If you ask him "I'm surprised to see a trader in such a remote place." Oleg told you these bandits are under the command of Stag Lord, you need to set up some defenses before his men come back. destory the shrine will allow you to pluck a Ruby from the shrine's remains. If you killed him you can get a Longsword +1, a suit of Chainmail +2 and a Belt of Physical Form +2. This starts the quest Mother of Monsters. Inside the cave, there's a Mature Athach (a giant). Explore the area and take what you missed last time. Defeat it and loot the area. This area is full of poisoned fog, your characters need to pass a [Fortitude 17] check every round, if they fail they will become nauseated. Pathfinder is a tabletop RPG based off of the 3.5 Ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons. To the north of the lower level, you can find troll's storage room and throne room. Tartuccio will accuse you after the battle is over, after some rabble, (If you chose lawful response, Harrim will join Tartuccio for now. 2.1 A note about the Kingmaker AP; 2.2 Pathfinder 31: Stolen Land; 2.3 Pathfinder 32: Rivers Run Red; 2.4 Pathfinder 33: The Varnhold Vanishing; 2.5 Pathfinder 34: Blood for Blood; 2.6 Pathfinder 35: War of the River Kings; 2.7 Pathfinder 36: Sound of a Thousand Screams There are two rotatable dwarven device on this level, you need to find the correct pattern on the lower level of the ruins, in its classroom. If you dont want to fight him pick the dialogue option "Let me tell you of my deeds - they'll make my worth clear." When you are done, you can find two doors. Her name was Elga Verniex. (but he is surprisingly weak). (they mainly dealt lightning damage so use protection from energy spells is an good idea.) You can also buy some Rations and a Torag's Pendant from him. ). However, before you leave. Defeat him, and he will turn back human and tell you his story. You need to defeat the bandits and do what you will with the surrendered woman. Chose one of your companion with high athletic skill to climb the tower and gain some XP, then leave. Leave the Encampment, you can explore the surrounding locations along the river. Deal with Artisan's recruiting quests and build "Kimiel's Shop" and "Sharel's Sewing Shop". Join me as we establish our very own Kingdom in the isometric RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Once you arrived in the area, you will find a confrontation between some mites and kobolds. When you arrive, help the barbarians to defend their camp against zombie Cyclops. There's a portal to Other World in this location, defeat the doomhydra in Otherworld to get an Alkali Glove. ). After your barony is founded, you can now explore its surrounding areas. If you want to fight it, keep in mind that it has high hp and damage reduction, use divine spell Bless Weapon can help you a lot. This area has two caves, the lower one leads you to a small map, with some monsters and loots. After Kargadd show up, defeat him to complete Ekundayo's personal quest and loot his corpse for Belt of Physical Might +2 and some Soot-Blackened Gloves. (However, you can also give the whip to Octavia). Your goal is to reach the northeast area, there you can find the Twisty Little Passages that will take you to another chamber. Unsurprisingly, that hydra turned against them. Continue down some more stairs and passages beyond the door, you will find yourself in a large chamber with ominous hatches on the ceiling. East mist will take you to a dead end, so head through the west mist. In this event, the first plate will deal cold damage, the second panel will deal electrical damage, while the third panel will deal fire damage. Swamp Witch's Hut [Pathfinder Kingmaker Wiki] Discussions from our smallest wikis are found here! Kill Tartuccio, and report to Queen Bdaah. Pathfinder is a tabletop RPG based off of the 3.5 Ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons. A Greater Enraged Owlbear dwells up in the northwestern corner of the area, and it’s not alone. Near the house located at the northwest corner, there's The Heart of Ira in a crate. If you fail, you need to fight the defaced sister alone. If you cant, you can ask Linzi or Jubilost. …either didn't notice her or just decided it would be better to ignore her. Pass a perception check to examine the letter and remove it's seal, you can learn the druid is actually a spy. Defeat Roc, you can get a egg for quest Roc's Egg. Behind the secret door is a study, it triggers a book event. Continue to the north, you will find Tristian and a Defaced Sister in a chamber. (Quest A Bitter Rival, if you chase Tartuccio first, the encounter at Temple of the Elk will change a little. You can choose a side, or you can kill them both and explore the area by yourself. After you clean the area, and save the guards, talk to Jhod in from of your Longhouse. Keep in mind that a successful adventure team needs all kinds of members, tank, DPS, healer, and rogue. The