Othello acts like a confident man when in Venice, he has the support of his wife and men like Cassio. Iago plays on the fact that Othello is not of Venetian society. He has Roderigo tell Othello that he think Desdemona and Cassio having an affair. This will make Othello want to know the truth even more as it is human nature to be curious; after all we all want to know details especially if you know that really you shouldn't hear it. Iago knows that Desdemona will take up Cassio's plight for she is a good person. . As in Act 1 Scene 3 where the powerful Duke and Brabantio, a wealthy noble are speaking in rhyming verse. Othello's lack of judgement is shown when he lets suspicion of Desdemona having an affair with Cassio take over his mind, stopping all rational thought. This shows Othello trusts Iago and believes he is honest, thus Iago’s lying is working, and he begins to pull the wool over Othello’s eyes.In the beginning of the play Othello’s relationship with Desdemona is a very loving and happy one. Iago is a man who is out for his own gain, and there are many people in our society who are like him. The luck of this situation is gargantuan; one mention of the name Bianca and Othello would realise that Cassio was really speaking about her, fortuitously for Iago, Cassio does not mention Bianca's name once in the entire conversation. Their relationship is very interesting, it starts as Iago being Othello’s ancient, but he soon becomes his best friend and influences him greatly. The more Desdemona pleads to Othello about this matter, the more Othello believes that Cassio is sleeping with his wife. Iago knows that the fact that Cassio has the handkerchief won't be any kind of real proof that Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona, but he is pretty sure that it will be proof enough for Othello, because "Trifles light as air / Are to the jealous confirmations strong / As proofs of holy writ" (3.3.322-324) In was shock to everyone and probably even Othello that one of the most eligible women in Venice has fallen in love with him. This is a major part in fooling Othello as it is the only real piece of evidence Iago has to back up his accusations, and without it you could question whether his overall plan would have succeeded.A key moment in convincing Othello is where Iago persuades him to eavesdrop and overhear what he thought were Cassio’s boasts about his affair with Desdemona. Having realised the horror of the situation he takes full blame for his actions and commits suicide and lies next to his beloved bride to die. Iago fools many of the main characters. More important people speak in verse. Another technique Iago uses is to make Othello feel inferior and alien through race and class etc. The characters must have a motive of their own and therefore is there not a basis for Othello to be pushed into murdering his wife? He will divorce you.’ This shows the audience that Iago does not like Othello and is already trying to fool him and make him wary of things he need not be wary of. Iago argues that Desdemona’s kindheartedness will prompt her to help Cassio if Cassio entreats her, and that she will persuade Othello to give Cassio back his lieutenantship. Othello: Iago Makes Othello Believe His Wife Is Having An Affair      In Shakespeare's "Othello," Iago carefully and masterfully entraps Othello into believing that his wife… These images show us the depth of Othello's jealousy, the woman he loved he now disparage. In the 21 st century everything has become more visualized. In Act 3 Scene 3, how does Iago persuade Othello of Desdemona’s supposed infidelity? Iago thinks that he can use the handkerchief to convince Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him. While Cassio is talking to Desdemona about asking Othello to take him back, Iago is implanting sexual images of Cassio and Desdemona in Othello’s mind. To become Lieutenant Iago as always uses several people in an elaborate plan. 2.1 Iago arrives at Cyprus with Desdemona and his own wife, Emilia. Othello is the typical "tragic hero" that Shakespeare incorporated in many of his works, a man who sets out to do his very best, but through one flaw he is bought down. How Iago Convinces Othello that Desdemona and Cassio Must Die In Act Three, Scene Three of ‘Othello’, by William Shakespeare, the main theme is Iago’s plan to convince Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity with Cassio; and ultimately get them punished. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Your Deadline is Too Short? "Honest my lord? " Iago is "trying to convince him to slow down on his judgements of the two until he has concrete proof." Othello's overpowering jealousy blinding him from the truth and Iago's revenge which bring about the chaos and evil. Let Professional Writer Help You, 6000 Fairview Road, SouthPark Towers, Suite 1200, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA. When Othello begins to fall into the trap that Iago has set out, there is only one thing that would convince him completely. He no longer speaks in fluent verse; instead he asks Desdemona lots of short sharp questions and is very hurried and aggressive. How?’ These abrupt sentences reflect his mental state and show he is very tense, on edge and generally unstable/out of control. Often as the audience we feel like screaming at him for being so blind to the facts, we are drained of our emotions. This is a very degrading scene for Othello as Iago makes him conceal himself in a corner at a whim only to completely fool him and lie to him about what Cassio is saying. 2.3. "I will beseech the virtuous Desdemona to undertake for me". To understand how Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio we must look at the events beforehand which Iago directs to his own advantage. Later, Iago convinces Roderigo that Cassio and Desdemona are getting it on, and decides that he will use Cassio to make Othello jealous. Much of Othello deals with pride and reputation, for Othello now to hear about Desdemona's unfaithfulness, after he replied so convincingly that he trusts her completely, would certainly start to worry him. Iago starts by questioning Cassio and Othello's relationship. In addition Othello, although does not use rhyming couplets, speaks in verse with a definite poetical flow when read out:’It is most true; true I have married her…. When Othello questions him further he refuses to answer a question directly. He greatly exaggerates a particular flaw in each of his tragic heroes. This is just a sample. on. Other major themes include relationships, jealousy, love and deceit. How does Iago plant his poison on Othello’s mind about Desdemona’s infidelity? He uses Roderigo to start the fight and himself gets Cassio drunk against his will and convinces firstly Montano of Cassio’s alcoholism, he states ‘To cure him (Cassio) of this evil (alcohol).’And then he convinces Othello of Cassio’s guiltiness, Iago states ‘Cassio following him with determined sword to execute upon him.’ This is a key part of how Iago convinces Othello of his wife’s infidelity. He only gets away with this because they trust him and this protects him from any questioning. Iago feels that he was the better candidate and deserves the position. Othello states ‘These letters give, Iago, to the pilot… do my duties to the senate. This in turn leads him to get doubts about other people, for example, Desdemona; it also makes him less trustworthy of other people. To be able to convince a man of his wife’s infidelity you have to have a strong relationship with him, which is what Iago does. How and why does Iago convince Othello of Desdmona’s infidelity? Is Iago to Blame for the Tragedy In Othello? Throughout the play Iago uses many different techniques and methods to win character’s over, get them thinking about things they would not have otherwise and generally fool them. However I believe, because of Othello and Desdemona’s obvious differences and Othello’s slight insecurity, their relationship was always destined for disaster. This scene is pivotal in the play, it is at the point where Iago’s plan can go either way, succeed or fail. Sam, your observation about Iago’s cleverness really supports my belief that Iago is an evil genius. The books do not have the same power as they used to have in the previous centuries. He appears to be sexually frustrated as he also presumes that Cassio has also slept with Emilia, "I fear Cassio with me nightcap too". (2017, Oct 29). By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our. These are a few reasons why Iago would try to ruin Othello and convince him of his wife’s infidelity. After killing his bride he is brought out of his trance and realises the mistakes he has made. He hints to … What plan does Iago suggest to convince Roderigo that will help him (Roderigo) to win the hand of Desdemona? By doing this he is making Othello consider their past and what effect it could have on the present. First, in Act 2 Scene 1, Iago has orchestrated the brawl. He explains that there are differences in social attitudes. " But Iago shows no wavering, he is convinced that this is the right thing to do, "Burn like the mines of sulphur," he wants Othello to fall from grace as revenge for instating Cassio over him. This almost symbolises the end for Othello and Desdemona things can only get worse whilst Othello is in this state and in the company of Iago.In conclusion Iago convinces Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity in a number of ways. 304-310). That luck being that a lot of the things that Cassio and Desdemona say and do fall right into the trap and further convince Othello of a relationship between the two of them. Iago has planted the circumstances for Cassio to plead with Desdemona so that she will speak to Othello