Just like you can’t … Editor’s Note: Most fishermen, especially those in the Deep South, will name May as the month for catching big bream, and particularly the time around the full moon in May. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you land a few bonus big carp too! April 4, 2018 Sam Curtis. If you observe bream rolling at the surface it is very likely that they will feed in that area, so any time spent finding rolling fish is well spent. Catching a mess of big bream like these requires more than luck. The bream fishing here really is second-to-none, and over the course of two days I amassed a haul of 22 big bream, the majority of these in double-figures and the biggest weighing a mighty 14lb 6oz! Bigger bluegill and shellcrackers stay in deeper water even during spawning season.” Follow tried and true bream fishing tips to increase your catch. The most effective way to catch large bream is to ledger with a groundbait feeder and a sensitive quivertip. The best time to enjoy such a bream haul is right now, so don’t delay. For beginners, fish somewhere shallow. This is the secret of catching big river bream; to intensively fish a shoal and try to keep it in your swim. While bream are abundant, the big ones often evade inexperienced anglers. It was only 36cm but bream strike cranks so aggressively making it such a fun form of fishing. By the time they reach a kilo, a 20-year-old-fish has run the gauntlet of countless nets, hooks and lures. But, to catch bluegills that weigh almost 5 pounds, certain conditions have to come together to produce a new world-record bluegill. For example you'll have no problem catching a stringer full of bream with Bett's Bream Madness fly or Bett's Bream and Bluegill Popper Assortment. The video below shows you how to use crank-style hard body lures to catch big bream. If you’re going to catch one of these smart suckers you need to be doing something different to the next guy. Because the only way of catching those bigger fish is through the shoal itself! Best way to catch a big bream . Gravel pit bream use patrol routes like underwater highways, every so often stopping to graze on beds of tiny invertebrates, driven by the need to find more food to fuel their huge bodies. The profile of a typical crank lure is 38mm long and 3-4 grams in weight. Big 'Bull' slab bluegills have a pugnacious, pug-nosed and are quite likely to be 8- to 10-year-old fish, especially when found in northern climes. Whether you call them brim or bream or just plain old bluegills, big bluegills deserve a certain reverence. Now the bream, a deep bodied shoal fish, isn’t everyone’s favourite, but feeling the heavy thump of a big slab on the other end has to be one of the most satisfying feelings in fishing. I remember catching my first bream on a crank lure. Bluegills and other bream can be caught using a variety of baits and lures, but small live baits such as crickets tend to work best. “In deeper water, big bream see little pressure because so few people fish deep for bluegills. Even a big bream … Big bream are generally nocturnal feeders and often have a tendency to roll on the surface, particularly just as the light falls at dusk. “It’s an under-utilized resource, but anglers usually catch bigger panfish in deep water than in the shallows. You can also catch small still water common bream using waggler float tackle. Big bream, especially big redears, tend to take a position below the rest of the school, usually on or very near the bottom, even in shallow water. Bream shoals can consist of 10,20,30 or even 50 or more fish of various sizes.
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