”She was drinking a lot then [1977] and I was too, so we drank together. Discography at Rickie Lee Jones official Web site. One day I was there watching television with him and I was going to change the channel or something, and he screamed out, ‘No!‘ That was his first word in months, and he grabbed me here, on side of my neck, and said ‘No!‘ out of hatred for the life he now had, the life he was trapped with.”, (”Danny and Rickie were very close,” Rickie Lee’s mother would later tell me. His leg got caught on the bumper of the car, and he was dragged along and his leg was torn off.”. RICKIE LEE JONES has spent a life time dancing with her muse. The same thing I got hired for, I got fired for.”. As we stroll into the murky environs of the legendary L. A. folk club, a few people wave to Rickie Lee but there is no fanfare. But then, your normal life is the same as anybody’s — just as lonely. Hear Finneas’ Clever New Holiday Song ‘Another Year’ Stark track follows recent solo singles “Where the Poison Is,” “Can’t Wait to Be Dead,” “What They’ll Say About Us” ”I love her madly in my own way — you’ll gather that our relationship wasn’t exactly like Mike Todd and Elizabeth Taylor — but she scares me to death. Mrs. Jones grew up in the Richland County Children’s Home in Mansfield, Ohio. Barbra can sing the fuck out of a ballad and nobody can touch her, but when she comes out and does ‘Stoney End,’ hell, why don’t we get Olivia [Newton-John] instead? We all chat about nothing special over several rounds of beer, until Rickie suddenly asks the guitarist if he’d like to go with her the day after tomorrow on a short vacation in Mexico she’d scheduled. They’re certainly more lyrical and genuine and less full of crap than any of the other girls I see singing songs these days in their disco wet suits or whatever. ”As a result, the kids are free to flee again. Consequently, for me it comes off like Barbra Streisand singing a pop song. Before that, I guess I had learned not to depend on anybody else, ’cause once people start affecting what happens to you, it’s trouble. 100 Gecs Get Revenge on Santa Claus in New Song 'Sympathy 4 the Grinch', Lil Baby Drops ‘Errbody,’ ‘On Me’ to Mark His 26th Birthday, Greta Van Fleet on the Cosmic Journey to Their Upcoming Album, ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’, Inside the Weed Legalization Bill Congress Is Voting on This Week, Metallica Celebrate Alice in Chains With Tender Cover of ‘Would?’. Rickie Lee Jones (born November 8, 1954) is an American vocalist, musician, songwriter, producer, actress and narrator. One night later that week, she made love for the first time with her seventeen-year-old boyfriend: ”It was spring, it was hot and it was very, very dark. There was a telephone call from Denver one day and it was Chuck E. And Waits hung up the phone and said, ‘Chuck E.’s in love!’ I just made the rest of the song up.”. ”Rickie Lee Jones?! I got in a car and my friend drove. During Rickie’s early childhood, she and her parents, older sister Janet Adele (now thirty-two) and brother Daniel Michael (thirty) moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and back, then to Phoenix, where sister Pamela Jo (now sixteen) was born, and finally to Olympia. We want to hear from you! Despite the awesome, pervasive clutter, the apartment retains a lot of warmth. ”Anything can happen in them, and usually does. Still, Rickie Lee leads me into Waits’ ramshackle apartment to show me the battered piano in the back room where Tom lets her write. Want more Rolling Stone? It’s just a lot of high-powered feelings, a lot of emotion, and now I can work it to my advantage. He was driving his motorcycle; he was on his way, actually, to pick up a new driver’s license. Rolling Stone / GERMANY. CULTURAs / LA VANGUARDIA (BARCELONA) June, 2015 interview. I told him not to!’, ”He had been making a turn when a car came by going in the other direction and sideswiped him. The CW is in early stages of development of The Horses, a scripted series based on the life of singer-songwriter Rickie Lee Jones.The CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed the project following the network’s TCA executive session when asked about potential successors of its popular female-lead series Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which both ended their runs this season. The evening before, I had picked Rickie Lee up at her hotel and we discussed over dinner whether she could bear to go through this process at all. ”Then, one evening, he all of a sudden decided he didn’t like me anymore. ”She gives so much and expects it in return, but people just aren’t like that. ”Once you give up a piece of your life to people in print and let them all take a close look at it, you can never take that information back,” she said nervously. After recharging her batteries with a gooey cheeseburger and a Coke, we ride back to her gloomy hotel room. We begin talking about her success again, its illusions and disappointments, when a curiously helpless expression fills her face. This fella Chuck E. was working back in the kitchen of the club and that’s how I met him. You start wearing hair curlers, and your breasts are growing, and you’re climbing up into some tree to kiss some boy….It’s so important to always keep that innocence. RICKIE LEE JONES was the “Duchess of Coolsville” ( Time magazine). As she does, the houselights go on. ”My brother still lives at home,” Rickie Lee says, her eyes downcast. I think that whenever I’m vulnerable to anybody or anything, it’ll hurt me.”