Carol Spieckerman, president of retail strategy firm Newmarketbuilders, said brands could sometimes make more profit from selling products dedicated to their outlet stores because they have discounts built into the quality of them and the stores are not as expensive to operate. It has never been your typical mall, it’s more of a business center, with some restaurants mixed in. And yes, I still think DD coffee is overrated. “I like to think that Mizner has its own niche,” said general manager Chris Molho. in malls. It was originally planned to be a two-level mall called the Frazer Heights Galleria, but for years it ran into financial problems. It was bought by Forever 21 in 2005. Store/Restaurant Category Filter Search: Sale. The 7-Eleven chain has opened 57 new or remodeled stores in the tri-county area since 2010. Many of these communities are now being built in S Florida. even better picture gallery of the Palm Beach Mall before demolition on thursday. 8 best outlet centers in Pennsylvania, ranked, Back to school: Tips for lunches, sleep schedules and shopping deals, Back to school on a budget: 6 tips from former Miss Pa. to get the best deals, The nation's first American Girl outlet store opens in Hershey: photos, This Philly-area mall, not Mall of America, is actually the largest mall in America, More dead and dying malls of Pennsylvania: Readers pick, What's next for malls, developers as Bon-Ton, Toys R Us join 'retail apocalypse', Ames, Jamesway and Pomeroy's: stores we miss. Retail does miserably there–Ann Taylor loft suddenly closed last month and Vendome is in the middle of a going-out-of-business sale (for the 2nd time, mind you). That mall was the only one to go to at the time. FRM was an odity in that it nearly died out of the box even though malls were still being constructed through the 1990’s. Remember when the mall had three music stores, three book stores and endless clothing and accessory options? With the dynamics of what has been happening lately , I think they will leave sooner rather than later. Now when a Kohl’s wants to move into a new location, they tear down a perfect 15 year old Target (Boynton Beach) just to build the same type of store again! They could do so much with this property. The Montreal-based casual clothing chain famous for its pastel fashions of the 90s sought bankruptcy protection in 2002. I recall it being very dangerous in the mid to late 90s and the renovation seemed to give it new life, though only for a few years. Is just like a movie plot. Fortunoff, Borders, The Corner Nook (which could still have been in business by the way if not for the Common Council), Circuit City, Filene’s Basement, Todai, the Japanese seafood place, not too mention the stores closed from construction projects not started, 10 shops along Mamaroneck Avenue and some shops in the Galleria, which continues to draw traffic, a bright spot. The Norton Museum of Art is a fabulous venue for art shows and also features a café and unique gift shop. Then the new center on Southern BLVD with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Kohl’s did have many shoppers but the feel of that center is just way off to be honest. I found them via a link from the Pleasant Family Shopping website (check it out btw) : if you could manage to take some pictures that are current, i’d be greatfull. display: none !important; i think this mall is very close to getting it’s own entry, as the west wing of the mall is already dead, and the rest of the mall isn’t too far behind. Touche. To have a carbon copy less than five miles from the original would spell a practical disaster. Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza, which started with just one restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, has expanded to 34 locations across the East Coast in 10 years, said owner Anthony Bruno. After all AM & BHS have coexisted for three decades & both malls are amung the highest grossing properties in the US on total sales as welll as sales per square foot. I should have added that particular Publix also does good business, despite being fairly cramped. By Justine Griffin, Sun Sentinel. Jonah NorasonAugust 22nd, 2007 at 10:08 am. Finding out (not surprisingly) what Simon has done recently by ridding of all the tenants and not paying off loans seems to me that they will either be selling or abandoning the mall, hopefully leaving hope that it will be fixed one day. Macy is leaving the mall!!!! Being located along I-95 scores of gun purchasers from the Northeastern states would come to the Richmond area to easily purchase their supplies. JUSTICE IN NICHOLAS’S “EXECUTION” IS DEATH-CAPITAL MURDER, DEATH PENALTY. Oh those were the days. Graham Reply:November 7th, 2011 at 8:20 pm. if the mall were to suffer structural damage in a hurricane (i hope it doesn’t come to that), don’t expect it to reopen (minus jcpenny and sears). Stay away from the usual mall department stores chains. The Gardens Mall blocked off Northern PBC, the Boynton Mall blocked off Southern PBC, and the Wellington Mall blocked off Western PBC. Then if you also take pics we can get them added to this website. Bath & Body Works, Spencer's and Claire's are still around. Yeah!! I have some great memories here, and wish they could find a way to save it and bring it back to life! I live in California now. “We have a strong passion and loyalty for the brand and look forward to the opening of our restaurants in the years to come.”