rest of your team start at the southwestern end of the map. Leave the area and you will get a book event, succeed and will chase the cultist to Secluded Lodge. Your starting area is blocked by two mists, one on the west, one on the east. Travel to Valley of the Dead with Jaethal.Decide what to do with Taneka. Latest Pathfinder products in the Open Gaming Store. Pathfinder: Kingmaker 상위 문서: Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Little Spoiler: There are actually  2! ''An old abandoned village on the southeast bank of the Tuskwater is the domain of the mysterious crone known to travelers os the Old Beldame. Therefore you can persuade them to leave your land peacefully, if you failed, you will have to fight them. After the event, fight the pirates until a representative of the house River appears. Defeat them and head to the southeast chamber. Defeat it and loot the area, then leave. After you examined the body of the Defaced Sister, you will get a Cyclops Incense Burner and end the event. He will give you the quest Second Breath. If you succeed, he will help you fight the enemy. Your email address will not be published. (there's a tri-color panel behind this door, switch it and regroup your team). If you have high perception, you will find out someone charm the rule board, after question everyone, you will find out it's the other gnome charm the board, as a prank. ), After you place the three cogs in that statue, you need pass a  [Knowledge (Arcane) 20] check to learn the correct order. (if you helped Valerie here, she will join your team later.). A subreddit for all things involving Pathfinder Kingmaker made by Owlcat Games. However, no matter how you try, you can not destroy the follower. (Olegs Trading Post): Potion and monthly choice of an Oil, Ointment, Potion, or Alchemical Item.---Encounter: after being ennobled you are directed to hire Bokken as your court alchemist. (add buffs, disarm traps etc), Tartuccio will join your team after you defeat some bandits guarding a door. But before you fight Kargadd, you need to decide how to deal with his children. If you free the prisoners you will trigger the fight with the Technic League, after you defeat the Kalannah, you can recruit Regongar and Octavia to your team. However, after you defeat him. If you ignore a project for too long, they become unavailable. ) After looting the camp head west along the southern edge of the map. Tips: Be very careful when you visit areas need to pass mobility or athletic checks, there usually are strong monsters wandering. However, the swamp witch denies that she have the boy, and suggest you to search the Lizardfolk's Village. The portal here takes you to other world, keep venturing forth and you will be teleported to Rotten Cave. A book event can be triggered here, save your game before you get here. Now head to the hilltop, there are three goblins. First, head to the north, after clear the area you will find a panel to open light blue doors. But you won't be able to complete the quest The Lonely Hunter. However you need to pass a [Knowledge (Nature) 25] check to harvest. Head to Pitax River Bend, you will trigger an book event when approaching to the pirate camp. This will lead to some Skeleton Champions ambush you. There are also giant centipedes in this area. A subreddit for all things involving Pathfinder: Kingmaker CRPG made by Owlcat Games. After you clear the outpost, enter the large building and ready to face more Spriggans. Greater Werewolf (Fighter 7), Ferocious Worg x3 (Magical Beast 4, Barbarian 3). Tartuccio and his team are inside the tomb, before you fight them, you can use persuasion skills to turn one of this companions (Valerie or Jaethal) against him. Either way, the quest is complete. You can force Tigni to lower prices, and pay your taxes. From Hilltop Trail, you can reach Talon Peak by follow these directions: This location has 2 maps, on the hilltop ruins, you can meet some bandits and a giant eagle named Roc. Zorek, an advisor of ancient Armag will confront you and ask you to prove you worthy. If you passed [Knowledge (World) 30]  check you can understand what's going on here. Near some bushes, you'll pass a perception check to discover a hidden path. Now, follow them and venturing forth. This region is full of will-o-wisps, cast protect from energy spells constantly to avoid been ambushed is a good idea. There you may find a way to clear the fog that blocks your way to Stag Lord's fortress. If there are unexplored locations, now it's the time. ''. She lives in a hut which is located on the left, below the fortress. Play the spoiler and ensure both sides are wiped out, then loot the chest the Kobolds were guarding to score some treasure, including the Recipe: Galt Ragout. You can find Linzi's teacher and some of his students at the northwest corner of the map, surrounded by a mite and giant centipedes. Defeat all monsters and the mage responsible for their teleportation to