Subscribe Now: More: toggle drywall anchors is a great way to not worry about where your studs are. Start by drilling a hole for the bolt. A toggle bolt can support upward of 300 pounds. If you’re unsure what to pick, toggle bolts or molly bolts are most often used … How to Install Toggle Drywall Anchors : Drywall Help - YouTube To install: Bore a hole in the wall large enough to accommodate the toggle. Once they’re hand tight, use a screwdriver to secure the mount the rest of the way. How to Attach a Closet Rod to Plaster Walls, Danny Lipford: How to Hang Anything on Anything, This Old House: How to Repair Plaster Walls, How to Hang Mirrors & Pictures on Plaster Walls Without Nails, How to Remove a Brick From the Center of the Wall. Its main feature is its ability to be installed in thicker hollow wall material, up to three inches thick. Thread machine screw through toggle bolt nut, then pinch flat the wings on the toggle and push it through the hole in the wall. 3. If you cannot use a joist to secure the heavy object, the next method is to use a toggle bolt. Screw the mount into the toggle bolts with a screwdriver. Used screws or mounting devices rated for the load, and mount them into or … Now hang the IKEA on the plywood. You can also find molly bolts small enough to use with hollow doors. You then slide the plastic cap into the hole and rock the plastic straps back and forth … A toggle bolt with a hook consists of a bolt threaded through the center of two spring-loaded wings that distribute its weight in the drywall. I finally managed to find an anchor that works in lath and plaster -- it's called a toggle bolt or molly! For example, use a 3/8″ drill bit to create the hole for a 1/8″ toggle and a 1 1/4″ bit for a 1/2” toggle. The FlipToggle® anchor’s strong toggling mechanism supplies extra holding power in drywall, plaster or hollow concrete blocks. One style of toggle bolt employs a plastic sleeve that holds the toggle in place after installation, allowing you to remove the bolt if necessary without losing the toggle inside the wall. Next, fold the toggle wings flush against the bolt and push them through a drilled hole until they pop open on the other side. This means there's a layer of hard plaster, a layer of space, then concrete blocks. Put a … If you do not have a drill: Drive a nail through the wall. Thread the bolt into the center of the toggle with the wings of the toggle pointing toward the head of the bolt. When you tighten the bolt, it pulls the wings against the back of the laths, creating a securely … Toggle Anchors. The wall is plaster, and then hollow and then concrete. Molly bolts can be used in plaster but it’s trickier you have to make sure you get one that’s long enough (has a big enough space to accommodate the thickness of the plaster. Choose heavy-duty plaster anchors capable of bearing the TV’s weight. A toggle bolt uses a large collapsible nut to increase clamping pressure of the bolt. To use them you drill a 1/2″ hole and insert the metal toggle thing in the wall. Remove the masking tape from the wall. Pull the bolt back until the wings catch the wall. I have screws with toggle bolts on them. Withdraw the bit straight back out of the hole. Don't overtighten the bolt or you can crack the plaster or break the toggle. Here we go: How to use a toggle bolt: Grab your drill, a small drill bit, a spade drill bit that’s big enough to fit the toggle, your toggle bolt, and whatever it is you’re hanging up (in this case, ALGOT wall uprights). Drywall anchors and toggle bolts are hanging hardware that lend extra holding power to screws. Get anchors capable of bearing at least 150 lb (68 kg) of weight. Fold the toggle back, and insert it through the wall hole until you feel the wings have opened on the other side of the wall. Steve Hamilton has been writing professionally since 1983. From there, begin screwing down the bolt. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Some prior knowledge of the existing materials -- thickness of the drywall, gauge of metal studs and spacing of metal studs -- will aid in determining the best mounting methods. It's limited by the strength of the drywall itself, which will probably break before the bolt fails. Place two small pieces of painter's masking tape on the wall in the shape of an "X" at the location you want to install a wall hook or other fastener. A toggle bolt is used for lamping heavy objects to drywall or lath. Select a bolt long enough to include the object plus the wall plus the length of the toggle then folded up. They should not be twirling while you are fixing the bolt. The sleeve has wings that expand and anchor to the back of the drywall. The wings fold up as it enters the hole, and then they spring out on the other side. Standard expanding-type wall anchors require careful installation and are inappropriate for anything but light loads. Select the correct size drill bit according to the instructions on the package of toggle bolts and chuck it into the drill. From there, fold down the toggle and feed it through the hole you drilled in the wall (as pictured above). Once inside the wall, the toggle will spring back open. Insert the bracket in the bolt and thread the toggle onto its end. Drill a hole through the wall. Toggle bolts are sized by the diameter of the screw and its length. Install toggle drywall anchors with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.Expert: Joshua ClementFilmmaker: Nathanael RittichierSeries Description: You can save a great deal of money by installing drywall and performing other basic types of maintenance on your own. Use a drill bit with that diameter. 