The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. In the mid-'60s, Bill, with two partners, started a company in Germany, Lawrence Electro Sounds, offering his designs "Lawrence True-Sound Pickups" to the German guitar manufacturers. Inspired by the records of pioneer electric guitarists like Oscar Moore, Barney Kessel, and recording innovator Les Paul, young Willi soon became known as "Hot Bill" for his uncanny ability to play guitar solos with the high-speed drive of celebrated jazz players like Charlie Parker and, in 1948, he already made his first pickup to amplify his already-impressive sound so he could be heard over the powerful horns and drums of post-war jazz bands! Really glad to hear that you're digging the tones, but sorry to hear about the noise. They are also made to order so if you want original Bill Lawrence PU plan ahead! Within a couple of years, Bill was enjoying a thriving career headlining shows on American military bases mostly in Europe, on the same stages as American stars ranging from Roy Acuff and Hank Williams to Dinah Washington and Sam Cooke. This long-running relationship, which included designing the pickups for Fender's highly successful Roscoe Beck signature basses, has most recently resulted in the SCN (samarium cobalt noiseless) pickup family found in the prestigious and popular American Deluxe series of Fender guitars and basses. Bill's Nashville designs also included his famous solderless high-performance guitar plugs and cable (also reverse-engineered by others in recent years), and Long-Life strings made with a process that remains unsurpassed in the industry today. 3 weeks later, no word, no shipping notice, no pups. I'm really interested in an L500XL, but don't want to risk really, really long wait times. There, Bill immediately applied what he had learned over the years, revolutionizing both the efficiency and consistency of Gibson's pickup department as well as designing instruments that are among the best (and best-kept secrets) in Gibson's storied history, including the remarkably versatile L6-S solid-body guitar and the unique lightweight Ripper bass. I've been looking at the L500 model in it's various incarnations, and was wondering if someone could offer up some helpful experience with the L500 Vs L500XL, and Bill & Becky's versions Vs the BL USA versions? The Olympian, 37, and the former Strictly dancer, 26, were given the boot after 18 days at Wales' Gwrych Castle, with AJ bowing out of the competition in seventh place, while Mo placed sixth. Bill Lawrence USA L500 (bridge) Colors available; Natural oil finish: The Washburn N4 is an electric guitar model, developed in collaboration between Nuno Bettencourt, Washburn and the Seattle-based luthier Stephen Davies. Guitar (baritone tele) is ready to go, literally just waiting for pickups. Bill is in his 80's and has a difficult time getting around. M. Bill Lawrence|All About Tone| News |Links Contact. The L-500 recently became the very first aftermarket pickup design to be reverse-engineered by a major aftermarket maker. His innovative Lawrence Audio electric piano became a favorite of artists ranging from Stevie Wonder to Miles Davis. Talking about Bill Lawrence, musician and designer. Maximum Noisefree Versatility and a Bold New Look for Strats   The L45 is the culmination of a decades-long mission to get the very best twin-blade performance into the restricted space dictated by the size and shape of a Strat pickup. He's been ill off and on for a number of years now. Powered by Shopify. The Man: Bill Lawrence "Over Half A Century of Guitar Innovations and Still Going Strong". Bill's performing life continued to flourish through the '50s, initially going by the stage name "Billy Lorento" and becoming the first major endorser of German-made Framus guitars and strings with his own signature model. Visit Bill Lawrence's website to learn about pickups, his patents, and more! Becky, his wife, has some limitations due to illness as well. Bill came to America in the late '60s, quickly becoming established in the thriving music scene of New York's Greenwich Village. 