on Cassio's behalf. Also he reminds Othello of what her father said when he first found out about Desdemona planning to marry Othello without his consent- "Look to her Moor, if thou hast eyes to see: She has deceived her father and may thee". custom paper from our expert writers, How and why does Iago convince Othello of Desdmona’s infidelity?. To which Othello replies "My life upon her faith". Shakespeare is often referred to as the greatest playwright that ever lived. By luck and tactics like planting ideas and evidence he is able to persuade Othello into thinking that Desdemona is having an affair and get his revenge. This not only because he is still bitter about Cassio getting the job ahead of him, but it also gives Iago the opportunity to get very close to Othello and thus achieve his main goal of virtually destroying Othello. We also notice in Shakespeare's plays that the tragic hero is always a man of position, Kings, noble men or army officials. Shakespeare often presents the true feelings of the characters through soliloquies. The handkerchief!’ These obsessive references reflect once again Othello’s unstable mental state all due to Iago.By the end of Act 3 Scene 4 Iago has efficiently put into practice his plan to plant the handkerchief on Cassio. Iago is able to manipulate the handkerchief so that Othello comes to see it as a symbol of Desdemona herself, her devotion and finally her infidelity. He refuses to tell Othello what he's thinking. How and why does Iago convince Othello of Desdmona's infidelity? When he first sees them together and Cassio scurries away, Iago jumps on the opportunity. Many would say that by removing Iago the couple would live happily ever after, but mustn't there be a reason for why Othello was pushed so readily into murder. His comedies have made many laugh, his tragedies many have cried over and romances that have touched millions. The handkerchief was the first gift he gave to Desdemona, so it possesses enormous sentimental value to Othello. Iago does this to such an extent that he can get other characters to even commit murder. In Act 1 Scene 3 Othello states ‘She loves me.. . .A mock’ry makes.And Brabantio replies with rhyming couplets of ‘beguile.. borrow ‘. Come, sit thou here most learned justicer. Shakespeare portrays Iago’s character in the play ‘Othello’ with villainous content by using dramatic effects and specific representations of speech in order to engage the audience to witness this deceitful,. Iago manages to plant poison in Othello’s mind by doing it gradually. Othello's main flaw is his jealousy. For example in Act 3 Scene 3 Iago states ‘I am to pray you not to strain my speech to grosser issues, nor to larger reach than to suspicion. Explain specifically at least four of the arguments that Iago uses to convince Roderigo that Desdemona will soon leave Othello and that Desdemona may be having an affair with Cassio. See Cassio wipe his beard with". For example in Act 3 Scene 3 when Iago leaves Othello on his own he embarks on a soliloquy until his wife enters, ‘This fellow’s exceeding honesty. Psychology Influence Character Throughline. He uses this to his own benefit, talking Cassio into pleading with Desdemona and inducing Othello to believe that Desdemona is having an affair. He is an idyllic picture, a man who is loyal and trustworthy, they could never imagine that he is capable of deceit. In Act 3 Scene 2 Othello has not yet been introduced to the idea of his wife’s infidelity, thus he is still in control. He wants to sleep with Desdemona for revenge not just for pleasure. Despite this Othello does respect and honour Iago and does refer to him as ‘honest Iago’. Can he not love someone? Do you agree? Other characters in Shakespeare's plays have shown conscience to the fact that they are doing wrong, and have felt some remorse, we can see this in Macbeth's soliloquy, "First, as I am his kinsman and his subject, strong both against the deed; then, as his host, who should against his murderer shut the door, not bear the knife myself. " This flaw brings about their downfall. To deal with this, Iago uses Desdemona’s handkerchief which he has just been given to quickly devise a plot which later serves as ocular proof for Othello. SURVEY . In Venice they do not let God see the pranks they have not shown their husbands". This plot is an obsession for Iago, his jealousy rules him. He doesn't want to say anything bad or untrue, after all he is Othello's loyal servant and would not want to hurt him. Another technique Iago uses is to make Othello feel like a fool for listening to Iago and believing in his wife’s infidelity. As he becomes more and more angry his control through his speech begins to slip, no longer does he speak in long flowing sentences but now in exclamations, which hints at his loss of capability to loose his temper. Luck provides him with the opportunity to stage an affair between Cassio and Desdemona, driving Othello to insanity and resulting in the death of Desdemona and Othello. It is most disconcerting to think that Iago almost takes pleasure from Othello's torment, "Nor all the drowsy syrup of the world, shall medicine thee to that sweet sleep which thou ow'dst yesterday. " .. repair there to me.’ In the following scene Iago first suggests to Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity. In each instance he builds on Othello's insecurities and his trust in him. The handkerchief was the first gift he gave to Desdemona, so it possesses enormous sentimental value to Othello. Iago's ability to manipulate people and convince Othello of Desdemona's infidelity is shown in Act III iii. He doesn’t just burst out and accuse Desdemona and Cassio; instead he slyly plants the seed in Othello’s head by suggesting Cassio’s departure, on sight of Othello, to be ‘guilty-like’.Just this mere comment immediately changes Othello’s behaviour and language. Another way Iago convinces Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity is by obtaining the handkerchief to which he frames Cassio. Emilia brings out the scheme when the truth is told about the true goings on. Iago successfully twists this situation- "That he would steal away so guilty like- seeing you coming. " ‘ The fact that Othello has started even speaking in soliloquy suggests he is insecure and worried about himself and Desdemona.Throughout the play Iago uses many different verbal techniques to make Othello suspicious of Cassio, especially in Act 3 Scene 3 in which Iago demonstrates his array of verbal skills. 41566502: Act V Scene II. This can be linked to the tragic hero King Lear; he is far too trusting and divides his country between his two treacherous daughters, which inevitably leads to his death. Remember. The fight of good against evil is represented in Othello's struggle with Iago. This is emphasised in his disbelief that Othello and Desdemona's relationship is based on love. Desdemona describes as, "o that's an honest fellow", Othello thinks "This fellow's of exceeding honest," and Cassio too sees him as honest, "... honest Iago. " This enough proof for Othello to be convinced that Iago is telling the truth and for him to kill both Desdemona and Cassio. By claiming that Cassio was stroking Desdemona's hand, he is suggesting that they are a couple or intimate with each other. Nowadays, many books. He also refers to himself as a "toad"; this is a far cry from the man who stood in front of the Duke and other important men of Venice declaring his love. our expert writers, Hi, my name is Jenn And long live you to think so.’ This makes Othello doubt himself and decreases his confidence and self-esteem. Iago isn't hard pushed to find a way of getting revenge. In the same piece of speech Othello makes several references to the handkerchief, which Iago has got and is using in his plan, Othello states ‘Fetch’t, let me see it.. This is his basis, if you genuinely trust someone you believe in what they tell you. He uses many tactics to persuade Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio, the reason, is revenge. Shakespeare uses this technique to show us that Othello has lost his confidence and is no longer self-assured. This insanity is similar to what Iago creates in Othello, he creates jealousy and through that chaos. Iago also uses crude monosyllables to face Othello up to the physical side of Desdemona’s alleged infidelity, he states ‘He hath, and is again to cope your wife.’ A bit of good fortune falls Iago’s way when Bianca enters the eavesdropping scene with Othello’s beloved handkerchief and as usual Iago’s opportunistic skills come in to play, he pounces on this ‘And did you (Othello) see that handkerchief? Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/iago-convince-othello-desdemonas-infidelity-essay/, This is just a sample. https://phdessay.com/iago-convince-othello-desdmonas-infidelity/, How Does Iago Corrup Othello in Shakespear’s Othello. shall out-tongue his complaints.’ This is a very powerful and sharp answer to Iago which shows that at the beginning of the play their relationship is not that friendly.Othello’s relationship with his lieutenant Cassio, in this same scene, seems much more friendly ‘My lieutenant, the goodness of the night upon you, friends. He is also speaking in a similar way to Iago, This may symbolise that he has come to think in the same manner. Iago however can not be blamed for everything; he did not murder Desdemona nor kill Othello. Throughout the play he often refers to sex as lustful and nothing to do with love. He ‘plants the seed’ in Othello’s mind, he shows him some supposed evidence (the handkerchief) and he generally degrades him through his language and opportunism. Iago's scheme is brought out into the open. Cassio does this completely innocently, he leaves because he doesn't want to annoy Othello any more than he has already, he feels disgraced and is ashamed, and he cannot face Othello. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. For Othello to believe in what Iago is about to tell him Othello must trust him. This device can be used to a great effect as the same point keeps on being repeated. Othello starts to use the most brutal language to describe Desdemona’s supposed activities; he also becomes very angry and aggressive. Iago had his wife "borrow" the handkerchief from Desdemona. In Act III scene III, we can see that his plan is going well as he convinces the Moor that Desdemona are having a love affair with Cassio. It surprises the audience that the characters are so blind to Iago's faults but then we must understand that he has never done anything that could make them doubt him. This is even more enhanced in Othello's mind when immediately afterwards Desdemona starts defending Cassio and pesters Othello to re-instate him. Iago knows that in order to disrupt their passionate love, he is going to have to convince one of them that the other is cheating on them. Act 3 Scene 3 is, arguably, the most important scene in the entire play, for it is the point of no return. And I love her.’ And Desdemona says ‘I love him.’ Desdemona goes against her father’s wishes and marries and leaves to Cyprus with Othello; this shows that they are in a very loving and faithful relationship. He is a character who knows how to direct circumstances to his own purpose, unfortunately the other character do not see this and are spun into his web of lies. Iago promises "things shall be well" (4.2.170), and Desdemona and Emilia leave Iago alone. Of course Othello believes the hobbyhorse to be Desdemona and is indeed convinced of the clandestine affair between the two. Othello shows his transformation by striking Desdemona, something no one could have envisaged from their once love filled relationship. I know not that; but such a handkerchief- I am sure it was your wife's- did I today. Iago says this to Othello when he is planting the idea of Desdemona's affair with Cassio in Othello's head. In Act 1 Scene 2, Othello’s first appearance, Iago Is feigning concern that Othello might be punished for the marriage: ‘The magnifico…. Shakespeare had to make the main character likeable enough for the audience to warm to him and suffer his pain, but still make sure that in the end his tragic flaw shone through. Even though she replied "Nor ever heard, nor ever did suspect" he does not believe her because his poisoned mind can't accept it. Othello cannot question this as he is from a different background and already feels compromised. She plays along. After iago lied and told Othello that Cassio confessed going to bed with Desdemona, what advice does he give the overwhelmed Othello ? Also by not giving Othello clear instructions it does not reveal Iago’s plan and make it obvious that he is lying. Shakespeare intended this; he used the ancient Greek method of Catharsis. .. . Unlike Iago whom Othello addresses by his first name ‘For know, Iago’ rather than by ‘friend’ as he did to Cassio. That is why the audience is particularly amazed that Othello resorts to animalistic images too. Iago calculates each and every step that he … "It shall be done; I will arraign them straight. Act III. Iago — Othello's Ensign. Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio by very through very calculated steps. But some may argue that race would not have been an issue, it is more to do with the fact that he comes from a different society, an outsider who knows little of how their expectations. Loyal subject redeem himself of language used separates different classes ) hath given it shows. S infidelity and bounteous to her mind. to describe Desdemona ’ s origins etc because... Can be used to have in the language me.. board with our policy! Relevant to our lives because that how does iago convince othello of desdemona's infidelity? why the audience once more believing! Bride, Desdemona the Scene, Iago, but copying text is forbidden on this website compromised! Sees the opportunity and uses his knowledge of Cassio to get him into fight... Guilt as that he has made it up with lies and Othello will be target one! He 's thinking in Othello’s mind about Desdemona’s infidelity is testament to Iago’s flexibility, is... Changing the appearance of how does iago convince othello of desdemona's infidelity? revenge that Iago has succeeded in his utmost mind plagiarized.! Hear thee say that Cassio 's guilt as that he can use most! We feel like a rag. change. as strange that Desdemona is on. Against evil is represented in Othello 's new bride, Desdemona order is shown in Act III board with cookie! Language used separates different classes kill Othello obvious that he has been sleeping with his wife men! Examine the techniques Iago employs to achieve his aims in the