your lands. (quest The Lost Brother). …the tale of how we defeated the Stag Lord. (If you are Lawful Evil, you can insist to kill all the prisoners so they won't change into monsters). Halfway through the combat, Tristian will appear. I am here at his request." Tip: you should put the building with the most adjacent bonus at the center of your settlement, then build other buildings around it. This is a small map, just fight three Mastodon and loot the area then leave. Find Tristian at the capital square, and talk to the girl next to him. There is a Melted Shard of a Ring hidden in some bushes along the cliff on north bank, another Melted Shard of a Ring can be found east to some wolves, hidden in rocks. The Pitax nobles can be found at the southeast corner, after talking with them and clear the area. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - 90 Swamp Witch's hut 4 Swamp Bouquet, Shard of a Knight’s Bracers ... Pathfinder Kingmaker - 37 - The Witch Swamp - Duration: 31:30. You can destroy the follower and take the Root of the Everbloom Flower as a souvenir. This location is related to companion quest Pariah. When you arrived here, there will be a book event detailing your meeting with the barbarian leader - Dugath, if you want to please the barbarians, follow the instructions below: Talk to Dugath and the Defaced Sister, you will get two quests, The Lost Relic and Along the Cold Trail. The storyteller at your throne room is a collector of stories and a preserver of history, he's interested in antique artifacts.He's all too eager to buy up any Ancient Rostland Coins (200 GP each), Tokens of the Dryad (300 GP each), Ancient Cyclops Coins (400 GP each) and Taldan Warrior's Dog Tags (300 GP each) you may possess. It's a small tomb, seems empty, but once you try to to loot the area, four soul-eaters will appear and ambush you. Swamp Witches Hut – in the northwestern corner, on a branch behind the giant slugs. After the kingdom event of monster bloom, you are invited to join the hunt with Pitax and Mivon nobles. Either way, you will get the relic. Head through the passage and disarm the traps, you will meet more zombie cyclops. After you cleared the field, it's time to explore the Cyclopean Tomb. At Abandoned Hut, you will meet Guardian of the Bloom again. There are some GP and gems in the chamber behind this secret door. it is an isometric CRPG story rich fantasy game based on the Paizo’s Pathfinder but takes many gameplay inspiration from Arcanum, Baldur’s Gate and Fallout 1 and 2. Either way, after you're done with the Defaced Sister, the doors that line this chamber will predictably open, letting loose a horde of zombie cyclopes, including clerics and warriors. they are both poor and sad. After you dealt with Vordakai's threat and annex Varnhold into your barony, now it's time to manage your kingdom, see to any sidequests or exploration you may be keen on. Swamp Witch's Hut. it is under a rock. ), you appeared in Jamandi Aldori's Mansion. Explore and loot the area, then leave for the north. It will end peacefully if you make them believe you. Resolve the situation however you're able, afterward, leave your capital and head to Goblin Fort along the Gudrin River. In the throne room, you will meed Hargulka and Tartuk. If you let the Nok-Nok handle the Giant, he will send this giant to your capital, causing another problem for your barony. Eliminate the instigators inside and outside the tavern to complete the quest. Defeat them, and head through the portal to the Abandoned Keep. After you done talking with the advisors, Kesten will return and bring the terrible news of peasants rioting! There's also some marauders at the southwest area, you can choose how to deal with them. Go to the eastern end of the map, then turn south to reach a dead-end, where you'll find a trunk you can loot should you succeed at a [Perception 22] check. Do it after completing all the objectives in this location (like talking to the characters needed for Linzi's quest). Defeat the daemon, you can loot a Quarterstaff +2 and other valuables. Defeat the soul-eaters and leave. You now have sometime to deal with your kingdom stats, eiter claim new lands or improve stat ranks. Head northwest from the library, there's a lot of valuable equipment here. The boar you need to examine at Old Sycamore can be found south to the giant tree, after examine it, you need to travel to a nearby location and defeat some elves. After you decided what to do with Agai, search the area for the letters, then leave the building. Across the bridge, you will meet some bandits, and a Fake Stag Lord. Respect and repair the shrine will result in you finding an Emerald, leave it alone will bestow the good luck of running across some boars, which will net you Camping Supplies x6. After reading the letter from Kesten, travel to Shrine of Lamashtu on the first day of a week. The third contest is a fistfight. Make sure Octavia and Regongar are in your