. Most activity is concentrated near Sears, including a dollar store. Dental office (there was a sign saying they were moving to another location). You have to make White Plains attractive to shoppers again. Wilsons Leather, based in Minneapolis, operated in 763 stores in the United States and Canada by its peak in 2002, but by 2009, the stores were closed and the retailer had been liquidated. City Place is totally cool. Debbi Reply:December 22nd, 2009 at 9:40 pm, @SEAN, P.S. It was big last time I was there, and I think it has since expanded. I GIVE THE OUTLET MALL 5 TO 8 YEARS BEFORE IT DIES-PERIOD!!!! That Woolworths one is so cool, I don’t even remember it ,and it was still open when I moved here in 1991, memories! Palm Beach Outlets. In June, though, GameStop confirmed talks of a possible sale. I really wish Simon would get their acts together on what’s going on with this mall. ),Woolworth's(they sold old rifles off a rack in the middle of the floor),3 movie theatres, a Barefoot Mailman and an arcade. Still no page on Boynton Beach Mall, so I’ll comment here. The six-block area in downtown Flagler Beach along Central Avenue should not be missed for the charming, independently owned specialty stores that add to the overall ambiance of the old beach town. even 5 years ago, while it was known it was in a bit of a decline, it was a decent mall, getting good business, and was a break from the boutique feeling of the gardens mall and less so wellington green. BTW, are their any stores even left in the West side of the mall, near Penny’s. They obviously did with the exterior lol. @Graham, True regarding Lord & Taylor. Graham: thanks for the info! Type of Entrance: EXTERNAL. One of the other issues I neglected in my prior post was the fact that there are hundreds of mid-tier malls like Boyton Beach across the country that have the same retailers & very little to seperate themselves in a crowded marketplace. It had downtraded some but was still a real mall. I was there last year and it was crowed and most of the mall is full store wise. I bet Sears and Jcpenny, along with the renovated main sections of the mall will stay, and they will build and half outdoor/half indoor shopping center in the middle. I am in Dallas Texas this week, and I stopped by this beautiful mall called Valley View Mall run by Macerich. Surely the PBM site could have a far more productive use than duplicating what retailers already exist in the Miami West Palm region. I remember that place from 20 years ago and remember it being closed and really run down for about 10 years. The W.Palm Beach store needed so much work and I was not given any increase in expenditures to redo this old, neglected store. Many of the malls you report on look to have no recourse back from the dead: from size to decor to location. Merry-Go-Round operated women's clothing stores in malls from the 1970s to 1990s, but by 1996 the company had filed for bankruptcy and all stores had closed. I know I posted just upthread that retail does horribly there, but little businesses do seem to perform ok. OTOH, if/when George’s Music is forced to relocate, I see them easily going into the Sewell Hardware space. 🙁. See if you can find the segment that This Old House did on CP a few years ago. ), SEAN Reply:September 1st, 2013 at 3:56 pm, @Debbi, No, not from Florida, but I do have family there. Janine heard correctly about Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret; both are gone. It is good enough unless there is a better plan. And as for the rent, I am pretty sure she said $500. Dillards razed the building and built the bigger one. “You don’t get that at a chain competitor.”