Myth #3: There isn’t any documented, real-world research I can use to prove to a homeowner or adjuster that hydroxyl generators actually work and are safe. The Vornado PCO300 (now PCO375) and PCO500 are air purifiers with a great value. Atmospheric hydroxyl radicals are so reactive that they are instantly neutralized when they make contact with any substance and would be impossible to ingest as a complete ion. Are you ready to start enjoying all the benefits of safer, cleaner, healthier, purified indoor air? During this process, the hydroxyls rapidly kill 99.99% of the viruses in the air and on surfaces by breaking down the virus’ molecular structure while preventing them from multiplying. Federal Tax Credits for Commercial Renewable Energy Installations, Federal Tax Credits for Residential Renewable Energy Installations, State Tax Credits for Commercial Renewable Energy Installations, State Tax Credits for Residential Renewable Energy Installations, Demand & Consumption: Understanding Kilowatts and Kilowatt Hours, MySpace Hydroxyl Generator & Air Purifier, Slimline Hydroxyl Generator & Air Purifier, BOSS XL3 Hydroxyl Generator & Air Purifier, MDU/RX Hydroxyl Generator & Air Purifier, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, bakeries, and cafés, Garages (mechanics, auto glass repair, etc. BREATHE THE DIFFERENCETM with OHAir® purifiers – the most effective air and surface purification system available … One of the most frequent questions we hear at Capsells is, “Do air purifiers help with allergens?” and the simple answer is “yes.” The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) reports that allergies caused by airborne pollutants are some of the most common chronic conditions affecting people of all ages globally. They can do the same in your home. At Capsells, we truly believe that everyone is entitled to breathe safe, healthy, clean air in their homes, offices, warehouses, businesses, medical facilities, and other buildings and facilities. This MDU/RX™ Portable Hydroxyl Generator unit is finely tuned to treat odors, bacteria, allergens, and viruses, making it the perfect indoor air treatment for health care, child care, and pet care facilities. NASA even deployed hydroxyl air purification against Anthrax.As well as destroying airborne pathogens, hydroxyl radicals strip them, layer by layer, from smooth exposed surfaces. The trouble is, airborne viruses can enter the air in a room via a cough, a sneeze, even turning the page in a book, and then that virus is carried and dispersed through different air movements, allowing the virus to continually cycle through the air and contaminate surfaces. • Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber • Revitalizing Negative Ion Chamber ... party air purification survey of over 400 dental clients showed that 98% of dentists would recommend Surgically Clean Air to a colleague. Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive (easily becoming hydroxy groups) and consequently short-lived; however, they form an important part of radical chemistry. Wellis Air produces and spreads hydroxyl radicals (OH). These patented hydroxyl units are strategically placed in homes and businesses to create a continuous flow of new hydroxyls both inside and outside of the generator to ensure the cascade effect for safer, cleaner air. Then the Capsells team is excited to help you completely transform your indoor air quality with our best-in-class air purifiers and hydroxyl generators. Patented technology replicates Mother Nature to provide a constant stream of hydroxyls that destroy contaminants on both surfaces and in the air. If you have questions about any of our units, please do not hesitate to contact us. (OH) Hydroxyl Radicals. The benefits of CleanArc Power Hydroxyl Generators and Air Purifiers are limitless. Airtècnics press release in reference to the bibliographic report of the UB Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) is achieved when you combine UV light rays with a TiO2(Titanium Oxide) coated filter. Hydroxyls are the powerful, safe and natural atmospheric cleansing agent that gives 'fresh air' that clean and refreshing feel that we all love. The humidifying Hydroxy Mist produced by DUNHOME Quanta Humidifier™ antimicrobial air humidifier is a hydroxyl generator device installed inside a space-age humidifier/air purifier to generate a hydroxyl. AMBIENT AIR FILTER FAN OXIDIZING UV SOURCE REFLECTOR ATMOSPHERIC HYDROXYL RADICALS No significant concentrations of volatile organic or inorganic oxidants were formed. An air purifier with a legitimate HEPA filter will really help your allergies if it is the right size for the room. Wellisair uses clean and safe technology which … Hydroxyl Air Purifier Technology. Proudly created with Start breathing safer, healthier indoor air with the BOSS Portable Hydroxyl Generator and Portable Air Purifier. ODOROX® hydroxyl generators provide an immediate, permanent solution to combat poor indoor air quality due to bacteria, viruses, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and offensive odors. It is a PCO air purifier, plus it has true HEPA and activated carbon. Airborne illnesses transmitted through the air include colds and flu, and more serious illnesses such as H1N1, SARS, and COVID-19. The rate is $200 per day for the hydroxyl generator plus the daily rate for one air mover since the hydroxyl generator will not turn on without it. An air purifier can only clean the air if the air makes it to the machine. There has never been a more important time than right now to ensure the safe quality of the indoor air that you, your family, your employees, your patrons, and your patients