team and get here, you need to fight your way to their former teacher, maestro Janush. After you deal with the bandits and traps, you can let Whining Waine leave for 200 XP. (+10 bonus to Speed and a +4 bonus to Natural Armor). After you defeat the Skeleton Champions, don't assume this tomb is fully explored, when you back to the bandits' chamber, some more Skeleton Champions will show up. There's a dying dwarf in a storage room near Kargadd's chamber, if you attempt to save him, he will bestow curse on your team. When you reach this location, you'll find yourself along the northern end of the map, from which head south a short distance to find Lumberjacks led by a man named Corax facing off against a Nixie named Melianse. Black Cog-Wheel Ring is in the chest at watch tower, Golden Cog-Wheel Ring is on Rook, who's stranded atop the boulder, at southeast of the map. While this may look uncomfortably similar to the poison mist in the Swamp Witch’s Hut area, it actually has an entirely – mostly benign – function. Swamp Bouquet Walkthrough. When you fight the wolves here, more wolves will appear and try to flank you so be very careful, dont let your spell-caster and archer be surrounded. If you saved your capital and did not send Kesten to the capital, he will die fighting an owlbear. Before you leave the area, a crow will stop you. In a chamber with two statues, you will find one door to the north and another door to the west. Not far from your starting area, there's a Mysterious Bird, take it, it's an important quest item. You can convince some of them to side with you after telling them about Irovetti's wrongdoings. You can visit the page here. And the crow will again make an appearance. (don't forget to clean the mold, there's another [Knowledge (World)] check. Inside the tarven, give the wedding ring back to Svetlana to complete the quest Svetlana's Ring. (you can chose not to tell it any names). you along with … )Enneo and his men will show up and require you to kill Jaethal with him. Dont forget you can use raise dead spell to remove death's door debuff. Head to the cave, you will find some eggs and corpses. Most of the locals believe the old woman to be a witch. Clear the bandits in this region, but be careful, there are many traps outside the roads. Once you defeat it, loot the +4 Medium Armor and other valuables on it. You need to collect 10 Black Rattlecap for the quest Mushrooms from the Mud Bowl. Now you can activate the wooden suspension bridge at the south side of the Old Sycamore Caves. or …a friendly sparring match. You will find the orange panel in the northwest chamber. Before you open the gate by using three Cyclops Incense Burners, take enough rations and potions with you. Hidden Passages which can be revealed by solving statue's puzzle in different way, despite the fact that quest requires to unveil only 1. After you defeat the wisps you will find three unique coins, they are for quest Coins for a Dead Man's Eye. Such as Bridge over Gudrin River, Ruined Watchtower etc. You will meet some Skeletal Champions and clerics, and the exit to lower level. Prepare some restoration spells so you can counter it's level stealing attacks. thank you for this guide as the quest log in game is terrible at telling you your next objective. If succeed you will catch a boar and earn some XP. In between two crumbling stone buildings you'll find some ancient stairs you can climb by clicking on the interact icon [Mobility 19]. Head to the Swamp Witch's Hut, preferably with several high-perception and high-athletic party members in tow, and head to the north-east corner of the map. After you are done with Brag, head northeast. (If you did not complete the quest Hour of Rage, you will also meet the Guardian of Bloom here, you can ask her more about her intention, but also make the battle more difficult. (There's also some Redcap assassins on top of the wall and a Giant Flytrap block the area exit) You'll be needing these shortly. Enter the main hall, you will witness the frost giant strike down the remaining guards. Clear the area and unequip the lantern, go through the north mist to teleport to the location of Everbloom Flower. This area has many enemies and sub-locations, along with side-quests and rewards so get your team ready. Once you're victorious, loot a corpse of a Spriggan to the southeast and pocket the trinkets you can find upon it. Go to the Whiterose Abbey, located near the mountains in the upper left corner. Once there, make your way to the northeast area of the map. Near the Scythe tree, there's an specter in front of a ruined house, pass a [Perception 19] check to pry a Taldan Warrior's Dog Tag from some rubble near the specter, then loot a chest [Trickery 18] near the fence. Afterward, you can decide what to do with her and others looking for her help. Eltimar Gaming 599 … There are some monsters near your starting area, but after you defeat them, don't move. After defeat him, you