You don’t want soaking wet hair because it will take the hair forever to dry after styling. The pleasure in this is you can go crazy by experimenting with various colors! If you feel that some of the knots are not fully dry, you can keep the hairstyle in until they are dry, or sit under a hooded dryer to dry them faster. Place a bobby pin directly in the middle of the knot. Your bantu knot out will last for days. The style will add an... 2. How to do Bantu knots Being a protective do, Bantu knots is one that helps to tuck away the tips of the hair which is prone to damage easily. Though originally a style exclusive to this ethnic group, it didn’t take too long before globalization got to it. Use the rat tail comb to create designer or simple parts. Your email address will not be published. The Bantu knots themselves are one style that can be worn for a few days. This is because the straighter relaxed ends will dry faster than your natural curly roots and you don’t want to twist hair that dry half way down. The larger size will prevent tangling, and the style will last longer. Go For a Shag Haircut: 50 Funky and Cool Ideas! You can wear the bantu knots as a style themselves or you can blowdry or sit under a dryer to set the style immediately. Bantu Knots styles are greatly known as protective hairstyles built with coils, braids or natural curls. Repeat steps 2 through 6 on all of the sections in your hair. The answer? A pop of color instantly adds plus 100 style points to the updo. Bantu knots on natural hair are a great hairstyle when you are growing your curls. Bantu knots on natural hair are not the only way to rock the mini buns style. Note that bantu knots look good with circular earrings. Although this bold look may seem daunting to wear, it definitely pushes the wearer's confidence to astronomical levels. We have seen it worn by white models on the runways and in photo shoots for magazines. And Nowadays it’s one of the most popular, most used, most smart and most cute hairstyles of the African American black women. Let your imagination run wild with all the patterns you can create! 25 Bantu Knot Styles 1. Part and create designer or simple parts. Be very gentle when manipulating colored tresses. You also do not want to do this on dry hair, because dry hair is more prone to breakage and it may not hold the style well. You can get huge, soft curls if getting a Bantu knot hairstyle on dry hair. The next day, when you unravel the knots, your hair will be in perfect curls. Incorporating embellishments into any hairdo adds something special – your something special. Copyright © 2016 - 2018 * HAIR Motive - All rights reserved, Shampoo, deep conditioning hair mask, and conditioner, Coconut, jojoba, or virgin olive oil (oil of choice), Mousse, setting lotion, or curl defining cream. I usually do this style at night, and by morning it’s air-dried. Bantu knots are a protective hairstyle that has been worn by African women for many years. The hair will loosen and for a small tight curl as you undo the knot. Take that braid and create your textured knot! That can cause breakage at the stress point (The area where your hair transitions from curly to straight). If there is no more oil on your hands apply another light layer otherwise, now that your hair is out of the twists, gently separate each curl with your fingertips to prevent frizziness. This is helpful with creating knots and having them hold their shape. Unlike popular protective hairdos – long box braids, weaves, and crochet styles – the knots will not stop you from getting in an amazing work out. When you notice the definition is weakening, don’t despair – now is the perfect time to create the afro of your dreams. Wrap the Bantu knots in a silk or satin head scarf. Make sure your hair is completely dry. Natural roots and tightly curled tips offer a classy ‘do with two textures. Wash your hair and then separate it into four parts. 60 Medium Hair Updos that Are as Easy as 1,2,3, 55 Alluring Ways to Sport Short Haircuts with Thick Hair. For those in that boat – have you seen this beauty? The Bantu buns are truly friendly to every hair texture. It’s the exact same way as on natural hair, just be extra sensitive to the fact that treated tresses are weaker and prone to breakage. This is to protect and moisturize the hair and to prevent frizziness as you take it down. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights: 55 Charming Ideas, Your Ultimate Guide on the Different Types of Bangs. Here are 20 suggestions on how to customize this pretty protective style. Plus, they are just cute and resemble the shape of your knots, so this could be a pretty nice idea to personalize your updo. The short natural hairstyle with defined ends looks neat and chic. Neat Bantu Updo. Add an eye-catching hair piece or a necklace that rests on your forehead, along the hairline, and is held by your side knots – what a clever and cute solution! If you wish to larger knots, you can go up to a maximum of four knots. Lightly coat your hands with a hair oil or serum of your choice. Instructions. Apply conditioner and then proceed to use a wide tooth comb. Bantu Knots are a wonderful protective style that truly makes me feel proud when I wear it. Separate your hair into small sections to make the detangling process easier and prevent tangles and breakage. We don’t keep our hair secrets. Braided Bantu Knots. At the end of the rolled section, apply more products, tuck your rolled hair and hold tightly. After washing your hair, detangle it. Bantu Knots are a 2 for 1 special. For such a short length, it’s definitely success. Here is a stunning protective look for all natural-haired ladies. Some women choose to wear hair in their knotted form for this Bantu knots style. While doing this style on the back of the head after finishing other sections, you might feel that the hair is dried up. Make sure you comb each section of your hair. Stick with a product that has light to medium hold to create knots So really, it’s two hairstyles for the price of one. Twist the hair moving up the length as you go. Perfect Festival Style. Twisting and wrapping your curls in knots is a pretty universal styling solution. 