few pieces to create the sushi. Ishidai has a rich taste with a succulent texture. Albacore tuna, has delicate flesh and smooth texture for it lives in warmer parts of the sea. It normally eats invertebrates. Awabi is a shellfish that is in season in the summer months. In addition to the secretive ageing and fermentation techniques The Omakase Course, at $150 per person, is not the type of price range that allows you to visit on a daily basis, but as a result, customers are individuals who also understand sushi very well. The newest addition to Hayes Valley, Robin, isn’t quite your typical traditional Japanese joint. It can be eaten raw, although many restaurants serve it steamed too. It is a delightful tasting fish and because of its short seasonality, is a treasured treat of late spring. The best uni are from Hokkaido and is usually served as a gunkan maki rather than nigiri style. The uniformly monochrome interior of the restaurant 'Sushi Nakazawa' (14 lounge seats, 10 sushi bar seats, and 25 table seats) matches the cityscape. Ikura refers to salmon eggs, which are large and plum. Because of its very delicate taste, is served fresh will little preparation. Maguro that comes from Oma in Japan that’s widely considered to be some of the best in the world. "We started the restaurant with the aim to combine traditional Japanese sushi with the Western-style service of American restaurants," according to Chef Nakazawa. A small fish that is indigenous to Japanese waters, it is found in shallow water … Black Seabream and Smallscale blackfish. A couple of weeks ago, the “offbeat news” feeds lit up with the discovery of a Japanese striped beakfish off the Washington state coast. In other languages. Unagi or Eel is usual served roasted and brushed with the restaurant’s sweet tare sauce. "For example, even with scallops, we'll add elements like dipping it into roasted sake and treating it with yuzu pepper, or smoking benijake (red salmon) with straw. It is sometimes eaten with a touch of citrus. Chefs use either rice vinegar ( kome-zu ), red vinegar ( akazu ), or a blend of the two when seasoning sushi rice. uogasisandaime. Squid or ika has a slimy Sayori is a long slender fish with almost transparent flesh . Shako is in season for a few short weeks from late spring. It is usually served by chefs broiled, then lightly aburied (torched), with a dash of the restaurant’s sushi dressing sauce. It is usually served with a dash of ponzu or the restaurant’s sushi sauce. It is usually served raw in nigiri or aburied. I'm not entirely sure about the set of reasons why the fish tasted less "fishy". It has a much richer flavor than Japanese sea bass and flathead, the most notorious of summer fish. This site uses javascript. Akagai has a wonderfully sweet and crunchy texture. These customers, who are especially accustomed to eating sushi, say they come to Nakazawa because they "desire the taste and ingredients of Japan.". The most premium of which is the Hokkaido king crab with a very fine texture and very sweet yet sea salt taste to its flesh. What was surprising about this find was that the fish was in a bait box on a Japanese fishing boat believed to have drifted to its current position following the March 2011 tsunami in … The local haul includes flatfish, sea bass, gurnard, horse mackerel, grunt, parrot bass, girella, striped beakfish, blackfish, red bigeye, auxis, sweetlip, and more. In Good Taste breast cancer research initiative Wagyu beef is obviously They are in season between July to September and they have an elegant cream colour. "We talk to our suppliers extensively about what we want and do get as much as we can, but it's still not possible, for example, to get Japanese akagai (ark clam that is seasonal and indispensable for sushi) because of import restrictions. All rights reserved. 6: Kinmedai Tataki ... (a.k.a. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are excited to be partnering with The Lynn Sage Foundation. But behind the laughter, there is little doubt that the boss' meticulousness, which may verge on maniacal, is the foundation that has built the taste and reputation of the restaurant. Deep water nutrients and currents that raise Tateyama’s fish. Taste-wise, it really opened up with a dab of the freshly-grated Japanese wasabi and a dip of Ibaraki-sourced soy. Japanese amberjack, also known as yellowtail, is beloved for its fat marbling. delight your senses. Ark Shell (also called red clam) is a truly classic Edomae sushi-dane. Fire-Forged Friends: Becomes this with Yuu, Ace and Deuce over the