SOCOM762 RC2 Suppressor. This … Each silencer in this list, while specifically designed for 9mm host firearms, is still unique from the other silencers. If I hadn’t used ablative (water), I wouldn’t have needed to break it down and clean it so early but, since I used water, I wanted to get the can cleaned, dried and the buffer lubricated again. The trap is of very good quality and the laser engraving is top notch. The Bad.I messaged quietbore on there “contact us” page and tried several times on there facebook page. You don’t need ear protection, but still 100+dB. The Hunter is a multi-caliber silencer, and will handle .17 HMR to .300 Win. (verified owner) – October 17, 2019. The silencer is a bit lengthy for regular carry, however, it is exceptional for range use. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 45. The trick with the silencer market these days is that there are very few -if any - "bad" silencers out there. I put the barrel in my Glock 19, mounted the can, and grabbed a magazine of Speer Lawman 147Grain TMJ. Learn more about our key features here: Why Rugged Suppressors. Rifle: If you are looking to run your suppressor on a PCC (pistol caliber carbine) or 9mm rifle, or really any host firearm with a barrel that doesn’t move, a booster assembly is not necessary, and a larger diameter silencer can provide increased sound reduction without adding additional length to your set up. Swap your uppers ang mags, and happy shooting! This Dead Air suppressor features the smallest diameter, meaning that it clears almost every factory pistol’s sights. (verified owner) – August 10, 2020. It simply isn’t. Approvals are running anywhere between 4 and 11 months right now so it's a little difficult to say... but shouldn't be too bad! The Obsidian’s design makes this suppressor extremely user friendly and user serviceable. Didnt wear ear pro and it was perfectly comfortable. All components are Mil Spec and made in the USA. Got my 9mm trap today and I’m very impressed, will be ordering again. Gary It truly delivers great results.” Drawing quite the crowd for our pistol caliber carbine subgun users, this Rugged suppressor has secured its spot as one of the most popular 9mm suppressors to date. Without ear-pro, the can (dry) is uncomfortably loud (definitely not hearing safe) inside. In the pre-internet days (and probably still to this day) solvent trap kits were sold at gun shows with a wink and a nod as do-it-yourself silencer kits. (1)Anodized Aluminum End Cap, (10) internal filters – (1) Stainless Steel (9) Aluminum. Was: $80.04. This is one of the coolest ways to make a DIY silencer. Used drill fixture, couldn’t be easier. I will be doing my paperwork in order to purchase/manufacturer another one. Due to lack of accessories and the extreme lack of customer support I will no longer be buying any of their products and will not be recommending them any longer. Below, we give you our best 9mm silencers, and the honorable mentions to the products that barely didn’t make our 2020 list. Ruger ® Silent-SR ®, A .22 LR Suppressor designed and built by Ruger.. A suppressor is an investment, don’t settle. I trust approval timeframe is relatively short. Premium cotton flannel gun cleaning patches They easily wiped clean with a dry cloth. SOCOM 2 Series Fast-Attach® Sound Suppressor (Silencer) $1,199.00 Featuring a tubeless, fully welded design, this SiCo suppressor has truly made a name for itself. Whether you’re looking for a silencer to run on your handgun or rifle (or both!) require(['jquery','owl.carousel/owl.carousel.min'],function($){jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('').on('click',function(){jQuery('.input-search-zipcode').val('');});jQuery('').on('click',function(){jQuery('#search-by-state-name').val('');});if(jQuery(".catalog-product-view .dealer-reviews > a").html()=="undefined Reviews"){jQuery(".dealer-reviews > a").html("0 Reviews")}jQuery('.reset-dealers').insertAfter('.footer-bt-links');if(jQuery("body").hasClass("customer-account-logoutsuccess")){var getUrl=window.location;var baseUrl=getUrl.protocol+"//""/";var loginUrl=baseUrl+'customer/account/login/';jQuery("ul.header .authorization-link > a").attr('href',loginUrl)}$("#banner-slider-demo-1").owlCarousel({items:1,autoplay:true,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,dots:true,nav:true,navRewind:true,animateIn:'fadeIn',animateOut:'fadeOut',loop:true,navText:["",""]});$("#new_product .owl-carousel").owlCarousel({autoplay:false,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,loop:true,navRewind:true,rewindSpeed:0,margin:30,nav:true,navText:["",""],responsive:{0:{items:1},640:{items:2},768:{items:3},992:{items:3},1200:{items:4}}});$("#bottom_category.owl-carousel").owlCarousel({autoplay:false,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,loop:true,navRewind:true,margin:0,nav:true,dots:false,navText:["",""],responsive:{0:{items:2},640:{items:3},768:{items:4},992:{items:4},1200:{items:6}}});});jQuery(document).ajaxComplete(function(){setTimeout(function(){jQuery('.product-info-main').addClass('price-show')},1000);});jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('#banner-slider-demo-1 .item').each(function(){var imgPath=jQuery(this).find('img').attr("src");jQuery(this).css('background-image','url('+imgPath+')');});});}); Always FREE Shipping and NO TRANSFER FEES! Last month, I placed an order for a Rugged Obsidian 9 suppressor from Silencer Shop. Honorable mention and shout out to the Lunar-9 though. Description. 80% Anodized Lower Receiver AM15 $ 63.00. Shooting the can ‘wet’ (I just used misted water for ablative) made a significant difference and the can (wet) *is* very comfortable to shoot inside without ear-pro. I didn’t have to do any de-burring and everything I ordered was included in the box that arrived, along with a nifty Quietbore sticker. John F The Rugged Obsidian 9 is a suppressor dedicated to everything 9mm, pistol or rifle, and can even perform on some higher pressure rounds like.350 legend and.300blk subsonic. Can’t wait for the 5.56 to come back in stock. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Due to COVID-19, I haven’t been able to shoot it yet, however I have a huge amount of time behind it while LARPing. Its quieter than the naked Glock 19 but, don’t think this is going to be quiet by any means. Your email address will not be published. The end-cap was a bit more tricky than it needed to be though since it doesn’t really fit completely in the jig like the cups do. Handgun: Alternatively, if you have a handgun you want to suppress, a smaller diameter suppressor will help you still be able to use your handgun’s sights. 9mm Tavor X95 With Suppressor 1 3/4 inch diameter by 5 inch long suppressor. Michael Tumminelli From my research, it is the best current option available. The CGS Mod 9 has a stronghold on our top 9mm suppressor group because it is lightweight, compact, and astoundingly quiet. It performs very well. I’m just not using them in the current configuration. Order the kit with engraving and jig. Better yet, I’ve also included a few videos to help give you a visual and make the building process simpler. This is a kit that contains: Mystic X Silencer 1/2-28 LoPro FBA 5/8-24 LoPro FBA 1/2-28 FBA (Stainless) 5/8-24 FBA (Stainless) Is it because it wasn't available in 2019? I drilled all 10 baffles though because I may use this can on an AR9 at some point which would involve using all 10 baffles and the included 1/2″x28 direct thread end-cap. Travis If using your suppressor on various weapons (like a 5.56 NATO rifle and a 300 BLK pistol), always pick the bit size based on the largest caliber your suppressor will be used on. One of our professional representatives, Zachary, stated, “its solid stainless construction makes it rated for full power 300BLK, a rarity in pistol caliber suppressors, and you get a lot (or a little, pun absolutely intended), of bang for your buck.” And we couldn’t agree more!
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