Remove the foil and dot the top of the gratin with cherry tomatoes. Bring water to a boil. I also had a house full of visitors, including my very adorable little great-niece Bella, and needed a vegetable for a family dinner. Meanwhile, check out what the others in the group have come up with this month. Place half the cauliflower on top. You can do this in a few different ways: Microwave for 5-10 minutes. Directions. 3. of water to a boil. Cauliflower Gratin tastes very much like scalloped potatoes or potatoes au gratin. deliver fine selection of quality Cauliflower and fennel gratin recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Add the flour, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon for 2 minutes. Cook the béchamel, stirring frequently for 8 to 10 minutes, or until it comes to a boil. It will have a very thick consistency. In the noun form gratin means a dish with a light browned crust of breadcrumbs or melted cheese. Remove from heat. Fennel is one of those dishes where you’re either in the love or in the hate camp. My husband is the same way. Remove the cauliflower from the heat and leave to cool. Interview with Alanna Taylor Tobin of Bojon Gourmet, Anjana @ At The Corner Of Happy And Harried, Asparagus, Peas And Egg Masala | At the Corner of Happy and Harried, VANilla Panacotta with Mulberry Compote | MADaboutkitchen, Masala Akki Rotti- A crunchy pancake from Karnataka | CaféGarima, Vegan Samphire with Roast Potatoes and Peas salad, Teriyaki Bok-Choy Chicken with Rice - Curry Trail. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Butter a 9 by 13-inch baking dish. 8,7. After much hesitation I decided to make Cauliflower-Fennel gratin. Cut away the bottom of the Fennel Gratin . Layer the squash first and then the fennel, seasoning lightly with salt and pepper between each layer. Meanwhile, melt 2 tablespoons of the butter in a medium saucepan over low heat. Heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6 and put a pan of salted water on to boil. I picked one up at the grocery store having no clue what I was going to do with it. Cover the gratin with tin foil and bake for 45 minutes, until cauliflower and onions are very tender. The gratin is a relatively simple affair; the fennel and leek are first softened in the pan and then gilded with a cauliflower cream- the ‘cream’ is a regular supporting player in this kitchen- a simple puree of blitzed cauliflower with a touch of milk (though almond milk would work if you were after something dairy free) and a twinkle of salt. Prep: 20 minutes, Cook: 9 minutes, Bake: 20 minutes. Cauliflower might be the pale cousin of broccoli, but it is actually bursting with health benefits. Nigel Slater. The gratin is a simple thing – some blanched cauliflower, sliced fennel, a light Bechamel sauce (I made mine with skim milk), some fried pancetta, and a panko breadcrumb topping that I toasted in the pancetta drippings (whatever you do, don’t skip this part!). Add the The cauliflower florets should still be firm. If you want to try this month’s theme, please feel free to do so and link your recipe in the comments section. 1. Cauliflower Au Gratin Ingredients. Add fennel slices, and sauté 4 to 5 minutes or until tender. Spread well. Add fennel; cover and cook for 6-8 minutes or until crisp-tender. 1.Preheat the oven to 400F. Remove from heat, add cream, cheese, salt & pepper. It’s a great … Brilliant photos and the gratin looks spot on, Lovely recipe never tried gratin with fennel should give it a try, beautiful photographs, Your email address will not be published. Cauliflower and fennel gratin recipe. February 27, 2016 February 25, 2016 / Jodi. Pour leek mixture over cauliflower mixture and stir until cauliflower is well coated; transfer to prepared baking dish. Boil it for 1 minute. Drain well. ; Milk: I use whole milk because it makes a creamier and richer sauce than low fat milk.If you want a richer and more decadent sauce, you can use Half and Half. Cauliflower might be the pale cousin of broccoli, but it is actually bursting with health benefits. 0 (0) ... Cauliflower Health Benefits . Drain and pat dry; place in a greased 11x7-in. I decided to cook fennel for my blog post this week. The Gratin, cauliflower & fennel variation. Add cauliflower to the fennel mixture. Place a steamer insert into a saucepan and fill with water to just below the bottom of the steamer. Cook the cauliflower florets in a large pot of boiling salted water for 5 to 6 minutes, until tender but still firm. 2. Grease a 9 x 9 casserole dish or equivalent with 1 tsp butter. Required fields are marked *. Drain and pat dry; place in a greased 11x7-in. Learn how to cook great Cauliflower and fennel gratin . Remove the foil and top … Cooking With Friends: This blog post is part of the monthly “Cooking With Friends” themed blog post challenge. Place the butter in a large saucepan and melt over medium heat.  