They make outstanding container plants as well. (Giant Bolivian Sage) Hailing from Peru and Bolivia, this tender specimen is found at altitudes of 9,000 feet in the wild. The ones listed here are reliable performers in low light conditions, but not dark areas. Most love full sun or semi-shade, and some tolerate cold temperatures and frost. They come in a range of appealing flower colours, including blue, mauve, cerise, pink, red, white and orange. They make outstanding container plants as well. Grow salvias in well-drained soil in full sun. It hails from Mexico and is very similar to salvia lavanduloides but not quite the same. Salvias are so versatile, working well in a variety of situations. Full Shade. These are just some of the few: Click on green salvia name for photo. (Himalayan Sage or Kashmir Sage) The word "hians" in Salvia hians means "gaping" and refers to the hanging lip of this sage's flowers, which bloom from late spring through early fall. Agnes is an odd species name for this small evergreen salvia. I hope to have a full milkweed forest next summer to aid the Monarchs on their journey . The leaves are grape green on top and purplish on the bottom. They is … 18″x18″ A treasured salvia in my garden, the true-blue flowers begin appearing in late summer, lasting through September. Again, most salvias will survive long periods without water, but may look wilted and do not flower well. There are few gardens that don't have at least one salvia growing in them. Come early, email Lyndi: [email protected] to place an order. Carla in Rowlett, TX Two of the salvias, from different parts of the world, are sometimes confused with one another, but, as you will see, their characters are easily distinguished, whether the plants are flowering or not. Too early to speak of flowers as too early for blooms. Fruit Scented Sage is one of the strongest and most deliciously scented plants we have encountered. Areas such as this are difficult to successfully grow perennials. Salvia patens ‘Patio’ Deep Blue (Gentian Sage) Zoes 8-11, pt. Thank you for the extra time and care in making sure that the plants arrived in excellent condition. Again, most salvias will survive long periods without water, but may look wilted and do not flower well. This Mountain Sage suckers freely and forms a dense clump. dry or moist shade. > > Claire Peplowski > NYS z4 ----- To sign-off this list, send email to … For Shade and Ground Cover Perennials for Cutting Rare and Unique Roses Shrubs Wallflowers Border Fillers Chrysanthemums Cosmos Cut Flower Collections Perennials for Spring and Summer Planting Dahlias (Potted) Salvias Sweet Pea Seedlings Indoor Plants and Bulbs Pelargoniums Rub them and you smell anise, a licorice-like scent. Salvias are plants such as autumn sage, mountain sage, big red sage, indigo spires, and Mexican sage. Salvias have the most gorgeous color range. Many species are drought tolerant and some species have culinary and/or medicinal uses.Our mail-order Salvias are well established in 50mm pots (Min 2yr old) and ready to plant & set flowers this season. (Arizona Blue Sage) We are so impressed with this top-performing, drought-resistant ground cover that we have rated it best of class. All attract hummingbirds, especially the red ones, and are great picks for hot, dry sites where you want tons of color all season. (Island Pitcher Sage) Native to shady canyons on the coast of Southern California's Channel Islands, this threatened species is highly desirable for its ruggedness, its aromatic furry leaves and its spectacular pink flowers. I knew UPS would have it here, SC by Thursday but it arrived early by a day. Some species prefer full sun, others prefer partial shade. A south-facing location is ideal. They may not bloom as heavily as they would with full sun, but they will do nicely. Sun shade: full sun ; Grows in: Borders Flower Colour: Pink Longevity: Perennial . My focus is on the small, shrubby salvias from Mexico and a few of the lesser-known perennial species which are great for height in the … Under the Puffing Billy Line. (Variegated Anise-Scented Sage) Rumpled and lance-shaped, the spectacular leaves of this sage are yellowish-lime with splotches of emerald. They are excellent subjects for a sunny mixed border, mixing happily with shrubs and English roses, or they can be used in a traditional herbaceous border where the taller salvias are invaluable. It is also known as Southern Meadow Sage and is a hardy and adaptable herbaceous perennial. Most salvias … The second choice concerns plants that need plenty of sunlight, but can tolerate some shade. Scarlet sage (Salvia coccinea) – scarlet sage is frequently used in shade to partial shaded gardens. Some Salvias need partial shade throughout the day, such as Cambridge Blue Gentian Sage (S. patens 'Cambridge Blue') and Cedar Sage (S. roemeriana). Mine grows best with partial shade (especially in my HOT climate) and a bit more water that the other salvias … Grab great bargains + books and greeting cards before stock sells out. Before you get started, make sure you think about your yard and which salvias do well under different amounts of sun exposure. Bloom time is spring to fall. The bountiful, cobalt blue flowers cover the plant from summer into fall. (Ground Ivy Sage) Native to Central Mexico's highlands, this creeping perennial grows at a altitudes of more than 10,000 feet and can handle some chill. This may or may not the "true" species as it is described, hence the term aff or affnis in the name, which indicates that this plant is related to, has an affinity to, but is not identical to Salvia hians. (Rosy Bract Sage) Sub-shrub salvias have both woody and soft, herbaceous growth. (Faye Chapel Scarlet Sage) A vivid red, the drooping blossoms of this sturdy, long flowering Salvia are large and numerous. The genus Salvia is a huge one, with over 700 species in the tropical and temperate parts of the world. Showing 1–12 of 24 results Its color and upright growth make it dramatic amid a group of soft, rounded Salvias. (Makino) We would grow this rare clone of the woodland Japanese native Salvia glabrescens even if it never flowered, because the arrow-shaped foliage is so lush, toothed and colorful. bought 12 salvia plants, mostly salvia leucantha. I always get quality products and service from you . As salvias originate from many regions around the world, different species are suited to different conditions. From Coast to Coast in 3 days!So happily excited I was to receive my order Wed. Oct. 23, Charleston, SC.I placed my order on 10/19 & was notified of tracking # as expected but sometimes don't get. Plants here compete for moisture with the trees and soils tend to be droughty. 6 Salvias for Shade Sacred Sage: Giant Bolivian Sage Himalayan Sage Is the Salvia Collector's Holy Grail: Part 2 Himalayan Sage Is the Salvia Collector’s Holy Grail: Part 1 Made for Shade: Japanese Woodland Salvias 15 Select Salvias for Dry, Partial-Shade Gardening Salvias that are native to the Boerne area generally die back to their root stock during hard freezes, but re-sprout when warmer weather returns. Discover the incoming spring and summer flowering Salvias. (Elk Dwarf Balkan Sage) Violet-blue whorls of flowers and plentiful, fuzzy, basal leaves that reach an impressive length of 18 inches are two notable features about this hardy, herbaceous perennial, which is native to western Asia. Also called deep shade… Most salvias … Known in the wild for appearing in a variety of habitats, including sunny slopes, Salvia nubicola has proven to adjust exceptionally well to conditions of high shade in the garden. (Skyscraper Orange Sage) Brand new for 2018, this beautiful plant is compact, easy to grow in the shade and full of flowers all season long. Salvias are equally at home in a summer bedding scheme with half … They are doing great here in Oklahoma. Full sun is essential for growing salvias, although some species show tolerance of shade, especially at lower latitudes. You lucky guys in zone 8!! Native to Southwestern China's provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, it grows on shady, grassy hillsides and along forest margins at elevations up to 9,500 feet. Large, fuzzy, purple-pink flowers clusters bloom from late fall into early spring. Up to 5-feet tall, tidy and upright in habit, this sage makes a fine background or border planting when massed. (Litta's Purple Sage) From the cloud forests of Oaxaca, Mexico, comes this lovely shade-loving sage. Due to COVID 19 virus, Social Distancing will be required.Numbers of people at any one time may have to be regulated. Lyndi Garnett Nobelius Heritage Park, Crighton Rd, Emerald. Most species are easy to grow and have excellent drought tolerant once established. (Pink Makino) The gracefully shaped, two-tone flowers of Pink Makino look like ballerinas in tutus. dry or moist shade. Salvia nemorosa is the most popular of the perennial salvia species, in part because of its wide range of hardiness. Also called deep shade, these … We offer salvias from North America, Mexico and South Africa. (Topanga Hummingbird Sage or Pitcher Sage) Rich pink flowers surrounded by fuzzy, burgundy and green bracts are two of the reasons why this is one of our favorite kinds of Hummingbird Sage. Use it singly as a dramatic garden accent or container plant; mass it for a stunning effect. Short and spreading by woody rhizomes, this is an ideal groundcover. East (17) North (2) South (73) West (72) How much sun. (Envy Hybrid Sage)  A natural hybrid found in Peru and Bolivia, the parentage of this special variety is at this point unknown. (Grape Leaf Sage) Tall spikes of intensely blue flowers bloom summer to fall and emerge in profusion from handsome, furry foliage. The flowers are larger as well, and the inflorescence are taller and longer lasting. While the plants listed will grow under these conditions, they will do so only once established. Just by observing them in pots, it is my novice opinion that the... We love our flower. If you have a heavy soil, add gravel in the planting hole to aid drainage. Light: Full sun to part shade Grey-leafed forms are … Its common name comes from its scalloped yellow-green leaves, which resemble Ground Ivy or Glechoma. Salvias are so versatile, working well in a variety of situations. Salvias are at the top of my list because of their pest and deer resistance, drought tolerance, butterfly and bee attraction, and overall adaptability. The filters offer a category called "Exposure" that provides four choices of light -- full sun, partial shade, full shade, and morning sun/afternoon shade. Salvias are known for their fragrant foliage and subsequent deer-resistance. Despite growing salvias for nearly 40 years and having salvias blooming here all year round in reds, yellows, pinks, blues and the most divine purple, I know remarkably little about them. The