. I said he shouldn’t go! She excuses herself to change and when she returns, dressed in a white Doyt-doyt T-shirt (a reference to a line in the song ”Danny’s All-Star Joint” — ”They got a jukebox that goes doyt-doyt”) and snug, blue sweat pants, her demeanor is somber. ”When we took that car,” she exults, ”that was the first time I was in love! The monkey gets madder and madder, provoking the lion.”, Brandishing an open bottle of Jack Daniel’s, she offers a sampling of the saga:Monkey said, ”Your sister is a prostitute and your mama is a whore And your grandpa goes round sellin’ asshole from door to door And you know that little baby sister that you hold so dear? You can learn a lot about a woman by getting smashed with her. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon. She picks up a twig and slowly stirs the black water with it. She always had a few friends and she never needed a best friend as she got older. I recall something she had said to me earlier in the evening. ”I run away at the most peculiar times,” she says. The girls usually wind up as hookers, drug pushers — just the opposite of what they wanted to be. Shop Rickie Lee Jones - Rolling Stone Magazine - #349 - August 6, 1981 and more music, movie, and TV memorabilia at Amazon's Entertainment Collectibles Store. ”I was a smartass,” she says contritely. He took too much acid, I think, and he looked at me and went, ‘Oh Jesus!”. She has been planning this trip for weeks and yet has no one to accompany her. June 22, 2015 review. I cornholed your uncle, fucked your mama and your niece And the next time I see your sister, I’m gonna get me a ‘nother little piece And you know your sister did the damnest trick Why, she got so low she sucked an earthworm’s dick!!”. Rolling Stone's Most Recent Stories. ”Kids hear with a true ear. When you walk into a performance situation or a record-company office, people really like you, they pay a lot of attention to you. But she was the Queen of Cool, an uncomfortable crown for a woman devoted to her muse. Come on, there’s someplace you have to check out with me to get the whole story.”. As I was about to record that song in the studio, I was looking at what was about to happen to me, and hoping I got out with what was mine, with my ‘child,’ so to speak, when everything was done.”. ”Oh, excuse me,” Mrs. Jones says with a sad smile. When she’s onstage, she seems anything but anxious. One of the first was ”Easy Money,” which Rickie Lee says was written in 1976 in a now-defunct coffee shop in Venice called Suzanne’s. They had strange names like Baslau and Sholbeslau. So I’d go sit over at the pool at the Tropicana motel [on Santa Monica Boulevard] and rest. ”Now you’ve seen just about everything in my world.” Back at the hotel, I drop Rickie Lee off and she takes my hand as she’s getting out of the car, gripping it briefly and then turning away. She can do it just as good. ”Danny was about sixteen when he was in this accident. Although she strives to obscure it, I sense something melancholy about Rickie Lee Jones. Arriving in Los Angeles in 1973 at nineteen, she held a series of waitressing jobs and basically lived hand-to-mouth. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. There was a little light from a furnace in the shack. The original went like this.” She recites: Hey boys, how ’bout a fight? She taught him how to talk again, and it was sort of a happy time around the house whenever Danny spoke. ‘Danny’s All-Star Joint’ has part of a nursery rhyme in it that I got from my nieces, sort of a jump-rope song. He did a blackface routine and we have scrapbooks of his clippings that show he played all the best theaters around the country.”. As she slips off into the shadows I reflect that, in many ways, she’s still a young girl on the run, and this transient address is little more than another soda home. How many female singer/songwriters are very active now? I think it’s important that you see what goes down over there.”. Courtesy of Courtesy of A&M Records; Capitol Records; RSO Records; Warner Bros. Records. ”You should understand that my husband came from an entertainment background and it was important for Richard to have a try at it himself. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Gilliam, who writes country & western songs with his patrol partner in his spare time, says he has never heard of any one-time runaways who later made it big in show business. Pop Pop by Rickie Lee Jones - CD (1991) for $8.49 from OLDIES.com Pop / Rock Rolling Stone : 3.5 Stars - Good Plus - '..wonderful and deceptively casual..