Chapter 255 of the Jersey City Code of Ordinance imposes restrictions on short-term rentals in Jersey City. the condition of walls, ceilings and floors in each room, any fixtures, fittings and furniture which belong to the landlord ​and come as part of the tenancy, describe the self-contained unit to be leased to a tenant, include the start date of the residential tenancy, include the end date of the tenancy agreement (if known), include the full contact details of the landlord and/or managing agent, include the rent amount and frequency of payment as well as the name of the person to whom the rent is paid, include the deposit amount, where it is held and how and when it will be reimbursed, include the date of the rent review and the basis on which it is to be reviewed, include a full inventory of the contents supplied and owned by the landlord, any obligation for the tenant to buy any of the fixtures or fittings in the property or to pay a premium or key money, any restrictions on the tenant fixing items to walls (or removing items from walls) providing the tenant makes good any damage caused, the facility to delay or unreasonably withhold responses to issues that require your consent. Self-contained accommodation must contain all of the following: The law applies to all accommodation which is let on a: Under the law, a tenant has the right to: If you want to end a periodic tenancy, you must give the correct notice. View our latest properties to buy or sell, View our latest properties to rent or let. ​, From 31 October 2014,​ they will be compulsory with every tenancy agreement. Is it clean, free of damp and generally suitable for a tenant to move in and is the property free from disrepair, structural irregularities and in a condition fit for occupation? It’s an offence to not put your tenant’s deposit in the scheme and you could have to pay a fine of up to £2,000. This duty applies to all leases, whether written or oral. require the tenant to pay annual rent, and therefore they are treated as an asset, in much the same way as freehold property is considered to be an asset. var addydbb51a0f0e766cb354507109be31e69d = 'rentals' + '@'; Habitability Bulletin – Landlord Tenant Law; New Jersey Fair Housing Resources. For Jersey City, the annual maximum allowable increase is 4% or the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W), whichever is less. Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, the Law Office of Roberta L. Tarkan helps clients with landlord-tenant law, personal injury and more. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; If you are doing any in-depth research on tenant or landlord issues, be sure to consult both of these sources, or get the help of a librarian. Copies may not be modified and must retain the information identifying Legal Services of New Jersey and the date the materials were produced. If you don't give your tenant a signed copy of the lease or a receipt for their deposit, you are committing an offence and you could be fined. The Div… All new leases must comply with the law from 1 July 2013 and a tenancy agreement must be agreed. Sometimes cities and townships have their own local ordinances and codes as well. ​, Reports must be completed within seven days. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If a condition report isn't given after seven days, the report is taken as accepted to the extent that it's completed.​. The Residential Tenancy Law applies to all leases which are changed or renewed and to all new leases. 46:8B-1 et. Jersey property law is derived from a mixture of local statute and customary (common) law. The Rent Security Deposit Act sets out the rules for how landlords must collect, maintain, and return deposits. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Ideally we would like an apartment but are fully aware of the legal issues in New York regarding short-term rentals.
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