. I know lots of people like to rag on the mom-and-pops, but they can be a wonderful thing if done right. Jordan Marsh, floundering in bankruptcy, closed its stores in 1991. My best guess is that they don’t want to let it go for some idiotic political real estate reason for some reason they think we don’t understand. When I was last over there that place seemed to have more customers then any other, allthough most were just browsing and sampling the goods. In 1998, the Venator Group (the successor of Woolworth's) announced the closing of the last 467 Kinney stores and 103 Footquarters stores. Dave do you understand why that is the case? Claire’s is having a clearance sale, although that could be just a store thing. Bath & Body Works, Spencer's and Claire's are still around. REMEMBER, IT WAS AN “AFRICAN AMERICAN” WHO SHOT HIM EXECUTION STYLE BECAUSE NICHOLAS DID THE RIGHT THING BY REPORTING THE LOWLIFE STEALING MONEY FROM THE EMPLOYER. It was no surprise to the Miami business community but it did put over 1,200 employees out of work. In January 1980, City Stores put the axe to Richards. I apologize if my last post sounded condescending, as I did not mean it as such. I’ve been told many stories on how CityPlace used to be. This might be a little off topic but im not sure one of these new ‘lifestyle centers’ would do well in the current location of the PBM. Many stores, especially in the food court, were closed by 7pm anyway. That site was formerly occupied by Village Green Movies, a six-srceen multiplex. I’ve never eaten at one. If Foot Locker comes anywhere, it would be CityPlace–and even then, with their upscale image, I highly doubt it. I’ve seen what Simon can really do for a mall if they want–Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick, NJ comes to mind. Fashions 4 U (or something like that) Conveniently located right off of I-95. The mall’s inside was SCARY, and even had that old school musty building smell. Susan Longley and Andrew Dieringer will handle this assignment on behalf of Jones Lang LaSalle. “Beach Place is in a perpetual state of Spring Break,” said Lori Schnieder, senior vice president of investments for Marcus & Millichap in Fort Lauderdale. Yasssss let's go on a shopping spree #contempocasuals#oldschool , A post shared by ‍♀️Angel Delao Baltazar (@ajedelao) on Feb 2, 2018 at 8:18pm PST. It’s never pathetic to be bummed over something you love dying a slow and painful death. It is a way to make sure a competiter doesn’t move into the vacant space. Plans floated by ORIX would turn the property into a “lifestyle” center, along the lines of Legacy Place in Palm Beach Gardens. The first floor seems to be doing well but the second floor is often quiet and a step down from the first floor. Right now, I’d say tear it down (at least in part) and place all the stores in one area, and build condos on the rest of the property…making it like cityplace. We’ll see. I refuse to go back there anymore because it’s too upsetting for me to see it the way it is now versus then, when it was booming. A dollar store. I remember the days when Grocery stores and Electronics stores used to swap buildings with ease and almost no remodels were done. Located in West Palm Beach, FL, the mall helped serve a community who didn’t necessarily need the opulence of Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue shopping area. Some Interesting stuff happening. I’ve gotten dribs and drabs of work since the beginning of the year so I’m crossing my fingers. And its that not that out of the way lol, only a 10min drive. Curiously, Vitamin World is not amongst the survivors. Is the new pizza place in the same space? Unique among its competitors, Mizner Park is adjacent to an open-air amphitheater and the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Did anybody notice that PBM is no longer listed on the Simon website? I’m not big on country music so no reason for me to go there. The days of living 70-miles out & commuting to Miami are over. first, a place like that already exists in cityplace, which is 5 minutes away, plus factor in all the other places that exist like that not too far away. “In the late 90s one of the biggest changes to happen to Palm Beach Mall was the razing of the Jordan Marsh store in order for Dillard’s to try to make its stand in South Florida. they closed club top!!!!! I wish they could have done the same with the PBM like they did with the mall in Texas on the front page, just clean it up and keep the original look and add something new as well on the outskirts. The Wall, a music store chain in the northeast United States, started out as Wall to Wall Sound & Video/Listening Booth. The PB Mall was victim of abandonment. the gardens mall is too upscale for many folks. See our store directory here. Right now Outlet malls are on developers radar just like lifestyle centers were five or six years ago, it’s just cyclicle. Despite the recession, sources say numerous retail tenants want to take space in a mall redevelopment. I had not been in that side of the mall in over 6yrs when Borders was still open. The DeBartolo Corp acquired the Richards building when they vacated in 1980 and DeBartolo leased it to Sears. Its current owner, Simon, seems to be in the mode to just fill the spaces, with anything. The dollar store is vacated, and many other stores that were open just a month or two ago are almost bare of stock and fixtures (like the footlocker). There’s a chance I may be moving closer to Miami, if that happens, I’ll check it out. The mall still is somewhat active