breathe. New Hydroxyl Ultraviolet (UV) air and surface purifiers Hydroxyl cleaners use UV energy to generate a sanitizing molecule called the hydroxyl radical (or just “hydroxyl”) and other resulting oxidants, which … Has your home, office, building, warehouse, or virtually any indoor space been contaminated as the result of fire, mold, bacteria, or other pollutants? ) is the most important natural oxidant in the troposphere, It is vital in the removal of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide or methane. As these pollutants circulate through the indoor air, they reduce the indoor air quality and fall onto surfaces. As a leading brand of high-end environmental household appliances, AirProce covers R&D, manufacture, sales and after-sales service. Norovirus infections on cruise ships can rapidly infect over 30 percent of passengers if not effectively contained. This process creates hydroxyl free radicals, which are highly reactive and combine with other contaminants in the air. The Hydroxyl Radical technology of the SA-5 model 700 air purifier offers your home tremendous air purification without the … Our UV ozone generators produce and abundance of PCO Hydroxyl Radicals … Recommendations are independently chosen by MOOZ’s editors. With numerous case studies, vigorous clinical testing, and an FDA-approval, you can feel confident that you have implemented a truly proven and effective air cleaning system in your home or business. The CleanArc Power Air Purifiers and Hydroxyl Generators are non-chemical devices that provide an environmentally safe and scientifically proven solution for removing odors and destroying viruses, bacteria, disease, allergens, and … Clean Pathogen free Air For You, Your Employees and Your Patients These contaminants includes virus, bacteria and VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds). Hydroxyl Radicals are best used in air purifiers which move a lot of air through the machine with UV Sterilizer tubes surrounded with Titanium Dioxide coating on plates or surfaces inside the air purifier to increase the Hydroxyl Radical production already present. Models meet UL 507 and CSA C22.2 Standards. The Wellis' patented technology replicates Mother Nature to provide a constant stream hydroxyls that destroy contaminants on both surfaces … Airora's Hydroxyl Cascade technology recreates this completely natural … Breathe cleaner, safer, healthier indoor air with the IDU Hydroxyl Generator & Air Purifier induct system. HGI MySpace Hydroxyl Generator & Portable Air Purifier FDA:U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approved the CH5500 as a medical device in occupied spaces in hospitals (5 10k#133800). As the strategically placed hydroxyl generator directs the contaminated air into the unit, the system replicates the sun’s powerful UV rays to neutralize viruses and free-radicals from the air. ), Varicella-Zoster (the virus that causes chickenpox), SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19). These allergens can cause an array of irritating and miserable symptoms for both people and pets, such as itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, irritated skin, and cough, to name a few. Atmospheric hydroxyl radicals are so reactive that they are instantly neutralized when they make contact with any substance and would be impossible to ingest as a complete ion. The safe, virus-free air is then released back into the room. At Capsells, we make it simple, easy, economical, and stress-free for homeowners and business owners alike to equip their home, building, or facility with a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and sustainable, chemical-free air purification system. They interact with water molecules in the air, and the combination forms hydroxyl radicals, a highly reactive pairing of a single hydrogen atom and single oxygen atom, often referred to as a natural air purifier. Compact and smart design. WellisAir Disinfection Purifier removes 99.9% of all hazardous contaminants. COLUMBIA ANALYTICAL SERVICES:Quantitatively measured the decomposition of a wide range of pollutants reacting with CAPDOX oxidants. "Airgle air purification systems are without question, the most extraordinary purifiers in the industry.They are the only hospital-grade system, which possess a highly discriminating cHEPA filter, far exceeding the specifications of traditional HEPA, but also incorporating a powerful UV light and hydroxyl radicals radicals, which … Chlorine (CL) is a chemical that creates a byproduct of tri- ... molecules in a single litre of air, which means they are VOCs 80% – 99% close to one … As a result, both homeowners and business owners can feel confident in the effectiveness and efficiency of our scientifically proven hydroxyl generators and air purifiers. OHAir® purifiers, brought to you by HydroxylLife, create hydroxyls that safely eliminate bacteria, mildew, mold, noxious gases and odors from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments. Studies have found that electrostatic precipitation air purifiers can increase indoor ozone concentrations up to six times the outdoor level ( Rim et al ., 2014). They regenerate new organic oxidants each time they react with an organic compound... and so the cascade continues. The key to purifying and decontaminating a room or even a whole building is through excellent ventilation and treating the contaminated air with an effective hydroxyl air purification system. 10 Best Hydroxyl Radical Air Purifiers. The device was tested in ventilated and unventilated spaces that covered that range and the test data provided to the FDA indicated that: No carbon monoxide was detected above baseline levels. 