You may have seen these tiny rodents … We pride ourselves in raising healthy, happy, pet mini pigs. Print; California has some of the strictest laws in the nation on animal ownership. I had a chipmunk when I was young. Understand your pig can live possibly 15 years or more. Hi -I grew up with pet chipmunks (found abandoned nest) and would love to get some for my.. ... All brown with black and white stripes and all hand.. Chipmunk, California » Fresno. His name was chocolate chip and I loved him to death. However, even if you're allowed to own a certain type of animal, you may still be liable for any injuries or damage caused by your exotic pet, which can be severe. If you're looking for a unique and exotic companion pet, the toucan may be for you!. chipmunks male and female for sale Juliet. they are the same species, only they are domesticated and will be much … Always ask for and verify breeder information when selecting a pet to ensure the animal came from a legitimate captive breeding program and is legal . I have 3 chipmunks available for purchase. Please, before you make your deposit know that we are in California. Make a quick temperature check after 15 minutes to ensure the temperature is not above 90°F and not under 75°F. New York allows for Siberian Chipmunk ownership (and breeding) without any certification necessary (checked by emailing the NY state department). Chipmunk as pets. please do not capture a wild chipmunk whatever you do! Throw in some soft toy, that will act as a foster mother for the young chipmunks to cuddle up to. Please put the piggy name in the notes area in the check out form. By Suzanne Espinosa Solis on February 29, 2012 at 5:00 PM. Washington does allow the sale of some species of ground squirrel, such as Prairie Dogs, in pet stores as exotic pets. We can ship but shipping is 350.00 Extra. Make sure everything you need for a chipmunk is in place before you acquire one. Pets you can’t legally own in California. From cats to ferrets, dogs to hamsters, even pot-bellied pigs: there are a number of animals you can have as pets in Pennsylvania. Permits to Own Exotic Animals. Not only are they beautiful and smart, but they are also very playful and affectionate animals. We take matching you with the perfect pet pig very seriously. a wild chipmunk is exactly that, wild! Chipmunks do make great pets however, chipmunk pets are not a pet for probably most people. If you have any questions along this journey, we are here for you! Chipmunks are as cute as can be, with their enchanting eyes, bushy tails, striped backs, and chubby cheeks. Make sure you have located a veterinarian willing to provide the medical needs for a chipmunk. they will not make good pets at all and will most likely die! Chipmunks for sale - prices of baby chipmunks are around $110. Besides, you can even place the box under 100 watt bulb to keep the chipmunks warm. Pet stores wishing to … i have heard as chipmunks as pets, but i do not recommend getting one. Some states ask you to have a license to own a chipmunk. please try to consider a hamster or gerbil before getting your heart set on a chipmunk. All raised outdoors in a large aviary. See our Prepping for your piglet page to get an idea of what you will need for a pet mini pig. Some make their ownership illegal! for you to own. Toucans can make excellent pets.
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