When Mackerel are schooling thick a young fisherman/girl can see plenty of excitement. North Carolina offers an Outstanding Catch Citation for Spanish mackerel of six pounds and heavier and award a bunch every year. At any given time you can expect to find anglers of all ages fishing from this pier, often with great success. Catching mackerel at its best. Baits include rag, small live fish, crabs and large mackerel baits. At other times fishing a single fish bait under a float really works. If everything else were equal, they should be there right now. We know that where and when you catch mackerel has a direct impact on the taste and nutritional content of the fish. Pouting: Mostly caught on the bottom, but do rise several feet on occasions. King mackerel are in good numbers and steady fishing. Some days mackerel turn their noses up at a string of feathered lures, and this could be the time to try a small bar spinner or even cast a fly. This is especially true for young anglers who run short of patience. We’re passionate about the fish we catch and export around the world. Baits are large fresh mackerel flapper, head or fillet, squid or small pollack and pouting. As I write this the water temperature in the Port’s Trident basin is 73 degrees. The world record Spanish mackerel weighed 13.0 pounds and was caught by Robert Cranton off Ocracoke in the fall of 1987. In addition to baitfish, locally available shrimp and crab baits are usually effective. Best Time To Fish: 2 hours before high tide and 2 hours after but only on big tides. After all, it is a reflection of our culture and seafaring heritage. Jigging for Mackerel - or How to Catch Mackerel with Sabiki Bait Lures. It’s the same tactic for catching garfish and is the most sporting and enjoyable way to catch mackerel. Most baits catch pouting. So I began fishing for Mackerel off the pier. Surf and pier anglers catch a tremendous amount of Spanish mackerel throughout Florida using jigs or plugs. Caught one at a time on light gear they are also a very fun fish to catch. They tend to prefer shallower depths, usually less than 50 feet, and have a penchant for chasing bait into shallow water. King mackerel prefer water temperatures in a range from 68 to 76 degree Fahrenheit. Winter species: codling and whiting with the best conditions being darkness and a big swell running into the harbour. Conger: A bottom predator that will come very close to the surface on occasions. Once in awhile - If catching Macks around a rock reef, I would bait a line with one and let it swim around under a big bobber - that produced a lot of fun at times too. The best baits to use will be live or cut specimens of whatever fish are feeding on at the time. Summer species: Mackerel and plaice with the best conditions being a calm clear sea. On another note - I finally gave up on the macks and pollock because on certain days, you spend more time trying to catch bait than you do fishing. Wahoo and dolphin push much closer in. Pier Fishing Fish Species. Fishermen typically catch mackerel, smelt, white croaker, queenfish, and various skates. Of course, a lot of the time everything else isn’t equal. May is when fishing for pelagic species really kicks off. You can catch your own or buy them from the pier or local tackle shop. Florida has some great pier fishing … Spanish mackerel rarely reach sizes above seven or eight pounds. A few mackerel at the same time put up a good fight and are quite heavy when trying to haul them up a pier wall or rock ledges so if you think you won’t be able to handle a full string every time you can simply cut off a couple of hooks from your set of daylights or try a different method to catch them. Ground: clean sand only rocks to 20 yards out clear these and tackle losses will be small. When to Catch King Mackerel. With the boat drifting and the motor turned off (it might spook the mackerel otherwise), use a string of Sabiki Bait Lures together with a pear-shaped lead weight attached at the lower end of the string. I was convinced I pretty much knew how it all worked. The Brigade Hut.
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