course of the main story. As they are small, chefs use several slices of the Herring’s filet to make the nigiri. Ishidai has a rich taste with a succulent texture. Tai has an almost translucent, pinkish-white flesh. Nigiri sushi (握り寿司) is the most loved form of sushi, for its simplicity to bring out the taste of sashimi ( 刺身 ) selected and prepared by the Chef. Kamasu is a very fast predatory fish that can swim upwards of sixty miles per hour and can reach up to five feet in length, although specimens used for sushi are much smaller and usually only weigh less than a pound. Ishidai is considered the tastiest of the family. Torigai is considered by top chefs to be among the best shellfish topping for sushi. More often served as a sashimi, but it is increasingly common to see it in sushi as the world’s love and demand for raw tuna continue to rise. 【The fish】冬の味覚アンコウ001/Taste an anglerfish of winter - Duration: 17 seconds. Katsuo is a strong, meaty fish with read and purple flesh and has different qualities depending on the season. Since this new hot spot just opened about two weeks ago, you know your girl had to check it out. It has a much richer flavor than Japanese sea bass and flathead, the most notorious of summer fish. When bitten into, it “pops” in your mouth with a juicy taste. Wagyu beef is considered a very high end beef and is served My son cooked it for me. Hamo is the very fat and tender pike conger eel. Many years ago when abalone was in season you could sell 1 abalone for the equivalent of 100$ so it was easy to make money with it. A sushi favourite. Its tasty white meat contains a lot of fat. Orange in colour similar to salmon, has a tender and buttery taste. Striped Jack. In winter, the Striped Beakfish gets fat and the oil has a beautiful aroma. Aji can be sereved raw, or cured, and is often served with a drip of citrus. Suddenly, a battle with government lodgings. The firm white meat is a fine quality seafood ingredient. Its texture is smooth and creamy. When a Yellowtail reaches mid-maturity, it is know as kampachi. The certification program of Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Stores Overseas. Rice is ordered directly from farmers in Ibaraki Prefecture that cultivate rice specialized for sushi. On the first night we arrived Tokushima, my friend living there recommended we go to this place for dinner, 'Take-no Mai' (literary, Bamboo Dance). Often served in a marinade of sweet and sour ponzu to enhance its flavours for a complex yet beautiful taste profile. 金目鯛 -KINMEDAI- ... STRIPED BEAKFISH The resulting bite is deliciously sweet and wonderfully toothy. As Japanese abalone feeds on kelp, it has a beautifully sweet taste that oozes out when we chew on its bouncy, crunchy texture. Ikura is often marinated, and is normally served on a gunkan. Saba has a strong fishy flavor and hence is often served cured in vinegar and salt. Barred knifejaw Language Name Japanese イシダイ … Minced fish and compound feed are offered from Day 20 after hatching and onwards. During this season, most of the lineup is of Japanese origin, starting with Hokkaido sakuramasu (cherry salmon), madai (red sea bream), ishidai (striped beakfish), buri (amberjack), shirauo (icefish), hirame (fluke), and hotaru ika (firefly squid). It is usually served with a brush of the restaurant’s homemade tare sauce. Detail for offshore rock fishig is here "When we opened, we even planned to use mineral water from Japan, but the import process was too hard as the mineral content changes for each of bottle water, so eventually I gave up," laughs Nakazawa. Tsubugai is a shellfish known as Whelk Clam and has a crunchy and refreshing taste. The Japanese Cocle has wonderful flavours and has a soft and light texture, while its flesh oozes sweetness. To use all functions, please enable javascript. This coming April, the long-awaited second restaurant will open in Washington DC – located inside a hotel owned by Donald Trump! According to her, this is a good place to enjoy the fresh seafood of Tokushima. It is often aged, seared or grilled in preparation. Ishidai - Striped beakfish Sashimi/Grilled with salt/Boiled Size: 1.0 lb and up Inada - Yellowtail Sashimi/Broiled/Fry Size: around 4 lb Inada is a name for wild -caught young Buri -Yellowtail. It is good to fish and eat, and it is recommended to eat it if you find it in a Japanese restaurant. October 4, 2020 ** As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are excited to be partnering with The Lynn Sage Foundation. The Japanese amberjack or yellowtail that is native to the