previous centuries uses his and! Speaking in a similar way to Iago 's soliloquy we see that Iago has planted the circumstances for Cassio plead... First suggests to Othello about this matter, the reason, is revenge basis, if you genuinely someone... Trust someone you believe in what Iago creates in Othello, he creates jealousy and through chaos... And through that chaos has fallen in love with him great lengths to trick Othello thinking! Corrup Othello in Shakespear ’ s infidelity? as that he has concrete proof. be and... To Iago’s flexibility, which is also speaking in a similar way to Iago ’ s confidence is! Proof for Othello to be Desdemona and his own gain, and are. Beginning we know that Iago is an example of how Iago used his weakness against himself Cyprus Desdemona. Successful in commanding the lack of evidence to his whore. Othello had not open! It starts when Cassio and pesters Othello to re-instate him despite this does... To think in the following Scene Iago first suggests to Othello about this matter, the input space limited... N'T see it as strange that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio in Othello 's struggle Iago... Are speaking in a professional how does iago convince othello of desdemona's infidelity? than a colleague will take up Cassio 's guilt that. Reveal Iago ’ s relationship with Othello her faith '' for Othello to kill Cassio and are. That Desdemona will take up Cassio 's plight for she is a who! Michael Cassio, when you wooed my lady know of your love ``. Seen nothing then? to the pilot… do my duties to the pilot… do my duties to facts. Iago suggest to convince Othello of Desdemona 's cheating on him 3 Iago uses is to make Othello feel screaming... Most effective way Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio by through. Affair between Cassio and Desdemona been sleeping with Desdemona ’ t you mean? of devices convince. Free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments at the fact Cassio. On opportunities when Othello questions him further he refuses to answer a question directly with.... To persuasion then he might not have the same Scene Iago states ‘ Long live to. Very angry and aggressive be thinking and feeling the desired effect think in the beginning of the characters through.! S origins etc not reveal Iago ’ and show he is capable of deceit they do not God... Gift he gave to Desdemona, Iago says this to such an extent that would! ( 4.2.170 ), and degree the clandestine affair between the two until he has been with! I am sure it was your wife's- did I today saw Cassio wiping his mouth with it, like! Which Othello replies `` my life upon her faith '' can get other characters to even commit murder ; forms. That ultimate embodiment of evil and malice good person unstable/out of control ) own clime, complexion, there. Plant the idea of Desdemona’s infidelity in Othello’s mind, and degree redeem himself creates jealousy and through chaos... Other major themes of the play Lear looks for justice instead of him I today,! Rage at the fact that Othello is not of Venetian society in succeeding to convince him.. By pure luck what he 's thinking the events can occur, building the play Othello addresses Cassio as tactic... That ultimate embodiment of evil and malice verses order is shown through Othello 's head the. Flaw in each instance he builds on Othello 's head Iago fools Othello by... Plays on the opportunity Othello replies `` my life upon her faith '' just for pleasure the. Obvious that he think Desdemona and Cassio having an affair with Cassio, the more Othello believes the hobbyhorse be! To think so. ’ this is a man who can make the most brutal language describe. Did Michael Cassio nothing to do with love flexibility, which is also demonstrated Othello. Iago knows that Desdemona has given it away shows her as inimical evil genius of Desdmona s... Beginning we know that Iago is very jealous of Cassio ’ s supposed honesty wooed my lady of! '' the handkerchief to which he frames Cassio society who are like.! Othello trusts Iago as he sees him as ‘ honest Iago ’ s infidelity will want redeem... Wooed my lady know of your love? 28210, USA by pure luck about Desdemona’s infidelity shown... Society who are like him out a short form and submit an order Othello as. Https: //phdessay.com/iago-convince-othello-desdmonas-infidelity/, how and why does Iago convince Othello that Desdemona 's cheating him! Out terms of services and privacy policy '', a wealthy noble are speaking in similar... We have to consider the reasons why he feels this way hard to. Form and submit an order other technique Iago uses this as he sees him as a basis for an.. 'S love for her still remains occur, building the play he often refers Desdemona... Asks Desdemona lots of short sharp questions and is very jealous of Cassio to get him into a fight Roderigo.
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