4.1 out of 5 stars 42 ratings | 12 answered questions Price: $54.99 & FREE Shipping. Tel (951) 371-1494 & Toll-Free (877) 647-2651, Copyright L-500 The L500 was established in 1979 and the patent concluded in 1981. Win a Broadcaster or one of 3 Teles! Comparison of the two pickups/humbuckers that Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has used in his legendary Fernandes Strat “Blue”. By the early '60s, his professional name had permanently become "Bill Lawrence," and he formalized his commitment to the great American guitars he'd always loved by signing on as a Fender endorser. Keystones in a Strat - Video Demo - Telecaster Guitar Forum. This is the real deal, made by the original designer Bill Lawrence. After a number of years with this combo, I'm going to change it up. I've got a home-built Tele with BL 290TL-E and 290TN. Bill's performing life continued to flourish through, In the mid-'60s, Bill, with two partners, started a company in Germany, Lawrence Electro Sounds, offering his designs, Bill's exceptional reputation in New York soon caught the attention of, While maintaining his consulting relationship with Gibson, by the mid-'70s Bill had moved to the Nashville area at the suggestion of his friend Chet Atkins. Hopefully this is a simple set of questions. The "Bill Lawrence" company (Bill and Becky) manufactures pickups designed by the same "Bill Lawrence" post-split. Bill Lawrence And his teachings-Article from Guitar Player Magazine Dec 1975, Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, Copyright © 2020, Bill and Becky Wilde Pickups . He designed pickups for MicroFrets, and he teamed up with fellow electric guitar wizard Dan Armstrong on several projects, eventually taking over Dan's custom shop when Dan moved to England -- a true mecca for New York's most demanding players. Over Half A Century of Guitar Innovations and Still Going Strong". Re: Bill & Becky Lawrence L500XL [almost a review] Back in '95 or '96, I bought a Bill & Becky L500 under the company name of Keystone. I assume your Strat and Tele have regular ol' SCs? Bill (and Becky… About Tone, All Présentation de micros L500R (regular) et L500XL (extreme lead), fabriqué par Bill and Becky Lawrence (à ne pas confondre avec les Bill Lawrence USA). Get the guaranteed best price on Humbucker Pickups like the Bill Lawrence L500XL Hot Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup at Musician's Friend. The Bill Lawrence story began literally in the rubble of World War II. Said they would ship in about a week. Bill Lawrence Becky and Shannon Holiday Sets 2020! I've looked at the Duncan site a few times and checked out their wiring diagrams and color codes. Bill Lawrence A-300 Compact Magnetic Soundhole Guitar Pickup for Small Guitars Brand: Lawrence. It was an L-500MS version. For anyone setting up pickup heights using nickels, ie; 1 nickel between pole piece and string on top E string, last fret held down and 2 nickels between pole piece and low E string. Tele Neck For Half Out of Phase Sound Wiring Diagram, Humbucking-Series Parallel Wiring Diagram. His legacy continues with Becky, his widow and Shannon, his daughter at their Downtown L.A. workshop. © 1996-2014 Bill Lawrence, All He also developed new pickups for retrofitting into existing guitars, thus essentially inventing the aftermarket replacement guitar pickup. Contact Alongside Becky, Hanon, Tad, Rudy, and Nubie (an intelligent boy who becomes assistant coach), Danny also gathers other children that have never been given a chance and dubs the team the "Little Giants." Bill was a strong and courageous man. One of Bill's guiding principles is to constantly improve the performance and value of the products he designs and endorses -- that means that Bill's WildeUSA and Keystone pickups available today represent the very best work of one of the industry's legendary pioneers. About Tone This is the Bill & Becky Lawrence Wilde Pickups Keystone set for Strat. I am not certain which "Bill Lawrence" pickups they have covered. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. Bill Lawrence L500, L500XL. Lawrence |All The '90s found Bill, now teamed with wife (and skilled pickup maker) Becky, still innovating -- his L-280 noisefree" series for Strats and Teles helped bring these American classics into the twenty-first century, and Fender had engaged him as a consultant. Attn: Becky Lawrence To enter Click Here.To see all the prizes and full details Click Here.To view the … It is made by the company owned by Becky Lawrence. Great condition, only used for a couple of days for a pickup shootout.11" 4-conductor hookup cable. | News | About Tone. Has anyone had (or heard stories of) recent dealings with Becky? Does anyone have a diagram or instructions for wiring a Triple Shot for a Bill and Becky Lawrence L-500 humbucker? Re: Bill and Becky Lawrence « Reply #28 on: May 01, 2009, 06:21:12 PM » Pretty sure kbo was pointing out the rich irony of that one sentence embedded in the Iliad and the Odyssey up there.
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