That is, in contrast to … Analysing Latour’s anti-hierarchical ‘flat ontology’ I suggest that his anti-critical thought mistakes the form of capitalism. It is known that the actor-network theory is an attempt to overcome the Cartesian idea of mind and its resulting dualisms. My concern with Latour’s work goes beyond attempting to understand or figure politics within the actor network to questioning the ‘flat’ ontology implied by the network itself. Critics claim this democratic approach does not account for or challenge pre-existing systems of asymmetrical power and authority or inequality (Amsterdamska 1990; Restivo 2005; Whittle and Spicer 2008). Bruno Latour CSI-Paris/Science Studies-San Diego in Finn Olsen (special issue of the Danish philosophy journal ), " Om aktor-netvaerksteroi. … Gash. GORDON KAUFMAN, FLAT ONTOLOGY, AND VALUE: TOWARD AN ECOLOGICAL THEOCENTRISM with Myriam Renaud, “Gordon Kaufman's Humanizing Concept of God”; Jerome P. Soneson, “The Legacy of Gordon Kaufman: Theological Method and Its Pragmatic Norms”; J. Patrick Woolley, “Kaufman's Debt to Kant: The Epistemological Importance of the ‘Structure of the World which Environs Us’”; Thomas A. This chapter states that in an experimental metaphysics, one cannot legitimately distinguish between questions about our epistemological access to things and questions about the things themselves. Speculative Grace: Bruno Latour and Object-Oriented Theology Adam S. Miller Fordham, 2013 What the heck, you might ask, is object-oriented theology? Instead, we insist on a shared world of unevenly distributed problems. In 1968 he was 21. 21. Both options leave us flat-footed and ill-equipped to deal with the conditions of actuality in our troubled present (Fischer 2013; Fortun 2013). This is a world of unstable and rotational temporalities, of semiotic and material ruptures, of unruly things falling apart and being reassembled. 47, pp. In this respect object-oriented philosophy is an anti-reductionism. philosophical network called 'speculative realism,' reads the "flat ontology" of Latour's "object-oriented sociology" (Latour, Reassembling the Social 74) in the light of what he calls "object-oriented philosophy" or, lately, "object-oriented ontology," often abbreviated as 'OOO.' First, it initially implies a flat ontology in which even hallucinations and fictions count as objects, and in which composite objects such as machines and societies are objects no less than pillars of granite or tiny little quarks. Nogle fa afklaringer og mere end nogle fa forviklinger" Philosophia, Vol. From my understanding, The Actor Network Theory or ANT was developed by philosophers Bruno Latour, Michel Callon and John Law. Latour’s chiding of Marxism for ‘economic reductionism’ and an inattention to the complexity of the world is the signature gesture of a current moment disenchanted with critique. Latour is explicit here about what he was, but he does not mention what he was not. Referring to Latour’s actor-network theory we argue in favor of relational on-tologies associations with sustainability education, particularly in regard to an ontological shift towards hybrid forms of agency. The concluding section argues that the contrast fundamental to social analysis is not that between microand macro, local and global, or activity and structure, but that between small and large. Graham Harman (born May 9, 1968) is an American philosopher.He is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. It turns out that, acknowledging the connections between analytic philosophy and computer science, there is now a branch of metaphysics known as object-oriented ontology, or OOO. Another aspect of OOO is its Aristotelean interpretation of DeLanda’s flat ontology; ‘a human is not more human than a plant is a plant’ (2018a, p257). His work on the metaphysics of objects led to the development of object-oriented
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