`Pop Pop' is an album that's soft to the touch and deep in the bone...' - Order by Phone 1-800-336-4627 Rickie Lee Jones wrote The Horses, Deep Space and Stewart's Coat. ”The Troubadour!” she barks. ”I guess I should start at the beginning, shouldn’t I?”. Rolling Stone Magazine # 297 August 9 1979 Rickie Lee Jones (Single Back Issue) The second album by Rickie Lee Jones was released in 1981, following a breakup and the response to Jones' Grammy-winning debut, and gets its name and … It is approximately 9:30 p.m. and Rickie Lee Jones, 24, is just beginning her day. Mrs. Jones relates these thoughts and observations in a gentle, kindly tone, any possible bitterness supplanted by a spontaneous onrush of the remorse she feels for the difficult legacy she and her husband brought to their offspring. She sounds like she’s pulling them from deep inside herself.”, I‘ve always liked to run away,” Rickie Lee Jones confides as she sits slumped down opposite me in the front seat of my rented Plymouth. So, once again, Rickie has had to make a run for it. I wonder, ‘Why me and not her?’ Her music seems more accessible than mine.”. She could have as many friends as she wants now, but she won’t ever be that way. Nobody would talk to us after that, so we spent the evening going up to people with cocktail dip hidden in our palms and shaking hands with them.”. I’d been living with somebody for a year, a guitar player, and he left me with a bounced rent check and no car, and I got fired from my job. A self-described ”night owl on the prowl,” she has spent the better part of the day — and the last three weeks, for that matter — holed up in a messy suite of rooms in an aged hotel just off Sunset Strip. She doesn’t come from jazz roots. ”It’s a genuine place where I’m coming from when I write or sing my songs. Yet it feels hollow without the presence of Waits, and we both seem to know it. Rolling Stone Magazine # 297 August 9 1979 Rickie Lee Jones (Single Back Issue) on Amazon.com. ”I’m telling you all this, I guess, to shed some light on why we weren’t a typical middle-class family and why Rickie is who she is,” Mrs. Jones says softly, her well-modulated voice wavering slightly. ”I know she had a hard time finding herself, but I didn’t know that children did these kinds of things when they got the proper love and attention at home. Once we three were at an exclusive party in the Hollywood Hills, invited there by Tom’s lawyer, and Rickie went right in, sat down and put an avocado between her legs. I think her delivery is kinda unique; I mean, she’s not just singing the words. I suggest we get some night air and we walk over to a little park across the street, seating ourselves on the edge of a silent, inky fountain in the center of the grounds. Coverwall, Rickie Lee Jones. With Rosanna Arquette, David Crosby, Mark Howard, Rickie Lee Jones. ”I love places like this,” she whispers. After a few minutes, we are collared by a local guitarist who wants to talk in private with her. Rolling Stone: Ghostyhead (stylized as GHoSTYhead) is the seventh studio album by the artist Rickie Lee Jones. The Rolling Stones Dire Straits Albums 1-11 of 11 Sort: Pop Pop Rickie Lee Jones. Some albums transcend their eras, finding their way into the cultural canon and continually being rediscovered by subsequent generations of listeners. In this feature length documentary, renowned director Gail Harvey follows Grammy Award Winning and Rolling Stones cover gracing singer-songwriter Rickie Lee Jones as she makes her first studio album in ten years. Rickie Lee Jones covered Bad Company, You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You, Comes Love, Nagasaki and other songs. I would tell them, ‘I don’t want to sit here and learn to sew dresses. ”My son Danny feels that the one thing I could tell you about that would give you the most insight into Rickie is the imaginary friends she had as a little girl. ”Because of my expectations of her. ”I get compared a lot to Tom Waits, and I can understand it only from the point of view that we’re both writing about street characters. Tom was embarrassed but got a great kick out of it. Rolling Stone Culture Council Brings Together Thought Leaders, Trailblazers, Entrepreneurs 2020 CMA Awards: The Complete Winners List We’re living on the jazz side of life, the other side of the tracks, and it’s a real insecure, constant improvisation.”, All this is told to me with great reverence and tenderness, but also with considerable trepidation. We want to hear from you! He was twenty-four, just out of the army, and I used to stop in there for coffee on my way to my waitressing job. 1979: Featured on the cover of Rolling Stone ”I thought she was extremely attractive, which is to say that my first reactions were rather primitive — primeval, even. Rolling Stone Magazine # 349 August 6 1981 Rickie Lee Jones (Single Back Issue) She’s still living, but of course I’m not in contact with her. Rickie Lee is not without her own harshly critical inclinations, although they are largely reserved for her female contemporaries in the recording industry. ”She ended up doing nude still photographs for some child pornographers, and the saddest thing was she said she didn’t mind doing it if that’s what it took to become famous. You fill in the darkness, and L.A. is very quiet and empty at night. ”Whattaya say?” she presses. Well, I fucked her all day for just a bottle of beer! But she’d spend all her free time with Danny at the hospital, and whenever she’d take a break, she used to ride the elevator to the top floor, get out, and then stand up there singing into the elevator shaft. As we’re going back to the hotel, she begs me to stop by the Tropicana motel to see if we can find Chuck E. Weiss, who lives there. ”I depend on my imagination to keep me happy,” she says, her voice trembling. ”I don’t know why exactly, but I think I want to tell you about my older brother, Danny.”