10 Best Hydroxyl Radical Air Purifiers. Hydroxyl Radicals work by oxidizing pollutants in a manner similar to ozone. Transform your indoor air quality with the Slimline Hydroxyl Generator and Air Purifier. Models can be integrated with HVAC systems to treat over one million cubic feet and feature interactive real-time process controls that enable remote monitoring and control. When you think about how much time we spend indoors where we live, work, and play, and then combine that duration of time spent indoors with poor air quality being trapped inside of say, a home, office, or restaurant, then it’s no wonder that these allergens can negatively affect our immune and respiratory health. Purchases you make through our links may earn us … (OH) Hydroxyl Radicals The sun's ultraviolet rays combine with moisture in the air to create atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and protect the earth's environment. That being said, when it comes to air purifiers and hydroxyl generators, not all are created equal. The sun's ultraviolet rays combine with moisture in the air to create atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and protect the earth's environment. This is the fact that makes hydroxyl radicals, which are in the outside air at all times during the day, one of the safest processes for … A ventilation system releases the … Whether your air has been contaminated with smoke, black mold, or harsh chemicals, this... BOSS XL3 Portable Hydroxyl Generator & Portable Air Purifier Let’s explore the advantages of rapid and sustained solutions for safely treating viruses, allergens, bacteria, odors, and other air pollutants. Hydroxyl radical generators have been proven to be excellent at breaking down odors related to pets, fires, decomposition, grease and cooking, paints, and off-gassing of building products (although hydroxyl radical generators may have to be used for substantially longer periods of time if the source of the odor in the building is … low-temperature plasma generates an electrical energy by inducing discharge between a negative … The science is simple, really. The HGI MySpace Hydroxyl Generator and Portable Air Purifier is the most technologically sophisticated and advanced air purification system and surface treatment device in the world. Hydroxyls - 'nature's detergent' - are created naturally in outdoor air by sunlight, water and plant oils, and continuously cascade as they decontaminate the air. Atmospheric Hydroxyl radicals … As the generator pulls in the contaminated air, it breaks apart the molecular structure of allergen contaminants, cleans the air particles, and then pushes the purified air back out into a room. Capsells’ Hydroxyl Generators and Air Purifiers stand out as a leading purification system because, to put it simply — they work. Pulire Biosystems Private Limited is a leading supplier of Air Steriliser. GENERAL OFFICES. Norovirus is the most common cause of foodborne-disease outbreaks in the United S… Not only that, but these irritants can also cause more serious and even life-threatening reactions such as anaphylaxis, and can become increasingly dangerous for people who have compromised immune systems, or who have chronic respiratory issues such as asthma. In contrast, according to the results obtained in our laboratory, the Hydroxyl Radicals OH generated by Wellisair are expected to have the same inactivation effect on the Coronavirus, without the drawbacks of ozone toxicity. So how does the CleanArc Hydroxyl Generator and Air Purifier work to eliminate viruses in the air and on surfaces in these and other types of settings? Clean Pathogen free Air For You, Your Employees and Your Patients, Advanced Hydroxyl LLC Jacksonville Florida 32256, © 2023 by PURE. Performance data published in the FDA 510(k) summary showed 4 to 5 log reductions in airborne bacteria and selected virus within 1 to 2 hours; a reduction that is equivalent to killing 99.999% of the microorganisms. HYDROXYL GENERATORS AND AIR PURIFIERS Patented, Non-Chemical Devices that Provide an Environmentally Safe and Scientifically Proven Solution for Removing Odors and Destroying Bacteria & Disease. Air Purifiers Must Be the Right Size. That means the air purifier must constantly be moving the air in the room. the hydroxyl radical, which are far too dangerous to con- sider. Using an... IDU Hydroxyl Generator & Air Purifier Radical formation When UV light shines on the filter, electrons on the TiO₂ surface are released. The world’s first consumer hydroxyl air and surface purifier using the same technology as the FDA approved Odorox ® MDU/Rx TM unit. The Hydroxyl Radical, which was first discovered by scientists in 1963, is referred to as the “detergent” of the troposphere – or the lowest part of the atmosphere – because it reacts with pollutants and helps destroy them. Just like Capsells air filter machines work to eliminate airborne viruses, these air purifiers and hydroxyl generators have been scientifically proven to reduce common allergen air pollutants by 99.99%, improving the safety and health of indoor environments in both small and large spaces. Removes 99.9% of existing viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on surfaces and in the air. Generated … Increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism helps you protect your largest … What’s more, we continue researching and testing our products while developing new technologies to ensure you always have access to the best air purification systems engineered to be effective, durable, and reliable for any and all applications. LOVELACE RESPIRATORY RESEARCH INSTITUTE:Premier U.S. atmospheric