If … Hadn't looked @ the garden mums for a while, & today noticed one of the plants not only has buds, but also is showing color. These butcher blocks have the chops to perform under pressure, Merging a house and a basement flat into one townhouse creates a spacious family home in London, Enjoy priceless beauty with just a few inexpensive stems — and you don’t need fancy vases, either, Keep your tree looking lush until the last ornament is packed away with these tips for watering, using stands and siting, 7 Ecofriendly Gardening Ideas That Also Cut Chore Time, Quiet, Please! An overgrown potentilla can be cut back in early spring to rejuvenate. It’s early spring and your perennial chrysanthemums are poking through the detritus of twisted stems and gnarled leaves as they struggle to give birth to a new round of colorful blooms. This is my "new thing learned" for the day! 1 Response. Praying Mantis in PA Garden -worried about Hummingbirds-need ID please. Thanks. Goodbye 70's hello now! If you want your mums to bloom in the fall, you should start cutting them back early. My mother-in-law called to announce that she just found out that it's time to "cut back the mums...because they're coming on too quick"...??? Yep! Here in South Central PA, I learned the hard way many years ago, when I raised 500 mums to continue pinching or shearing the mums until around July 15th. Hardy mums, which are those that can survive a winter, should be cut back in the spring as new growth emerges. I think they will, as you said, come back loaded with blooms. Many gardeners are surprised that their garden mums start to bloom in mid to late summer. should I just leave it alone?? Good point about being ruthless--last year the plants split under the weight of the blooms. Normally this night length causes mums to flower in September and October. . cm. It's way too late! Is this done every year? Also, I understand that commercial growers now have a spray that will not only delay budding but actually shapes the plants somehow into a nice, dense, rounded form. Is it to late to cut it back? Perennial flowers need the most cutting back in preparations for fall, mainly to improve the appearance of the garden. cm. Don’t cut plants back too soon, because they will go into a growth cycle if warm temperatures persist. I cut back mums until about the 4th of July. However, for warmer climates, it may not be until late November or December. Most of the mums that you buy already flowering in September and October are sold as annuals because it’s too late in the season to plant them; they won’t make it through the winter. It would seem like you could plant them now. Some gardeners choose to prune in the fall, but pruning in spring increases the chance of winter survival. I have been so busy these past two weeks working with my daughters pond and fighting the bettles that I plumb forgot about the mums. This means that pinching them any time after late July is not recommended. Planting should be at LEAST 3-4 feet away from the house and two feet out from any overhang so the plants can get water. This is a rule you learn when you become a Master Gardener and true horticulturists will follow. If you want your mums to bloom in the fall, you should start cutting them back early. After fall bloom is completed, allow the buds and foliage to die naturally. If they have a good 4 to 6 weeks before the first frost, the roots have most likely set. I have not cut it back this year by mistake, there are already buds on the plant and it is about "normal height" for blossoming. The mums need the rest of the summer to grow the stems that will have the flowers, if you pinch the mums too late they won't have enough time to develop flower buds before winter.
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