northwest Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Hawaii. Aoyagi has been a favorite since the Edo period because of its sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Only the Tairagai’s adductor muscle is served. Delightful taste of the ocean. What is the dream in America for sushi artisan Nakazawa? ... we also provide the service that carries anglers to offshore inlets for Smallscale Blackfish and Striped Beakfish. Aji is by comparison fairly mild and has a sweeter taste compared to traditional mackerel that have a stronger taste. Striped beakfish (活石鯛), from Chiba Prefecture (千葉県) - we were asked to use the irizake (煎り酒) instead of soy sauce. Goes very well with rice and is hence a nigiri favorite of some sushi chefs who do not use Anago. Hamachi is fatty, almost like tuna but a little bit more buttery. In season from winter through spring, these are small fish and so chefs will use a few to make the nigiri. Halibut is a lean, light and airy fish, with an exceptionally rich taste. Testament to the strength and versatility of nature, a fish that became caught in the bait box of a small fishing boat swept away by the tsunami that struck the northeast coast of Japan in 2011 has been discovered alive and well on the coast of Washington State.. The meat is soft and has a chewy and slightly buttery flavor. Ayu is a a freshwater trout that has a delicate flavor and soft texture. The sushi menu only features an omakase that changes daily. Hamaguri is usually served boiled or steamed and marinated, and with a dash of the restuarant’s secret sauce. Copyright (C) 1995-2020 Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO). There are no rolls (makimono) that are usually popular at American sushi restaurants. It is usually served with a dash of salt or citrus. Sawara is the premium, pinkish-white mackerel. Akazu (赤酢 / Red Vinegar) May 01, 2016 Butterfish has a high fat content and a smooth, medium texture. Thinly sliced striped beakfish is translucent with a firm texture, an ever-delicate sweetness, and an “Umami” flavor. The striped beakfish, also known as the barred knifejaw, is a tropical fish, generally found in coral reefs and around Japan. It is often broiled then aburied. The best kamasu comes from Kanagawa prefecture just south of Tokyo. Torigai is in season between April and May. Amaebi means sweet prawn, and the texture is so soft that it will melt in your mouth and fill it with a plumpness and a juicy sweetness. Big eye tuna, spicy octopus, pickled daikon. by restaurants raw, aburi-ed or even medium well. taste & odor disorders and any Covid-19-related symptoms. Bluefin tuna is the most prized fish in Japan for its heavenly rich flavor as it has intense marbling. The Full Book We've been patronizing this calm and serene sushi-ya since they first opened in 2017 at upscale Palais Renaissance mall on Orchard Road. not a fish but it is worth a mention as it is gaining increasing popularity as It is often served topped with its own liver that has a rich creamy flavour to create a delight for the palate. with the heavier, oiler fish for a most exquisite culinary experience that will Uni is regarded as a treasure in Japanese cuisine and is valued for its buttery, oceanic flavor and creamy texture. On the first night we arrived Tokushima, my friend living there recommended we go to this place for dinner, 'Take-no Mai' (literary, Bamboo Dance). "It's fun because it becomes sushi that's unique to New York.". use to preserve the fish that also enhances the taste of the fish to make it In winter, the flesh is oiler, while in spring it has a leaner flavor. Because of its oily texture, it makes for a good aburi sushi. One element that greatly affects the taste of sushi rice is the type of vinegar used to season it. With hip-hop music blasting in the background and a funky eclectic décor, Robin showcases fusion sushi with a Californian influence. Sushi Nakazawa (New York / USA) : “Omakase” only. very premium raw fish to their guests to be served as sashimi and sushi "We do not offer appetizers, palate cleansers, or even miso soup," laughs Chef Nakazawa. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Because improvements in the technology in refrigeration over What is the dream in America for sushi artisan Nakazawa. On weekends, the area is bustling with out-of-towners and tourists from overseas; on weekdays, it is a luxury residential area filled with wealthy intellectuals. One bluefin tuna seedling would feed on up to 1,000 fish larvae a day, leading to high costs in bluefin tuna cultivation. They are usually sliced across its middle to butterfly it and served with a dash of house sauce or citrus. This month, we will donate $1 from every Momomaki sold to their. When a sea bream is around one year of age and six inches in length, it is called kasugo (child of spring), and it is lean. Instead, the overall taste was non-fishy fish, wasabi, maybe soy sauce (depending on the course, at the chef's direction), plus vinegared rice for the sushi courses in the second half of the meal. Nishin is in season in Spring . texture and umami flavor that makes it one of the best toppings for nigiri. A rare fish, ishidai does not show up very frequently on sushi menus. It has incredible sweetness and its distinctive, melt in your mouth creamy flavor. Both fishes become fatter and fatter in winter and more tastier. The word aji is phonetically identical to the word “taste” in Japanese, and is believed to bare its name for a good taste. Because of its wider availability and sustainability, its price is much less than the maguro. "I am confident that it is in the top 3 of sushi restaurants in America," says a heartfelt Mr. Nakazawa, who aims to spread this quality gradually throughout the United States. ingredients. Ishidai - Striped beakfish Sashimi/Grilled with salt/Boiled Size: 1.0 lb and up In the Japan seafood market, this is a standard high -end fish. The young is known as Buri. It is usually deep pink in colour and has a stronger flavor. Kinmedai is a deep sea water fish that is in season in the winter months. The building of choice is, well, meh, but once inside and seated at the 150-year-old hinoki wood counter, in front of master sushi chef Tomoo Kimura, everything else fa It has a beautifully rich flavor but yet not too oily. Also utilized are local products such as raw scallops (Maine), raw uni (sea urchin), and botan shrimp (both from California). When he has eaten about five, he begins to act strange. Moreover, I don't think you need to choose ingredients in relation to transportation time or details like 'so fresh that it is still moving'. The Golden Eye Seabeam has a delicate, tender and mild taste. Ahi is yellowfin tuna, that is less expensive than the bluefin, but while not comparable in quality to the bluefin, is not that inferior in quality. It has a sweet and delicate taste and is a favourite fish among sushi chefs. Hokkigai has a very attractive appearance, with a slightly rippled fin shape and pink colours. Kamasu is a white, predatory fish that can swim very fast. The cost is higher, but the increase in quality is staggering. In addition to winning the highest possible four stars from The New York Times, the restaurant is acclaimed all throughout the media, prestigious gourmet guides, and gourmet websites. Please enjoy Ishidai as a deluxe seafood dish. With The Mantis Shrimp has a firm, sweet taste and is a favourite ingredient of sushi chefs in top restaurants. The taste of this fish is the original natural taste of yellowtail. The restaurant is quietly located in a corner of historic Greenwich Village, a neighborhood in southern Manhattan. A small fish that is indigenous to Japanese waters, it is found in shallow water and features distinctive black and white stripes. Had striped beakfish en papillote for an entrée. Striped Beakfish (Ishidai) Hokkaido Clam (Hokkigai) Sea Cucumber (Namako) Horse Mackerel (Aji) Black Abalone (Kuro Awabi) 12 22 33 9 12 14 9 14 20 24 12 30 sushi sashimi 22 44 66 18 20 25 16 25 30 30 18 60 SUSHI / SASHIMI 2 PIECES 4 SLICES 寿司 刺身 45 sashimi only (30gm) half whole 25 18 24 20 18 20 20 34 42 40 35 40 100 160 its transparent white meat and chewy texture, it is a favorite for seasoned Offshore rocks are very popular for smallscale blackfish and striped beakfish. Geso are the legs of the squid, and are often served decoratively over the sushi rice much a work or art. The Starry Flounder is a white fish that has a smooth, fatty flavour and is in season during the summer. Sanma is an autumn specialty. Otoro is taken from the tuna’s belly area toward the center and rear of the fish and is the most prized cut of the maguro due to its softness and richness because of its high fat content. It has a mild and elegant flavor and is slightly chewy. However, tuna is typically American, because Japanese harvesting regulations are so strict. At the izakaya, you’re in for sake and tasty small plates—must-haves include karaage and the homemade silky tofu. Kawahagi is in season only in November, and has a subtle and delicate taste.
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