. There is something in her tone that makes me feel she is stepping over some intangible personal threshold, and I feel a strange chill as she begins to speak. The musician says he’ll think about it, and shortly thereafter he and his buddy depart, leaving Rickie and me to converse alone. Rickie Lee Jones My Blog is here. A seasoned humility brings her performances an authenticity that only long-enduring musicians achieve. She and Waits and I used to steal the black lawn jockeys from homes in Beverly Hills and hop freight trains together. La artista apareció en la portada de la revista Rolling Stone y obtuvo cinco nominaciones a los premios Grammy, en los que finalmente se alzó con el galardón a Mejor Artista Revelación en enero de 1980. Eventually, she played the Troubadour on Hoot Night. She’s been a headliner since her record first reached the stores, and Jones’ performances thus far have received considerable press coverage, the published reactions ranging from wild raves to caustic pans. She has been said to resemble Joni Mitchell musically and visually, but in person Jones looks more like a dishy Burbank carhop than some swank, doe-eyed Lady of the Canyon. It’s almost midnight! Since her recent success, however, her doorstep has been darkened by a small army of neighborhood rubbernecks who want to know what she’s really about. ”I used to sit in the hospital every day and I’d talk to Danny and read to him, ’cause even though everybody said he couldn’t hear, I knew that he could. An acoustic guitar slung low from her neck, she struts and sashays with the easy rolling beat, cooing her parables about the tragicomic underbelly of urban life. I respect somebody’s need to expand, but at the same time you ought to take into consideration what you do well. He was going out the door an I begged him not to go. Both of us being raised the way we were, when he and I got together that didn’t make for good roots. We got caught the next day. ”It’s an old New Orleans routine that goes on forever, and it begins [she lapses into a low rasp] in the jungle deep, when the badass lion steps on the signifying monkey’s foot. Warners staff producer Ted Templeman and A&R man Lenny Waronker (who had seen her Troubadour act) were intrigued, she was auditioned, signed a month later, and the rest is rock & roll. ”I think that was about 1969. She flicks her long blond hair away from her face to reveal a mischievous grin as we head down La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles. Las mejores ofertas para Rolling Stone #577 Bonnie Raitt cover Rickie Lee Jones, Saving The Earth Special están en eBay Compara precios y características de productos nuevos y usados Muchos artículos con envío gratis! As for the audience, I get a lot of strong reactions from girls, much more than from men. From the time she could talk, my husband started teaching Rickie to sing and play music. Things I saw as a little girl convinced me I need to be this way to survive. Rickie Lee tumbles to the couch in laughter, spilling a generous amount of bourbon on her clothes in the process. But I think Chuck E. and Tom have been my family for a while now. Blood, Bonnie Raitt, Dire Straits, Earth, Eric Clapton, Jackson Browne, Jefferson Airplane, Laura Nyro, Rickie Lee Jones, Roberta Flack, Supertramp, Sweat and Tears, Tina Turner, Tracy Chapman, ZZ Top. ”She and I were always so close up to that time. Hey, I hear her song, ‘Chuck E.’s in Love,’ on the radio. Is Rickie Lee’s past indeed rooted in the jazz side of life? He was bombed with poison gas in World War I in the Battle of Argonne in France, and he was never the same after that, drinking and carousing till he died. I remember her getting her first pair of high heels, at least since I knew her, and coming by one night to holler in my window to take her out celebrating. ”It all just made me realize how things can go totally wrong on a moment’s notice,” she murmurs, suddenly looking up at me. ... Rickie Lee Jones – poster art; References External links. Rickie Lee Jones originally did Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo, Bad Company, You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You, So Long and other songs. ”It’s my favorite thing to do. Destitute but determined, she slept (when she was lucky) on various benefactors’ couches during the day, and passed the evenings