rigidly upright form and very shiny foliage make this a great plant, even for the small garden. There are varieties that will also tolerate partial shade. Salvias are classified as annuals, biennials, perennials and herbaceous shrubs. Plant them in moist but well-drained soil in full sun in a sheltered spot. Salvia urica is another salvia that has worked particularly well for us in partial shade. Received Mid-March and was ready with containers to plant all three. Hot Lips, Amistad, Blackcurrant, Icing Sugar The spectacular leaves, which are large and lightly textured, appear blue-green on top and purple-green underneath. It is sturdy and easy to grow, handling a wider range of conditions than many Chinese native Salvias. We also love its vigorous, wide-spreading growth. Only a few Salvias thrive in full shade. (Ground Ivy Sage) The true blue flowers, displayed above the large leaves and spreading habit makes this a very special plant. As a bold statement in a container, it has no equal. There are few gardens that don't have at least one salvia growing in them. Salvias like ‘Purple Stem’, and ‘Black and Blue’ offer excellent contrast between the flowers and leaves, but also command attention in containers or around your house, especially when planted in masses. A deciduous perennial … Salvia ‘Snow Hills’ (Schneehugel) is the only white flowered variety that I grow. (san ye shu wei cao) So what do all those Pinyin words mean in this sage’s common name? (Red Sage, Chinese Sage, Dan-shen)  The bright red, finger-like roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza have a long history in traditional Chinese  herbal  medicine. Its clusters of large creamy flowers pale as fresh-churned butter begin blooming in September. Many grow well on the Eastern and Southern side of the house, many of these are the big leaved Salvias. Salvia greggii and Salvia microphylla are two of the most popular woody perennial salvia species for sale, each available in a range of colors. Even when not blooming, its foliage is showy in a shady garden. Buy Now. (Tall Big Leaf Sage) Cobalt blue flowers seem to float in airy clusters on 12-inch-tall branching spikes above the bright green, velvety foliage of this South American native. Can reach 5′ high, but will be fuller and bloom more if kept pruned to 3′ or so. Enter your email here and we'll send you an email as soon as this plant is back in stock. Plants for pots and borders and to attract polinating insects such as Bees. I have purchased many plants online for several years, but this was the first time from FBTS. (Variegated Japanese Woodland Sage) Irregular white margins surrounding deep green make the triangular leaves of this fine Japanese forest sage lighten the shade. We’ll give you an answer to the best of our ability in a minute. While salvias, in general, tend to need a good amount of sun, there are some types that do well in shaded spots. (The pictures are exciting.) Cedar sage (Salvia roemeriana) is found in shaded woods and rocky canyons in this part of the Hill Country. Salvia greggii 'Big Pink' (Big Pink Sage) Salvia greggii 'Big Pink' is a very nice, large flowered pink form of S. greggii collected by Texan Pat McNeal near Saltillo, Mexico. Most of my salvias get some shade, so you should do well with Guaranitica, Coral Nymph, Lipstick, Bog, May Night, Victoria Blue, Indigo Spires (forgive me that I don't know the Latin name for these). It is native to Mexico's coastal mountains at an elevation of 7,000 to 9,500 feet. My focus is on the small, shrubby salvias … ‘Purple majesty’ salvia is similar, but grows quite large, and will perform best in part-shade … Many Salvias grow in the shade, depending on the degree and the type of shade. (Blue Bush Sage) Furry, large and heavily textured, the mid-green leaves of Salvia urica contrast attractively with its violet-blue flowers that bloom spring into summer. The genus Salvia is a huge one, with over 700 species in the tropical and temperate parts of the world. [email protected]. (Purple Leaf Tall Big Leaf Sage) Bright green on top, the long leaves of this distinctive sage are a dark, furry purple on the undersides. The small, slightly furry leaves add to its soft, pleasing look. (Giant Dan-shen) This strain is highly vigorous and grows larger than others of this species. Alternatively dig up and pot up indoors for winter. (Shinano-akigiri) Japan's largest island, Honshu, is home to Salvia koyamae, a shade- and moisture-loving herbaceous perennial that is perfect for woodland gardens or shady borders. Click here for a discussion of what constitutes full shade. They prefer a light, well drained soil such as chalk, loam or sand. (Elk Cranberry Red Sage) With larger-than-expected deep red flowers and dark stems, this outstanding new variety from FBTS is without a doubt a "Best of Breed" plant. There are varieties that will also tolerate partial shade. Yippy. However, it is the glowing golden foliage that most distinguishes this cultivar from other varieties of Pineapple Sage. We particularly love its pebbly, oval leaves that are a shiny purple/green on top and a furry white below. Bloom Time: As a rule, salvias bloom late spring to fall, with some starting a little earlier and others like S. leucantha blooming later. They flower for a good half of the year in the tough windswept plains of the Central Victorian Goldfields where I garden.
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