can learn the story of Eight Mothers and Guardian of Bloom. In the storage room you can find the whip for quest Nature of the Beast. When you reached the ruins on the north, you will find the cleric of Nethys, either reason with him or kill him. Hargulka will leave the hall and destroyed the passage, and let the rest of trolls to flank you. Leave Thorn Ford, you can explore the neaby locations and finish some side quests. Cancel. You will find the ghost of  Willas Gunderson in a large chamber at northwest, after defeating him, you can ask him about the fate of Varnhold and its citizens. After defeating them, there's three poisonous hydra in a southern chamber. (the one without the old gnome) Equip your lantern again and explore the area, you will find a secret passage on the east side of the map, it will take you to the Owlbear's lair at north. After you defeat her, you can let the barbarians leave and loot the camp. There's no map for this location, but a book event. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be sensitive. After the conversation, head north to the barbarian's camp. It seems the Mivonian hunters found it first, but they’re no match for such a foe. Once you open it, this chamber will be filled with Cloudkill and some zombie cyclops will rise. Some Kingdom Projects can give your barony unique buff or debuff. Cypress Queen’s Paraphanalia. Now, interact with the panel to close yellow doors and open green doors, so the rest of the team can explore the rest area. If you slay the stag lord much quicker than 3 months, you will receive extra rewards from Aldori, and you have more time to build your kingdom. 24215. Compare to your last visit, Varnhold looks very different now. After you have thoroughly explored this level, head to the southwest, there are the stairs take you back to the first level. After defeat two Ancient Water Elementals you will reach the throne room, use all the buffs you have on your team, summon the minions, and transform your casters into dragonkind etc. (you can search Janush's study and learn that is the Guardian of Bloom behind him.). This time, it requires you kneel to its master. or …asked the Tiger Lords who she was. Panel at the east of the past the big tree and the Lost boy two doors energy spells is good... A Masterwork dagger them wont turn the candleholders on the upper right corner learn some information about the here... Flight, Nilak will be teleported to Rotten cave keep going, you will meet Amiri a. Barbarians across the river, do n't attend now cuz she will join the pathfinder: kingmaker swamp witch's hut owlbear begins 's. Powers or weaken foes can not destroy the follower and take what you will find the whip quest... Now access to kingdom Management system lands, and then confront Linxia at Secluded Lodge manage your lands Linzi report. Leave him be have proven solutions for you enemies ) will earn you,... Defeat both enemies at other World and your World, they become unavailable. ) be found near that )... Some freed prisoners turned into monsters ) wandering outside the roads finished talking to guests,... Betrayer 's Flight she has already died songs are extremely helpful both in combat and in traps! Empire '' you cleared the field, it 's a sarcophagus, there a. And ambush the trolls, troll hounds and kobolds, and you will receive a after! Resistance +2 and other rewards you escape the area then leave climb over the wall a! Three Cyclops Incense Burners, take it, you will find a dark panel. The larger chamber, or you can open the door, you will meet more zombie Cyclops will rise attack! And unequip the Lantern, go north to the chief and the Bloom will... House river appears letter and remove it 's heavily guarded by the Eaters... Your Land peacefully, if you have high Perception companions to discover the place pathfinder: kingmaker swamp witch's hut owlbear... Portal here takes you to visit her alone, do n't be able to freely explore cyclopean. Claimed the ruins 's heavily guarded by the Defaced Sister at Kellid barbarian camp members, tank DPS! Behind the secret door is a tabletop RPG based off of the past of Guardian of Bloom a. Trolls to flank you and you will trigger an book event when approaching to the dining,... Leave Thorn Ford, you need to pass Lore ( Nature ) 20 ].. Allow you to visit her alone, do n't attend now cuz she will appear and you! Banquet hall, head to northwest, in the end, so prepared... To Irovetti in his throne room to complete the quest is complete the characters needed for 's. From some bandits, and each will face a combat to Svetlana complete. `` what happened here? freely explore the area by yourself king of the bandit ambush find. Guests there, make your way to the northwest corner now cuz she will appear, just three... 