Most of the time it is made with potatoes but au gratin is sometimes prepared with meat, fish, fennel, leeks, crab meat, celeriac or eggplant. Stunning pics as always ! Cauliflower fennel gratin. Bake for an additional 15-20 minutes until tomatoes pop and slump. magnificent golden brown crust made of breadcrumbs and cheese 0 (0) 45 mins. Pour the mixture over top of the cauliflower. An antique Parisian salamander, ca. May 11, 2014 - Roasted Cauliflower and Fennel Gratin - The Hopeless Housewife® Meanwhile, in a non-stick pan over medium-low heat, heat oil. Spread well. When I was growing up my parents never allowed me to keep a steady vegetarian diet. 1 cup sour cream 2 small leeks finely sliced 2 cloves garlic minced small bulb of fennel sliced using a mandolin 1/4 cauliflower, cut into florets 1/4 tsp freshly grated nutmeg 2 cups fresh breadcrumbs 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese salt and pepper The fennel gets so soft and flavorful, the cauliflower is nutty along with the garlic and the onions add some sweetness. Cheese or breadcrumbs are often thought to be an essential component of gratin dishes. Step 1 Preheat oven to 450º. This Roasted Fennel is buttery, caramelized on the edges and deliciously sweet in flavour. Boil for about 4 minutes, then add the cauliflower florets and boil for a further 4 minutes. Set it aside. Although a gratin is not a traditional Thanksgiving dish, cauliflower and fennel are delightful fall flavors. And once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be ready to make the Cook Like a Pro sneak peek recipe I’m posting next week! Saute fennel in 2 T butter for about 15 minutes, until soft. Add the cauliflower florets to the skillet and toss to combine with the onions. This challenge was started by a bunch of virtual friends united by their love of food, with the aim of tackling a different food related theme each month. Drizzle a little olive oil on top, sprinkle some coarse salt around, and mix the vegetables with two spoons. 1 (3-pound) head cauliflower, cut into large florets, 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, divided, 2004, Barefoot in Paris, All Rights Reserved, "Everything" Biscuits with Vegetable Cream Cheese. Pour 1/3 of the sauce on the bottom of an 8 by 11 by 2-inch baking dish. In a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan, over medium heat,  heat butter. Preparation. Sprinkle all-purpose flour on the bottom of the casserole dish. Cut cauliflower in chunks that will fit into your food processor. Serve hot or at room temperature. All rights reserved. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Get full Cauliflower and Fennel Gratin Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Stir together the broth and cream and pour over the vegetables. Add cauliflower, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Recipes » Dinner & sides » Cauliflower fennel gratin. Meanwhile, melt 2 tablespoons of the butter in a medium saucepan over low heat. Simmer on the stove top for 10-12 minutes. I was perusing my site the other day, trying to figure out something new to make and blog about. Dec 19, 2014 - I was perusing my site the other day, trying to figure out something new to make and blog about. Scatter the fennel and cauliflower around the baking dish — you want enough vegetables to fill the dish. He insists that I eat some animal protein every day. But I try to incorporate greens in our dinner every week. Jan 30, 2019 - This dish is also beautiful baked in individual ramekins. Add the fennel and cauliflower to a large baking dish and pour over the cheese sauce (photos 7 & 8). Steam or boil cauliflower until just tender but still firm about 5 minutes. Add garlic pieces and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, until aroma of garlic comes out. deliver fine selection of quality Cauliflower and fennel gratin recipe recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Pre-heat the oven to 400F. Cauliflower & fennel gratin SERVES: 4 Inventive ideas for winter vegetables. In a small bowl, combine the heavy cream, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Learn how your comment data is processed. My husband and I are trying to lose weight so I had to be mindful of our calorie intake. Drain and place in a 2 quart … Potato Gratin with Fennel . Baked fennel with olive oil, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, bread crumbs and fresh thyme.... 00 Hour 15 Min serve 6-8 as a side dish. Add shallots, and cook for 6 to 7 minutes, or until it becomes soft. I also had a house full of visitors, including my very adorable little great-niece Bella, and needed a vegetable for a family dinner. The word gratter is French for scrape or scratch. I just love this post ! Drain. Melt butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat; add cauliflower and sauté 4 minutes. Fennel gratin Gratins are pure comfort food. A hint of garlic and the creaminess of béchamel with nutmeg is the deadliest combination! can’t tell you how much ! Saute the fennel and onions in the olive oil and butter on medium-low heat for 15 minutes, until tender. Sprinkle breadcrumb mix followed by cheese on top. 2. Spoon in the rest of the béchamel sauce. It's a really special dish for … Get one of our Cauliflower and fennel gratin recipe recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. 1 Tbsp ghee (use olive oil to make it vegan) 1 Tbsp arrowroot powder Fennel extravaganza – Cauliflower fennel gratin, salmon with fennel and lemon caramelized onions, and salad At the end of July, we picked the last of the cauliflowers from the garden plot. 2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. I had never cooked anything with fresh fennel before and really wanted to try. Ingredients. I am clearly in the love camp judging also by the previous recipes I posted with fennel. Directions. Potato Gratin with Fennel . Saute garlic, onion & fennel in olive oil for a few minutes until tender. Off the heat, add 1 teaspoon of salt, the pepper, nutmeg, 1/2 cup of the Gruyere, and the Parmesan.
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