History. This goes for all humanities majors; you won’t only learn through one style of education. The master’s degree will require work in a bachelor’s degree. If not completed, then the student will need to take the minimal set of courses in history, to even talk and work on history at the master’s level. I actually asked this for someone who is considering history, and there's no one better to ask than real people. 1). Edit: Thank you, everyone, for all of your replies! How hard exactly is it? You will put in long hours in the lab analyzing data and compiling reports, take the toughest classes in math and the sciences, and just generally work hard for your degree. First, it is VERY difficult to get a job as a history teacher. It is a tough degree but if it's where your interests lie you'll enjoy it. Tough question, very difficult to answer. If you have a hard time with long papers, you will have some trouble here, BUT many history depts. have a 2nd year (sophomore yr) seminar where they teach you how to write history … I have my BA in history and 1 MA in public history. Yes, these hardest college majors will present challenges. History degrees are versatile, viable, and valuable, but so often they are not understood or marketed on these terms. But in the end, you will likely earn top dollar. This degree is one for those that really enjoy physical sciences, math, and working hard, because the payout for such a degree is not as good as becoming an Engineer. “As a history major, you get to train in ways that broadly prepare you with the research skills that the market demands,” said University of Kentucky professor Dr. Melanie Goan. We are not a contemplative society, alas, and most jobs for history majors tend to be in teaching. Ok, hi. As a 1st year history student my day looked like: 1 hour of history lecture (had to pick another two subjects so 3 hours of lectures in total) Please answer all questions: 1. I'm just interested in what kinds of jobs people have had with their degree, or if there are any jobs you had people wouldn't guess you could get with a history degree! A history degree provides a broad skillset that has ensured that history majors are employed in almost every walk of life, with some notable trends (see fig. The average starting salary for someone with a Physical Science degree is $44,000. You may have chosen history because you had visions of devouring stacks of ancient primary source documents in a glorious repository in an ancient European metropolis. People with Social Studies Degrees tend to go into teaching since their degrees lead to few other fields. History majors seem particularly well-­prepared for, and attracted to, certain careers. Becoming a history professor begins with the completion of a bachelor's degree program in history or in another related field.
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