18. In the middle section only, twist the hair into a Bantu knot. Heading to a music festival? With that in mind, be gentle when wrapping and unraveling the twist. In many cases, the pins that we post link to short tutorials or how to articles showing you how to do the styles. Roll or twist your hair with your fingers and form a circle. Section your hair into medium to large pieces. Moreover, they can be done with extensions, too. In such cases, spray water and continue to twist the knots. The bantu knot style originated in South Africa (Picture: Getty) They are made by twisting your hair around itself until it forms a knot. Bantu knots, like most hairstyles that hail from Africa, render stunning looks. Afro textured hair is truly unique and fascinating. Continue to comb the relaxed hair with the conditioner and remove tangles. Popular protective styles for afro-textured hair are box braids, twists, weaves, sew-ins and the like. Oil your hair and then brush your hair. After detangling, apply whatever hair products your normally apply to your hair. Bantu knots hairstyles for relaxed hair Relaxed hair should be clean to start. Once it begins to feel like a tight coil, you can then begin wrapping it around itself or keep twisting it, and the hair will coil around itself on its own. They are made by twisting your hair around itself until it forms a knot that resembles a stack of tires. Although they look intimidating and difficult to do, following the steps above will make you a bantu knot master in no time. After enchanting the people of South Africa, these styles have navigated towards America in the close past. Though they have knots in their name, bantu knots are essentially small, coiled buns that are achieved when you twist strands of hair together and secure them to make a ‘knot’. Oil and then gently comb through each section with your Denman brush. Once the hair is dry, you want to remove any hairpins or hair ties you may have in your hair holding the knots together. As if you were unscrewing the top of a jar. You do not want to wrap the ends around the base in this case because the ends are relaxed and fragile. Allow your hair to air dry to about 80% dry. Oh, and if you want to create bantu knots with cool zigzag parts on your kids, here's an adorable video of me doing my daughter's hair for you to follow along: Follow Stasha on Instagram . This 90s look is making a comeback, and it’s been seen everywhere, from on your favorite celebrities to your neighbor's 5-year-old. Part your front hair in three sections, making the middle section a triangle. Wash and condition your hair thoroughly. The hairstyle is one that can be easily done by the wearer for those who love to do their hair by themselves. Use curl defining cream or setting lotion on each section of hair to If you think your bantu knots look too simple, add braided or twisted designs in between your knots to get a cool dimensional style. Make sections in your hair using a rat tail comb. How to - perfect Bantu knots on natural hair & transitioning hair. Get hair style inspiration. Welcome Beautiful People! If you find that the knot is too loose or your hair will not stay, use a bobby pin and push it through the base of the bantu knot to hold it in place. Beginning your bantu bun with a braid is another way to get your personal touch on the popular hairstyle. These flat twists with a curly bun make a gorgeous style, but the knots which resemble rosebuds, are definitely the cherry on the cake. Tired of fluffy curls? Bantu knots are a hairstyle that originated with African women. When your hair is not long enough even to make a decent afro puff, go for cute little knots. However, lately, more and more women want to show off their hair in fun protective hairstyles that are quick and easy to do. This hairstyle is called the Bantu knot out. The simple and stunning look is a favorite non-installation protective style worn by many Black women, including our Senior Copy Editor Gerilyn Hayes (pictured). So, if you, or your BFF have locks – get to knotting. This ‘do is the perfect natural style to showcase your exemplary baby hair. If you want to replicate this look, consider tying up your hair in an assortment of pyramid shaped Bantu knots. Comb through your hair to remove tangles and smooth it out. As a bonus, once you have gotten your wear out of the knots, they can be undone to create a beautiful curly hair look, often called a bantu knot out. Add a twist along the hairline for some variety. How to Do Bantu Knots. Only use a small amount of hair cream, because this also adds moisture to the hair, and can cause it to take longer to dry or cause unnecessary product buildup. Others choose to unravel the hair after a few hours to achieve a curly style with loose waves depending on the hair texture. If you’re looking to make a protective style that will last much longer than a few days, try bantu knots! For a truly special African hairstyle, try mixing the following techniques: Bantu knots, a few cornrows and braided pigtails. This piece of inspiration is for ladies with silky, relaxed hair. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bantu knots just on the front look laidback and chill. Well, whether you resort to bantu knots only to achieve cute heatless curls or use them as 2-in-1 hairstyle, they are really beautiful, practical and undemanding. You can air dry but because straighter hair can have difficulty holding styles it is better to dry your hair in place. You can also create Bantu knots for just a few hours to create quick curls. You will not need any special hair care products. Lightly grab a knot in the middle and gently twist in the opposite direction of the hair. Because transitioning hair has two different textures, instead of allowing your hair to dry to 80%, only let it get to about 60%-70% dry. Now, section your hair according to the number of knots you want. You can use the regular shampoo and conditioner you use all the time for washing your hair. They should be dry by the next morning. It may look intimidating, but creating the bantu knots hairstyle is not as difficult as it looks. Cowrie shells are known to represent opulence and affluence amongst other meanings. So in order for all the hair to be wet, only let it get to about 70% dry. The tension of wrapping them around the base of the bantu knot can cause them to break off. Take the section of hair that you are working on and hold it as close to the roosts as you can. Apply mousse or setting lotion to the hair. Use Bantu knots as a way to style your curls. Slowly put your hair in large bantu knots. With these styles, we hope you give the bantu twist knots new life. Thank you for tuning in to my Bantu Knot Tutorial/ Doing my hair with me. It's been well over a year since Marc Jacobs sent models sporting Bantu knots in a mohawk formation down the runway at his Spring 2015 Marc by Marc Jacobs show.But a related hair tutorial recently published on the beauty blog Mane Addicts-- and later removed -- sparked outrage among many black women and men for linking the style to Marc Jacobs, rather than acknowledging its actual … Your hair should be damp, not soaked, with leave in conditioner or water. Bantu knots are a trendy hairstyle that protects your hair and looks good when you take them down. Apply your hair cream to the section you are working on. The process works the exact same way as it does on kinkier textured locks, and the look is just as fabulous. A simple and neat updo with tight knots done with love is something that flatters any girl If your hair is medium-length, the photo above gives you a better idea of how your knot out will turn out. Start with a clean head of hair and spray in leave in conditioner. If you don’t like bobby pins, you can use ouchless hair ties to hold them.
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