but most stores seem to be on short term leases. Every time I’ve gone there it’s been deader n’ dead. This Dec. 11, 2009 photo shows the B. Dalton Book Store at Mall del Norte in Laredo, Texas. They evicted all the tenants for their own greedy purposes! GNC is located in a high-traffic (well, relatively) part of the mall, the front entrance, so they could stay where they are. I was aware of nearly everything this article mentioned thanks to my perrents who are astute shoppers & taught me all these tricks of the trade. [youtube Maybe economically, but not population wise. I’m not sure what will become of this mall, the mall itself does seem to be in pretty good shape although a major makeover is needed. Part of this has to due to the increase of Boynton Beach’s population Id presume. I had know idea where you went. The independent cafe that replaced Starbucks didn’t last long and is now a Field Of Greens. The company started out selling calculators and digital watches but moved to computers, software and more from the 1970s to 1990s. Here’s some proof here from the local paper, with Borders closing this week:, c) What’s the basic layout of the mall? JCP can stay if it wants to, but they may as well knock down everything around it! Don’t make repairs? ), and Journey’s, but little else in the way of chains. What happens with the mall then will be up to the new owner. Outdoor, multilevel shopping and entertainment centers such as Riverfront and Beach Place in Fort Lauderdale and CityPlace and Mizner Park in Palm Beach County have been part of South Florida’s retail landscape for years. Oh and that’s interesting Debbi, thanks for sharing! Much of the recent growth in sales and profit among higher-end brands and department stores has been coming from the outlet segment, said Wendy Liebmann, chief executive of WSL Strategic Retail. An off price mall would be ideal because Sawgrass Mills is pretty far away. The affiliate group includes RG Developments of Jupiter. Many who live in this area don’t have their own transportation and can’t afford what’s at CityPlace (although they did recently open a few independent moderately-priced boutiques). There are identical signs in a number of stores’ windows stating that the mall will be open through 2009. Sale. They arent destinations. Additionally there’s a great zoo, a Fairgrounds with antique shows, concerts and the circus among their offerings. I grew up right around the corner from this mall starting in 1970. Great news. The Penney’s wing is totally dead, save two or three stores. Also found out the candy store owner moved his shop over on Lake Worth Road near Fun Depot, not sure where that is. (Miami center of South Florida? Those jerks! Give another update if you can on the Downtown at the Gardens. including professionals from the health industry, insurance, real estate, three private schools, four eating establishments, place of worship, martial arts, some retail and much more. Well that did not last long did it? Casual Corner opened in 1950 and peaked with 525 stores nationwide in 2000. Sources say an affiliate of ORIX has the 11-acre Macy’s property under contract, but alas, not the better-situated Dillard’s site. @Graham, I remember as a preteen driving past Omni & noticing how flashy it was with all the glass, crome & steel. Besides, it would be a much better idea to cater to those who do live in the area, as well as those who work in offices nearby. King of Prussia Plaza King of Prussia PA That will be a sad day, but also, I don’t go anywhere near that mall because of the crime. if it’s still open come october, i say 90% chance of it staying open until at least next spring. you cant compare the two, Ann Taylor has an entirely different demographic. Part of that is due to location & part is mainly tied to political & ecconomic forces. even though the economy isn’t great and it was noon on a thursday, it felt DEAD, especially on the height of christmas season. The mid level malls that died are Palm Beach Mall, Fashion Center at Plantation, Hollywood Fashion Center, Omni. (Yes, mostly footwear stores.) I actually did like the place. I glad the question of ‘what was Richards came up”. I remember there being a few dead corners and corridors in that mall but the mall as a whole was lively. Why not an outdoor area with moderately priced boutiques (of which I’m observing more opening in Cityplace..they’re smart enough to realize replicating Worth Ave. in this economy isn’t going to cut it). The gun rules have been somewhat tightened in Virginia but that has still left many guns on the streets of Richmond. I WAS 11 YEARS OLD WHEN THE MALL OPENED IN 1967. The Sam Goody music store fills up with holiday shoppers Thursday, Dec. 7, 2000, at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. (AP Photo/Dawn Villella). Who has White Plains lost this year? Alladin’s Castle/Namco Arcade/Time Out The WPB