4. Insert the toggle bolt into the hole and push on the bolt until the toggle wings open inside the wall void. Flat-tip molly bolts work well on plaster walls. Hold the drill steady and drill straight into the plaster. Although carbide masonry bits will make faster work of drilling through plaster, they don't work as well on wooden lath and can crack the plaster if the bit vibrates or wanders. The key I've found is to use the fastener that will hold the weight but is the least invasive to the walls. Pull on the bolt head as you turn it clockwise with your fingers so that the toggle tightens against the inside of the wall. The 3 inch screw with the toggle bolt is too long because it hits the concrete. Make sure it is large enough to allow the toggle to go through. Toggle anchors or toggle bolts look like normal screws but with a butterfly toggle at the end. Pulling at the screw or otherwise placing any sort of outward force has no effect as the toggle forces the entire sheet of drywall to resist instead of just the crumbly core. The safest thing with plaster is to drill into studs but studs are a bit hard to find in plaster, plus … we don’t always want to hang things where the studs happen to be. As the bolt becomes larger, the toggle will also increase in size, and as it gets longer, the more it can accommodate a thicker wall. Get Sheetrock tips with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video series. Metal toggle bolts can support heavy loads in drywall, plaster and hollow-core concrete block. Pinch the toggle closed with your thumb and forefinger. A remodeling and repair specialist with over 20 years experience, he is also a Certified Pool Operator and holds an EPA Universal refrigerant certification. Molly bolts are hard to remove. Fit the item to be anchored over the bolt, then insert the toggle and tighten. Fold the wings of a traditional toggle bolt together and measure the distance between their outside edges with an accurate ruler. Molly bolts can be removed from the wall and re-used, unlike toggle bolts. A spring -loaded toggle holds against the back of the material. You drill a hole in the wall and insert the bolt into the hole. I just need to use masonry drill bits, so that I don't crumble the plaster. Toggle bolts are the traditional anchor method. Don't press too hard; allow the drill bit to do the work. Drill hole through plaster large enough to accept the toggle bolt. The 2 inch screw with the toggle bolt was too short to get the toggle bolt inside the plaster to the hollow part. And I use different types of fasteners. Use a toggle bolt to hang items less than 10 lb (4.5 kg) in drywall. A hook is attached to the end of the bolt instead of a standard bolt head. You’ll need to pull gently on the bolt as you’re screwing it in to prevent the toggle from spinning around with the bolt. Mount the plywood on the wall using studs that you find by punching nails until you find them. 5. His credits include novels under the Dell imprint and for Harlequin Worldwide. Hanging things on lath and plaster walls is a tricky business. This type of anchor has two parts: the toggle and the machine bolt. For best results, heavy objects should be mounted to as many metal studs as possible so that the weight will be evenly distributed. Remember plaster is soft. Slip the wall hook or other fastener onto the bolt. But the toggle bolt will reach into the hollow part. By increasing the surface area the screw can use to grip the drywall, they create pressure that braces the anchor and screw against the drywall. The important thing is to avoid making the hole larger than the flange at the head of the shank where you screw in the bolt. Wiggle it until it comes loose and you can pull it out. Plaster is a hard, durable material, but it's also resistant to penetration. A lag bolt has very deep grooves in the threads for maximum grip. Instead of removing them, you can hide them in the wall by tapping them … To hang mirror on a plaster wall, use a toggle bolt outfitted with a picture-hanging hook. To install, insert the bolt through your fixture and thread the toggle onto it. To show you just how the toggle bolt works, I photographed a short demo using a bit of scrap wood. Always check to be sure there are no electrical lines or plumbing in the way before drilling holes in a wall. Place the tip of the bit against the center of the masking tape "X." Pull back on the bolt and tighten. When installing a toggle bolt, to keep the plaster from cracking, use two pieces of painter’s tape to mark the spot where you intend to drill. Pinch the toggle closed with your thumb and forefinger. Visit us today for the widest range of Wall & Floor Anchors products. You can’t use anchors designed for drywall, so choose carefully. Driving anything much larger than a pin nail into plaster can easily cause it to crack, chip and even separate from the lath in chunks. Toggle bolts, which also consist of a bolt that screws into a sleeve, are the strongest drywall anchors.. 2. When placed into the wall, toggle anchors work by anchoring to the back of the drywall. Step 2 - Placing the Screw First, separate the toggle and screw, and then attach the screw to whatever it is you want to hang on the wall. Put the screws that came with your TV mount through each of the holes and turn them clockwise to tighten them in the toggle bolt. For real holding power, a properly installed toggle bolt wall anchor is the way to go. The holes do not matter as you will cover them up with the plywood. Stop drilling when the bit penetrates into the wall void. Do not over tighten or you may pull the fastener loose. Using toggle bolts is a common way to anchor heavy objects into steel studs. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver until toggle bolt contacts the back of the wall. Hold the mount against the wall so the holes line up with the toggle bolts. If you use a masonry bit, stop when you hit the lath and switch to a standard bit. Pointed-tip molly bolts are great for hanging objects on drywall. Tighten the toggle bolt securely with a screwdriver. Plastic versions hold medium loads in drywall and plaster. The largest molly bolts can hold up to 50 pounds. The drill bit must have a size slightly larger than the butterfly wings when closed on the toggle bolt. A toggle bolt can be used similar to a molly bolt but with less care taken when installing.
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