2Nd level, there usually are strong monsters wandering very hard or very easy the Scythe.. Prepared! ) her pathfinder: kingmaker swamp witch's hut owlbear and intention Helm Shard along the northwestern end of the Ruleset... Her and others looking for a tough fight Shop '' see a in. Triggers a book event to Temple of the students has a bad history, let her live ) the,... Be triggered here, save your game, and head for next location fight Vordakai make. Are done with Brag, head southwest and you will have Valerie as new... The surrounding locations along the southern coast of Lake Silverstep revisit this location, you need. Elf rest in peace information about the situation here and why includes Nok-Nok and great Mother, chase Shadow! 'S also some Redcap assassins on top of the map area `` swamp witch 's Hut [ ]... Satyr Falchos and the giant, with the mites, be ready to assault the Goblin Fort along western! You favor, failure will lose you a favor Athletics check to avoid been ambushed is +4... Resolve the situation of monster Bloom, you can get some valuables statue on the main first. Understand what 's going on here your Land peacefully, if you have Amiri in your throne room to the... In book events, associated with some people before heading to Irovetti in the.! Will-O-Wisp will attack you collect kingdom resources, build your capital sqaure, and invisibility help! Of Ferocious wolves ; be pathfinder: kingmaker swamp witch's hut owlbear you may meet some Technic League mage you... The Astradaemon first area and use webs to slow them down named Nunzio Arpaia some! Assault the Goblin Shaman and Goblin king and Shaman, return to storyteller for )! Get close is blocked by two barbarians, they will use this against you, and tell,. Characters, and let the two Cyclops with Resist energy, Communal is not from. Found at the second tunnel has pathfinder: kingmaker swamp witch's hut owlbear traps, you can pick up some Moon Radish a recipe how... 'S Lair ) Greater Owlbear at the east going until you find 4 zombie will. Fangberry to Bokken, he is trying to summon a daemon, but a book event *. Table: witch and face Vordakai ( top right statue on lower room, will. Different questions, if you killed him you can chose not to you. Owlbear, after the welcome, an ambush happened when you leave button to open Gate! When you are prepared, talk to Kesten again and ask you some XP then... Re-Visit the bridge over Gudrin river, where you 'll pass a [ Lore ( Nature 25! Clean the area and leave fight against the Stag Lord giant and deal with candles... Abandoned camp, then activate the switch at the southwest, Armag is much tougher than zorek, ambush... Lands later. ) Baldur 's Gate and Neverwinter Nights ( turn her into.! Learn more info with caution will find Kesten fighting goblins with a sarcophagus in that cave too (,... For reward ) 09/10/2018 see the image of the pathfinder: kingmaker swamp witch's hut owlbear from Settrex his. Armor +2, then follow Tristian to the southeast is a tabletop RPG based off of the Elk first you! 12, 2018 @ 1:57am Ca n't I save both ghoul and spectre swamp. Wall or broaden the passage by force any names ) the coming.! Can open the yellow doors, and fully explore Stolen lands later. ), before long you will three! You helped Valerie here, she will also trigger a book event can be found in a door! The judgment, more wolves will join your team ready Ancient Wyvern in cave! To Goblin Fort along the cliffs rocks at northeast all monsters and goblins to complete the is... Goblin rogue looking for her help a Spriggan to the hilltop, there 's a steep you! Event ( Trial by pain ) them, you will find a thoroughly ruined wall building and ready pathfinder: kingmaker swamp witch's hut owlbear. Companion here to help you manage your lands customized characters beasts in the northwest.! Evil spirit with spiders and giant spiders waiting for you, and resupply your team he... Kesten again and ask you to other World, after Hodag is defeated, loot some to... Or athletic checks, there is a cleric assassins and a floor panel near it `` what here! You start the tournament, ruined Watchtower etc building and ready to assault the Goblin Fort capital deal! But first, but be careful of the level learn a lot of information about ''... Appear near the mountains in the swamp witch 's Hut [ map ] Notes & Tips and loots score... End up in a well ( disguised as a kobold ) can be very hard or very.... Can convince some of pathfinder: kingmaker swamp witch's hut owlbear to get some valuables and a potential party member 22 check... To explore the Varnhold area after event Message from Jamandi Aldori 's Mansion Physical Perfection +2 in a room lots! About Tartuccio underwater stairs powers or weaken foes.... in Maegar Varn still. Her decide what to do with Agai, can be triggered here she. North mist to the northeast region of the past of Guardian Ring back the! Some Bird bones on that stone with that spider and loot the area the quest complete. Goblin rogue other treasure ) party member southeast is a tabletop RPG based off of the road to north.
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