For me this is the best storage solution for any game that I own. Also, A+ customer service. Wingspan Organizer… Not really a big deal, though–it’s such an organizational improvement that the text isn’t really necessary in any case. Thanks for letting us know. Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2020, This organizer is great but the directions were tricky because they are not labeled and the pieces fell out of their packing so it was hard to find the right pieces. My $0 Gloomhaven organizer So, I'm a grad student which means I have a fairly limited budget for gaming and buying Gloomhaven was basically all of that. It’s so easy to just scan the trays and pick out what I need. I went to and used their recommendation – worked out decent. david f. 🙂 If you find you are missing a piece or a piece was broken during shipment (this is so exceedingly rare, that I can count on two hands the number of times it has happened in four years), we will get you squared away. I highly recommend this product just be prepared to build. Outside the relative safety of the city of Gloomhaven, adventure and fortune awaits the brave and bold. Everything fits cleanly in the box. The instructions are crystal clear and comprehensive.  Due to space constraints, we provide three alphabetically etched dividers for monsters (A-F, G-M, N-Z), so you will need to group your cards together, but it is still very fast to find the card set you need. Anonymous This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. -Finally, where are the packing instructions? Product description The Go7 Gaming Gloomhaven storage solution includes support for all editions of this wonderful game and full support for Forgotten Circles components. Before buying, I did a LOT of research (probably too much). Titebond 2 Wood Glue 1.25 oz. This storage solution includes thirty (30) trays. The class tray lids have a hole in them that lines up with the class icon on the play board. Anonymous Where do the character pads go? There are small rectangle punch outs that don’t seem to go anywhere. $87.99. (verified owner) – April 2, 2018. 4.7 out of 5 stars 23. I’ve started using larger plastibands around the character boxes to keep them closed. We do not have any recommendations at this time, Gloomhaven Storage Organizer Insert from Go7 Gaming, For use with Gloomhaven and Forgotten Circles (all editions), 30 trays to organizer your game and get you going faster, This kit requires glue and 200-300 minutes to build, Previous page of related Sponsored Products. I find them a neat addition and they look and stack nice. Looks very nice when completed Even after reading the comments I was surprised at how clear the instructions were…I actually enjoyed the process of building and gluing the boxes together way more than I thought I would. Anonymous Card Boxes: Adjustable. The reason I chose this product over the Meeple was I like the labeling inside the boxes instead of outside. (verified owner) – March 7, 2018. A quick email back to G7G was promptly responded to that evening, and the missing parts were sent out the next business day. The Broken Token. Our large card tray includes etched dividers for each card type and supports sleeved cards. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Overall I’m glad I bought it. ... How It Fits: Gloomhaven Organizer with Forgotten … – Lids are a little tight. Perhaps adjust laser to lower power. (verified owner) – April 12, 2018. building one out of foamcore just doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the kit. Christopher B. This video covers all the Gloomhaven organizers of which I was aware when I made it. I used the create pack for making some nice symbols – but would have been better if lasered in . Ultimately, the character boxes and believe it or not the tile key were major selling features for me. This really is a very well designed and manufactured set, and is great to use. Solid: Slightly stronger overall. Thanks! There is just enough labeled dividers to make it usable and well sorted. Cheers!! Root. I would definitely recommend compared to other inserts out on the market. Any update on this now that the expansion has released?  These lids have been designed with multiple contact points to ensure they are simple to operate and yet stay closed under normal handling. It will take hours to put together and I recommend a friend to help you. Now you don't need to struggle during setup! This storage solution includes thirty (30) trays. You should place your character sheets with your tiles. Certainly didn’t need to make flush length fit. Lastly, although it claims to fully support the Forgotten Circles expansion, my experience thus far is that its only partially true. This solution features extensive etching across the various trays to speed your setup and play of the game. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.  There is no rhyme or reason. I also highly recommend the upper tray (GH-002). The Go7 Gaming organizer for the Munchkin® Dungeon Kickstarter Box of Holding provides a storage solution for all non-core minis from the Kickstarter. I am glad I did. So, looking around I came across this product, studied it, and decided to purchase. Are you aware of anyone who is making stickers of the class symbols to put on the sides of the character boxes so that we can tell which is which while they are all still stored in the game box? I would also strongly recommend getting the extra tray they sell for the top of the box. Will this be able to accommodate the new expansion Jaws of the Lion? The etching is very welcome and a great help, but as I am not completely familiar with all of the components, having a map showing “this token/card goes in this compartment” would be nice. When the boxes are closed up you can see which class is pretty easily. I am very happy with this purchase, it has made playing Gloomhaven even better. Extremely well built. All pieces were laser cut and the wood isn't some balsa wood bs. Otherwise this is a fantastic product that I have already recommended to others. As is, it teeters inside. I’m thinking I could maybe make a DIY custom vacuum form tray for the game board/books/etc. Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2020, Very nice. Besides the weekend it took me to glue every single piece into place (I used Elmer’s Wood Glue + a super cheap mini paint brush to spread the glue). In … If you can get over the cost and you have someone that will put all the components into the character boxes for you, I feel it is the best option available. The character boxes have an excellent design, with plenty of space to hold the character sheet and also any other papers you may keep notes on and want to fold up and keep with the character. – Its heavy. I love the character boxes, the monster and terrain organizers, everything really. Dials: No native spot for the dials. Add to Cart. I don’t know if this manufacturer has a huge advantage over the other ones, however, I’m pretty happy with the finished product. Only complaint is small: more small card dividers. There isn’t room in the character boxes without folding the entire pad. Sore finger tips from punching everything out Takes longer than 180 minutes if you want to do a really good job (I’m picky) All of the lids fit fine, not too loose or tight. Our large card and small card trays include etched dividers for card types/groups and support sleeved cards. The V2 that support Forgotten Circles eliminated that tray to allow room for the expansion. Broken Token Get the top basket as well. The character boxes on the ends don’t tend to stay closed and some of the monster compartments have no room for error, which means that if the parts don’t dry absolutely straight, even the slightest (unnoticeable by the naked eye) angle can make some of the monsters not fit. I’m not going to do all the Pros (there are many) – im just going to highlight my one real gripe: Biggest Con: The character boxes don’t close well. 4) Make sure everything is vertically and horizontally centered within each cell. But I’m the end, it is so worth it. Quite professional. Really happy with this insert. (verified owner) – February 12, 2018. I ordered this insert about 2 weeks ago. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality and design of this organizer. (verified owner) – July 31, 2018. Cons: I looked at Meeple Realty, Broken Token, Deadulus and more from Etsy. High quality product and better than other options out there, in my opinion. The packaging alone was extremely impressive, with a very high level of precision and no space wasted. Anonymous Not a big deal either way. Gloomhaven is intense with tons of moving parts and components. Our design philosophy for this custom storage solution for Gloomhaven differs from the approach taken by others. Without it, you will have the map tiles, book, envelopes, etc. This may wear down over time, but new they are kind of a pain. The wood used for these inserts are much sturdier than ones used by other competitors I haven’t even had time to sit down to play a scenario but I can already appreciate the level of detail given to this organizer. Love the character box idea and the use of HDF which is a product I like despite its heavy weight. The tray raises the box about an inch or so. It also looked like it went on top of the elemental tray to help keep the tokens from shifting. Originally, I used the BT insert – it was an officially licensed product – and thought I would be happy with it. POTENTIAL SPOILERS ~8 MINUTES. It also alows you to just place the thing back in the box quickly and out of the way. After playing several rounds I’m really happy I spent so much time picking the right organizer. If you’re into the laser cut boards, this Gloomhaven player organizer … Regular price $99.95 Popular Video on Our Youtube Channel. Gloomhaven Insert Review: Folded Space, the cheapest insert available ... Go7 Gaming Gloomhaven Insert Review - Duration: 14:50. They include instructions for how to stack in the box. I had previously separated everything via baggies and after about 5-6 scenarios, I broke down and purchased the insert for this game. That’s simply amazing. The etching was super nice and I can’t wait to get this to the table to start the adventure now that I have the game all sorted out. After several reviews I came to the conclusion that this should be the best Gloomhaven insert for me and I am not disappointed. Folded Space Gloomhaven Board Game Box Inserts Organizer… Worth the price (and I live in Australia) because of the engineering, quality and thought that go7 put into their products! Anonymous Buy this. I reccomend you do your own research but if you’re looking for a quality storage option to hasten set up you have to consider this project. This thing is big. Now that Forgotten Circles is out, will there be a new kit for the expansion? Add to Cart. (verified owner) – April 1, 2019.  This anomaly appears to be a quality issue. The Broken Token. All the laser labeling is tremendously helpful too! Something wrong with this post? I really saw a wide range solutions on Board Game Geek. I can’t speak for all of the inserts that have been listed in threads, but I can give my own highlights of the three most popular ones. The product works great. At least when they are sleeved anyway. Our Gloomhaven storage solution includes support for all editions of this wonderful game and full support for Forgotten Circles components. Pros: (verified owner) – July 4, 2019. Also if you sleeve all the attack cards they *barely* fit into the character boxes. Would have been so much better to have the character symbols on the lids. This solution was designed to store your map tiles, manuals, map board, player counters, and stickers on top of the trays stored inside the box, which will fill your box to the top. How about a YouTube video? It was very time consuming though.  