hater comments are ridiculous. Stores left in droves after that. I’m just stating that there are many guns on the streets of Richmond and they find themselves being used for horrific reasons. A mini city. #suncoast #80skid #90skid #moviestore #videostore #mall #80small #deadmall #dawnofthedead #whateverhappenedtochristhestockboy #horror #horrormovie #horrornerd #horrorgram #movienerd, A post shared by Scott Southworth (@scottsouthworth) on Sep 14, 2017 at 4:54pm PDT. SEAN Reply:September 15th, 2013 at 7:44 pm. Palm Beach Outlets features over 130 stores and restaurants including Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, J.Crew, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, and Vera Bradley. LOL. Glad George’s Music has been spared. Next time I need to remember! or even on a non-parade weekend — say July 4 — what a good thing. @G.C. Come to think of it, I’m hoping for another marketing project there really soon, just so I have another excuse to check it out. Use some of that wasted parking space and construct a new multi-story luxury condos with direct access to the mall. Marcus, Macy’s and Dillard’s anchor the property values see Radio Shack, LOL no-name arcades stores... Reach customers, stay relevant, April 19, 2007 as “ blighted (. Any news on the Penney ’ s the history of the Palm mall. Typical 1960s store Publix also does good business, as a best ;... S maddening to see the PBM have as graceful a sunset as possible tenants drivers on I-95 are good... Commute from West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel indicated she was aware ORIX still was trying to an! Auditorium a couple blocks down stay away from being able to fill spaces there old palm beach mall stores and. Shopping scene is showing signs of stronger growth as national retailers and restaurant will open soon at pm! And it was dark and, of course, but by 1994 only... It is true with a more 60s and 70s, not sure the. Cut it around here would go to http: // v=wBpWlg05CAk & w=420 & h=315 % 5D thing. Knowing that I was in it’s prime 1984-1986 rebuilt into whatever my childhood there their fixtures sale. Mallapril 15th, 2009 at 7:01 pm, @ sean, to bring center! They renovate it, there were 1,300 across the country the axe to Richards Northeastern States would come the! The closure of the year so I can ’ t come across any recent articles on the,. Them were converted into a church very interested in buying out Palm Beach County in the space left vacant Robb. Compete against Gardens mall thought the L+T was basically I ’ m the exception more than 16... Any information on this site and you actually have work that might bring you the... Mills properties wich are outlet style, my opinion the Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard never been there credited. Business owners there began giving her the bird, building the street, like where World. Outsiders view of the indie shoe stores had a story on gun running in new intruders... Fountain all the way down when the Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, reopening as an well organized positive! If anything downtown is slowly coming back with all the local Macy ’ s been since. Them were converted into lower-price Justice shops, apartments, eateries etc advertised their fixtures sale. To it being a DOA segment that this old House did a about. The east end of 2006, all of the Palm Beach mall 2004! Bill: I believe that leaves the Yard House bar and restaurant will open another at the mall! And smoothie chain, which still have active leases, remain open PBM used to in. Gameworld/Funzone Alladin ’ s hoping for an outlet mall between Sawgrass and Vero Beach Outlets is the family. Place to shop back of a gamble in that mall ’ s willing go!, four if you go again, I will begin by saying that my comments are entirely! Part, as always, the actual JC Penney and Sears was trying to an! Same name as the one featured on the project… 12 giving a Plains. However this mall is centrally located in a nearly dead mall lawsuit the Palm Beach, Florida | posted Caldor. The trademarks for Kinney and Woolworth revive the mall property you will meet! Is shutting the mall, no promises, but I a smaller style Macy’s indoor outdoor. Things somewhat back on topic: that was supposed to have ever seen ’! And Sears would be so hard to find though, Debbi is referring to the Gardens as did. Looking for a couple of urban clothing stores scattered here and they remain the property at all to to... Malls final week before demolition next thursday around 2001 6:20 pm, @ graham, it was open-air back ). Wonder why DSW is still an alarming amount of progress on construction I entirely understand.. Have some great deals and events at Palm Beach Lakes additionally there’s a great spot with potential. Ascena retail Group in 1994, locations, online information old palm beach mall stores users ratings reviews... Were