playing for a pittance in places like the Comeback Inn in Venice, California, and the A La Carte and the Ivar Theater in Hollywood. That’s when everything in the family came apart. She is much older than I am in terms of street wisdom; sometimes she seems as ancient as dirt, and yet other times she’s so like a little girl.”, Fabled chum Chuck E. Weiss concurs. Want more Rolling Stone? She has taken a number of outspoken potshots at Linda Ronstadt, Phoebe Snow and especially Joni Mitchell. Grabbing her heavy wool coat, we leave her hotel room and hurry out to my car. As Rickie Lee tells it, she landed a contract with Warner Bros, after her now ex-manager, Nick Mathe, had sent the label a four-song (”Company,” ”Young Blood,” ”The Last Chance Texaco” and ”Easy Money”) demo tape she had cut under the auspices of A&M Records. The evening is cool and the sky is very clear, and as we glance up at the stars, Rickie Lee begins talking again. 2010 marked the 30th anniversary of the dawn of Rickie Lee Jones' storied recording career, which exploded in 1979 with her self-titled debut album and its top 10 hit, "Chuck E's In Love." Jones reflects on aging, being a woman in the music industry and the … ”I just thought you’d like to see this nice, crazy little place,” she says with a shrug. What I got kicked out of school for, it’s the same thing that I see myself doing onstage now. Over the course of a career that spans five decades, Jones has recorded in various musical styles including rock, R&B, blues, pop, soul, and jazz.. Jones is a two-time Grammy Award winner. In the years since leaving home, Rickie Lee has reconciled whatever misgivings or differences she might have had with her immediate family and has made a point of reaching out to all of them, accepting their encouragement and inviting their counsel. Rickie Lee’s face clouds over for the merest moment, and then she springs back into a familiar pattern of wry jibes and smart-alecky lingo. ”I don’t know why we were always moving, or why he was always leaving to go to places like Kansas City, Denver, wherever. So we cling, we love each other very much.”, ”His cousin,” she says, blushing. Album artwork for Rickie Lee's Pop Pop and It's Like This included in Rolling Stone magazine's Top 100 Album Covers of All Time. ”We had one eleven-year-old girl who came to town to become a movie queen,” he recalls grimly. While assembling the material for her first album, she regularly sent tapes of the works in progress up to Washington for scrutiny. ”She’s all woman, and seems tough — I remember when she was broke and used to sleep under the Hollywood sign. He was a waiter and I was a waitress, and he also worked as a furniture mover, a longshoreman and a gardener. Ooooh.” Suddenly her blissful smile droops. She sings jazz but she’s not jazz, she’s not a jazz artist. The many, muttered rumors about her broken home, private traumas and tragedies, and a family tree full of rounders, drifters and errant vaudevillians have whetted everyone’s appetite for the truth. Was she a runaway? ”My mom didn’t kick him out or anything. My mom and dad were totally freaked out. I like taking any kind of a risk. And I just sat down on the curb and talked to her. A guy I know, Ivan Ulz, was performing at the Troubadour one evening and he asked me to come over and sing a couple of songs. ”It’s probably still standing,” she says, mulling ruefully. ”I don’t know what he does now,” she apologizes, stating that she has since become a practical nurse. Pre-Listening: Rickie Lee Jones mit "The Other Side Of Desire" The New Yorker - Rickie Lee Jones and James Taylor. That year, she managed to attend three high schools, being asked to leave the last, Timberline High in Olympia, or face expulsion for her insubordinate ways. Check back again in a few years, and this list, hopefully, will look entirely different. She confesses a special affection for the latter effort, because the period when it was written was a momentous one in which she made not one but two lasting friends. http://kouji328.blog59.fc2.com/blog-entry-1473.html I fetch some beers for us as they huddle in the corner, and then Rickie and I move from the outer bar into the main room to watch the last show. After completing ”Easy Money,” she did not write again until the fall of 1977, when she knocked out a bunch of songs that included ”The Last Chance Texaco” and ”Chuck E.’s in Love.”. ‘Night Train’ is about a girl trying to get out of a situation, making her getaway. ”If my children and the people who read this article can understand this, maybe they can learn from their own parents’ misfortunes and hardships in raising children.”. It was the eeriest sound I think I ever heard. ”I had a big mouth with teachers who I thought were wasting my time. A ”traveling adventure” the following year took her from her new home base in Olympia, Washington, where her family had relocated, to various cities up and down the coast of California. We neglected to tell the owner that we were taking it,” she says, laughing with a gurgle.
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