This anomaly appears to be a quality issue. I solved this by cutting out the symbols of the old character boxes and taping them to the top. I just transferred it all right away as seeing a glimpse of a name wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Please try your search again later. Anonymous (6) This was my first organizational insert I’ve ever purchased. This was my first insert build and I originally thought I was getting in way over my head with how many pieces and parts there are to the Gloomhaven insert from Go7. The longest time was spent building the class boxes – there are 17 of them! -Character boxes should have their respective symbol on the side. Way ahead of Stephen! After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. If that was reduced along with width – problem solved. Trust me, when breaking down all the components after opening the box, you’re going to want this inventory sorter to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. I’m absolutely pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone who has the cash to drop on a professional organizer. I rubbed extra on the joints of the card trays as they weighed a decent amount with all of the cards in sleeved. Works fine. I took care not to read anything about them, but I’m sure by the time we get to retiring a character I will have forgotten much if not all about what is in the other boxes. Was it removed simply due to space limitations with the redesign for the expansion? Like most of us, I over read reviews and “hemed” and “hawed” over YouTube videos to try and figure out which insert to get. Assembly was fun but time consuming, though the entire experience was a positive one because the components were cut to precision tolerances and were very easy to assemble, and the instructions were thoroughly done. The Go7 Gaming organizer for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion includes all the great features you expect from Go7 Gaming – etched monster trays, etched token trays, etched dividers, room for sleeved … Smells like burning wood when you’re building it, Now the good: Can I use this with my 4th print edition (including sleeves)? (verified owner) – March 15, 2019. The oversized monster cards can’t be stored in this solution if sleeved. Precision manufacturing and top quality material. I glued all contact points and then went back through with a toothpick to scrape any excess glue. However, I measured an FFG sleeve I had here on my desk and it is 90 microns thick, not 100 microns.  TREAD WITH CARE! In … I love that it came in two days after ordering it. It makes setup and take down of the game so much faster. – Some of the character box lids fit too loose. After briefly considering the Folded Space organizer (foam core that is much cheaper…until shipping to the US) I decided to get this one. I’ve built very many inserts, used Meeples, BT etc… But never a chance for g7g. Have proper organization is going to be essential to your success and enjoyment. I had hoped they could maybe fit inside, or instead of the wood boxes. Functionally all we are showing is the symbol, so it’s not really all that tough to avoid knowledge early in the game, especially if you have an unrelated party load the boxes. Overall, fantastic product! Anonymous Ages: 14 years and up. – The vast majority of pieces fit together very well, and feel really solid when dry. Otherwise you puzzle a bit at the shapes to make sure it matches the thumbnail. Gloomhaven. Eric S. Anonymous Please try again later. There was one empty slot for me (experience tokens) because mine is a second edition. Some of the character boxes don't stay closed when putting away because of the cards. In addition to that I did get an accordion organizer … With the complexity of this organizer and the amount of containers, dry fitting is essential! Good question though. A figure showing how all the trays fit in the box would’ve been helpful (I referred back to G7G’s product page for this). Just keep your current characters on the end inside the box. I would absolutely recommend this. The instructions are concise, clear and perfectly illustrated.  We suggest you store these in a baggie and use them during setup or just baggie them and keep them with your map tiles. Are your card sleeves actually 100 microns? In any case, yes, our solution can handle 100 micron sleeves. Most popular games. Highly recommend. Very happy with the product. 100% satisfied with the product. It will take time to build so have a comfortable seat and plug away on building this behemoth of an organizer. This was EXTREMELY helpful! Additionally I like the etching for labels – very well thought out for playing the game. Anonymous The instructions for assembly were spectacular and the packaging was snug and secure. But due to research and gamer opinion, I decided to pay the extra for ALL the inserts for Imperial Assault! Monster Boxes: This is unique among the options. – The individual character boxes make great gameplay storage. Gloomhaven Storage Organizer Insert from Go7 Gaming. Labels: Everything is labeled. Note: The Gloomhaven second edition minis have wildly varying base sizes, unlike the first edition mini bases, which are all very uniform based on our copies and reports we have received. So glad I did! – All pieces are extremely organized and will now be able to easily identify which parts and pieces are needed instead of digging through zip-lock bags worth of components. Watch You will definitely want to use glue, I used tacky glue and it held very well. Sure doesn’t help set-up time…. I have purchased several game inserts from other companies, but now I’m starting to look at what else Go7Gaming offers. Cons: (See my attached picture.). I have to say it took all weekend to put together, but went together very well, with instructions that weren’t too difficult to figure out. Watch  The lid has a small cutout to display the character class symbol. Unwatch, Presley C. Important note: It took me 12-14 hours to build this insert. Thanks, All of our designs in the past couple of years have been designed to allow the use of FFG sleeves as a reference point. This is nitpicking though and doesn’t affect my overall rating of this item. (verified owner) – June 9, 2019. It does require wood glue and it will take a long time to build (really long). I also like the etched names of items int he wood. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. Instructions could be clearer, though the figures help smooth that over. Sure. I might have received a revised copy of this insert – it specifically had larger character slots to fit the 2nd edition gloomhaven characters, with larger base. Pros:  We have etched pretty much everything in this beauty. Gloom Tavern organizer is the perfect solution to store the components of Gloomhaven and the Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles expansion conveniently in the original box.
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