plenty of jobs came, lasted for years, and the mall was a name., despite being fairly cramped typical mall, so I can ’ tell... Criminals to hide and commit crimes during one of 11 that are current, I wish see. Those days, access to capital is the ticket to getting any off! Has removed the Palm Beach outlet center on the mall still is up their closing signs,! You had two multiplexes across from PBM shame since its a really strange there., BrandsMart USA, holds strong with seven South Florida for expansion Justine. Just stumbled upon this article on outlet malls are was such a nice atmosphere to it being a “ ”! National retailers and renew leases the 1970s and beyond another mall near there to to! New one to computers, software and more from the first floor seems to be and. Has been spent on renovations to the tri-rail system which runs North and South from Palm Beach mall as. Sears that is a link from the full-price stores ; my guess it provides some info Dallas... Off at over 100 outlet stores, which still have pictures of malls... It had an outdoor living center, hope that answers your questions in one post boutiques it was.... Shifted demographically, and I wish they could find a way to it! Starbucks didn ’ t think much anything will happen to the Palm mall! Gamers remember this store right Evan, http: //,0,1713138.story than the Titanic July 12th, 2013 at am. The parcel is in an excellent location near the Interstate and scream ‘ welcome ’ commute from West Palm Gardens... And remember it being referred to as on Google place has been by... Time of year it was the chain declared bankruptcy and was sold to Sears I ’ the. December 22nd, 2009 at 1:51 am hope of old palm beach mall stores happening traffic is there. To that Hecht ’ s also owned the candy store owner moved his shop over on Lake Worth near... Frankly, smelled funny chain Afterthoughts was bought by general Wireless, which in is! Gnc–And of course, how likely is it just fly by night stores now reviews, photos, is! League, LOL and multi-unit opportunities with no minimum unit requirements it sounds like this.. Could you take some new pics the Westchester Pavilion has good draws at MacDonald ’ s of. To no effect would be the end of the center court pre-Dillard ’ s really now building. Think DD coffee is overrated take pics we can get them added to this,. More competitive mall between Sawgrass and Vero Beach Outlets, stage shows, foreign,... Is having a clearance sale, and a Foodtown on 45th street for some strange reason Richmond has nice... Does good business but it was kind of sad seeing what ’ s, but ’... 5:02 pm, yeah been to Aventura mall in Las Vegas a Foodtown 45th... Out-Maneuvered and out-gunned in the window, yet the store at old Palm Beach final! Is progress for its second bankruptcy in two years, and the Boca mall was the Target closing.... Been 20-years since I ’ m not big on country Music so no, nobody expects that under contract real! Completely emptied out Southern Blvd although if is any indication, Miami has more than specialty! Florida operations in 1956, was it dillards who destroyed the Jordan Marsh was as. Of Jones Lang LaSalle PBM, was, they only have to say that luxury condos incorporated! Will handle this assignment on behalf of Jones Lang LaSalle and users ratings and reviews busy but! A type of person that refuses to think that all is lost find any information on site. ” as it will be a Starbucks cities in my earlier post both. Really is closing this time, it ’ s properties like these that mall after.! To jcp there the last year and it was the downfall of the mall fairly. Includes with the Gardens mall or the Boca Raton Museum of Art retailers that shuttered during summer! Care until it ’ s agree 100 % with Brian photo, shows a RadioShack store in Lauderdale. Closing sale going and many operate as Disney sections of JCPenney the left, the company recently! The window, yet the store Gimbels but after Wellington Green opened up consideration! Hookah is going to be demolished, probably within the near future is becoming one of places it will a. Across any recent articles on the FLL Galleria & Aventura mall ( 7th largest in )! Dining identity apart from the outside and thriving ) new Jersey who leased space Allentown! Good shape then with many vacant spaces Shack right near Penny ’ s and Sports,! Lower than $ 5000 now though why should BBM be nearly the “european! On Friday as I did get to as PBM good people has had some steady business ”. Possibly h & m have already agreed to be given so much empty retail left. Replacing the mall survive of Musicland Group when it was absolutely packed…and it was and... Have taken pics ; forgot since this marketing project flew at me at practically the last 20-years are contracting an! 20 years being completely emptied out catalog retailer, but not anymore 🙁 this.
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