chemistry research center, and verified CAPDOX formation and reaction rates. By making safe, clean indoor air an accessible and attainable reality for everyone, we can help support the health of our local, state, and global communities. Our Product "Pulire" generates Hydroxyl Radical which are one of the strongest oxidising agent which react chemically with the lipids, protein carbohydrates and other organic chemicals in the cell membranes of bacteria viruses and other pathogens and … Explore our residential and commercial medical-grade air purification units to find the one that best suits your needs. The HRC06 Hydroxyl Generator & Air Purifier system is ideal for use in a variety of spaces to improve indoor air quality. Wellis Air OH (Hydroxyl Radials)- Purification The sun's ultra-violet rays are combined with moisture in the air to create atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and protect the earth's environment. Hydroxyl radicals are 1,000,000 times faster at destroying pollutants in the air than ozone. Hydroxyl generation has been approved by multiple regulators as safe air cleaning technology. I use the Vornado air purifier. Purifying hydroxyl radicals. The Odorox® MDU/Rx™ medical model is an ultraviolet (UV) air purifying device intended for the reduction of bacteria and selected virus in air in medical facilities. PurificAir is a device that purifies closed rooms, through the generation of Hydroxyl Radicals.These are generated thanks to the innovative Active Hydroxigel, contained in the exclusive capsule.PurificAir imitates the Cleaning Process that occurs in Nature, known as the Open Air Factor (OAF). It takes innovation and quality as the enterprise core and creates professional and reliable products with profound sense of design.Product lines: Air Purifier、SmartVent ™ ventilation system、Humidifier、 Portable Air Purifier … Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. Hydroxyl radicals are powerful cleansing agents that occur naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. rapidly disperse, sanitizing indoor air and surfaces. Moving the air requires a motor and a fan. This cycle continues as the hydroxyl generator is active, constantly improving the air quality in your home or office, and thereby improving your quality of life. Most notably hydroxyl radicals are produced from the decomposition of hydroperoxides (ROOH) or, in atmospheric chemistry, by the reaction of excited … What I’m Using – The Best of Inexpensive PCO Air Purifier – Vornado. Capsells is committed to helping everyone breathe safer, cleaner indoor air. The hydroxyls replicate the Sun’s natural UV irradiation process to eliminate 99.99% of... Slimline Generator & Air Purifier This hydroxyl... BOSS Portable Hydroxyl Generator & Air Purifier So how can CleanArc Hydroxyl Generators and Air Purifiers rapidly treat the air, thereby, significantly reducing the populations of allergens in your indoor air? They are created when oxygen atoms pull a hydrogen atom from water vapor, which then form the radical. Our team is on a steadfast mission to bring 99.99% safer, cleaner, healthier air into your homes and businesses to not only improve your quality of life, but to also protect your health, wellness, and well-being. The entire Capsells team is here for you now and always. Last Updated On October 24, 2020. Common allergens make their way into homes and businesses via open windows, HVAC systems, and we even carry them inside on our clothes and other surfaces. Minimizing the risk of bacterial and viral infections on cruise ships is an ever-present challenge. Airborne viruses can contaminate the air in literally any setting, be it a home, an office, a warehouse, even a super hygienic medical facility. They are even more effective, but are much safer than ozone, which can damage lung tissue. ODOROX® hydroxyl generators provide an immediate, permanent solution to combat poor indoor air quality due to bacteria, viruses, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and offensive odors. Induct Units Portable Units. Most PCO units are much pricier or don’t include all three air … This is the fact that makes hydroxyl radicals, which are in the outside air at all times during the day, one of the safest processes for deodorizing in an … The new clean air then regenerates new organic oxidants through the cascade effect described earlier, ensuring a constant stream of safer, healthier air for you, your family, your employees, and your patrons to breathe. The Odorox® MDU/Rx™ is designed to treat areas of approximately 130 to 500 square feet with 8 to 10 foot ceilings (~1200 to 5,000 cubic feet) and has been approved by the FDA for use in occupied spaces. Replacement U Optic for HGI / Pyure Hydroxyl Generators. Air & Surface Disinfection Purifier for home and business. What is the Hydroxyl Radical? That is why we have designed and manufactured our hydroxyl generators and air purifiers for numerous applications, from residential and commercial to industrial, medical, retail settings and more. While these air purifiers are somewhat effective at this, the process of adding an electrical charge to the air causes some free oxygen molecules to become ozone. Hydroxyl Radicals Safely and efficiently creating airborne 'Hydroxyl Radicals' is at the core of what we do. COMPARATIVE BIOSCIENCES:Conducted CAPDOX toxicology studies, and verified safety according to strict FDA Good Laboratory Practices(GLP) standard. Breathe safer air that is 99.99% free of viruses, bacteria, allergens, odors, and other harmful air pollutants. Of particular concern is the ubiquitous Norovirus.
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