How did you find yourself where you are today? Ashima’s sport will be part of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and she aims to compete there. Sasha DiGiulian has competed before but nowadays focuses on her outdoor climbing so isn't going to be at the Olympics as a competitor. The second, decisive Olympic Qualifying Event for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games continues today in Toulouse, France, with the women’s qualification. With her thick blunt-cut bangs and wide, toothy grin, Ashima Shiraishi looks like any other American teenager until you watch her climb. The Combined qualifications at the 2019 IFSC Climbing World Championships were the opening opportunity for climbers to qualify for Tokyo 2020, where the sport makes its Olympic debut.. Kaddi Lehmann sent ‘Kryptos’ V15 in Switzerland last year. Olympics Lead-up: Who to Watch at the Toulouse Combined Qualifier. This was Ashima's second of the grade after Golden shadow in Rocklands, South Africa, which she did in … And at her feet. Like Cher or Seal, she’s someone—perhaps the only climber—who is known by her first name alone. Ashima Shiraishi competes during the semifinals of the Women Lead competition at the 2018 IFSC Climbing World Championships. Unfortunately no, at least not likely in 2020. Up next: Ashima Shiraishi. Kai didn’t make the selection for US male athletes. Meet the 2019 USA Climbing Overall National Team . Photo: Jon Glassberg. Climbing will be included in the Olympics for the very first time in 2020, making Shiraishi a strong contender for the US women’s team, but she doesn’t even mention it directly when talking about her ambitions. She’ll need to place top seven in the world championships next summer to qualify as there are only 20 spots per gender in the Olympics, a very competitive number … She’s been one of the top American climbers for years, is considered the best teenaged climber on the planet and is still only 18. I started to fall out of love with gymnastics a little bit and happened to fall into weightlifting. Balancing outdoor climbing and her ballooning competition schedule as she tries to qualify for the Olympics is a challenge, ... placing second in Xiamen, China, in lead—her strongest discipline. Ashima Shiraishi was the first female, and also the youngest to send V15, sending ‘Horizon’ in Japan in 2016 while still 14-years-old. Ashima Shiraishi on Horizon, ~8C, Mount Hiei, Kyushu, Japan Toggle navigation Subscribe E-paper. While the 2020 Olympic rock climbing hopeful has risen to prominence in the sport, Shiraishi doesn’t want to be defined solely by her ability to seamlessly maneuver up and down rocks and walls. Thursday, November, 12, 2020. Ashima Shiraishi is soft-spoken and smiles often, so it can be difficult to reconcile your first impression of this humble 17-year-old with her beastly ticklist. Ashima Shiraishi, 17 Photo: Andy Earl. I agonized over where to include Ashima on this list, especially when trying to compare her to other female climbers like Akiyo Noguchi or Shauna Coxey. Ashima Shiraishi is setting the world of technical climbing on fire. To get a better understanding of the format and how climbers qualify for the Olympics in the first place, we talked to the chief executive officer of USA Climbing, Marc Norman. There's no other way to put it: Ashima Shiraishi contains multitudes. 6: Ashima Shiraishi. Recap and Photo Gallery: IFSC Chamonix World Cup 2019—Lead and Speed. Just 10 years after major back surgery that was believed to have ended her sport climbing career, Kyra Condie has qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.. Ashima Shiraishi came in fourth for women, and Margo Hayes placed fifth. Ashima Shiraishi competes during the semifinals of the Women Lead competition at the 2018 IFSC Climbing World Championships. We now know the names of the first sport climbing athletes to secure their spots at an Olympic Games..
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